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Nov 27, 2019 · Lyme Disease and its Co-Infections, Morgellons Disease and Parasites in Skin Health

I guess there really are no answers anymore. I am done with all of this…from fighting to keep going constant pain stomach issues zaps neeve damage etc and for Heaven's sake pls no one ever get a SCS for pain! Just another FDA lie and Corp crapola! No one will help me anymore and even I do not believe what is happenening to me. My husband I miss terribly and I am glad he is in Heaven. I am scared…no one to turn to and I feel targeted or am in a targeted area…???? It is coming at me from all directions finances home work and I am having difficulty making decisions and doing the right things….i honestly believe my home was infested when purchased… 18 yrs of suffering and now on a grand scale of pain…something is taking over my mind and body…i cannot eat much cant sleep much and in the fight or flight mode. Quit most meds due to big pharma and docs lack of respect for pain mgmt…just here in my own hell..hate going to work as I know I am infecting others….my hair is not mine anymore and breaks off and fluries of something but not dandruff fly out of it…my dog is sick too since Harvey in 2017
.. I clean and clean but this shit is everywhere! My area flooded in May and again Sept ….
Lyme disease in 2003 2 yrs after moving into home… No bullseye rash ever! 2.5 yrs iv rocephin another 5+ yra altwrnating vancomycin and zyvox fighting skin infection that no one couls diagnose. Ike came thru and due to electric outage carpet began to smell… We removed it and found that pad had never been replaced. Cleaned up mess on slab and within a wk skin infection cleared. Remodeled inside in 2011 and husband dies in sleep 2015… Always thought excess dust in master bedroom was due to location of air return outside in hall and ac duct location but now I really wonder. Harvey ruined my yard as in fungus everywhere and made my dog sick which brought more inside as well as traffic.. Anyway its back with a vengeance and now my skin is not inside nose mouth etc.. And the zaps and electrical shocks are about to do me in. My left eye hurta bad and have constant headache.. No answers and no where to turn.. Scs doc removed device so I could get another MRI but add to it that after Mri I discovered part of line is still in my body and he just looked at me as if I was crazy. Pain horrible in left finger tips and been to ER 5 times since 6/8. Still no answers and just told to do this test again or that test again… Def believe I am noy crazy but being attacked or targeted…. Anyone else experiencing any of this? Thanks for listening… I know about anxiety depreasion etc and it ia more than that….i pray for all of us…

Mar 19, 2019 · Lyme Disease and its Co-Infections, Morgellons Disease and Parasites in Skin Health

@mariao Hi! Just saw your post and wanted to say that yes an air purifier has been very helpful in my case. Whatever this is morgellons and mold /fungus has collected on mine. The filters I need to replace after just a couple of weeks as they are really dirty. The cover had collected all kinds of dust filaments and other debris. I know I have more going on in my home than just mold and fungus though. I have seen the thread like filaments under microscope and yes they move and have like a head. They seem to have magnetic polarity as in either attract to my skin or move away from skin. It’s weird. Try an air purifier. You can get a decent one for like your bedroom area for around $60-$80 usd. Best of luck it you and all dealing with this. 💜

Mar 17, 2019 · Lyme Disease and its Co-Infections, Morgellons Disease and Parasites in Skin Health

@shelby99 thank you for responding. I’m just scared and would love to move but don’t have funds or no where to begin. Part of me says just to stop paying mortgage. Use money to go rent apartment and just abdanonded it but that’s not fair to others and would end up in a lawsuit. More than likely. Already upset the HOA (homeowners association) and somewhat blame them and the hurricane for making it this bad. I didn’t have mold inside my home like this until I was forced to start painting and repairing my home around the end of December and then all this rain came. I removed siding and replaced some only to watch mold and fungus start to take over my home and dog. Now it’s inside. Oh well. I am a survivor of some kind. Lol. This too shall pass or will be the end of me coz I won’t give in to all of this. Thanks for listening and wishing all the very best. Not all docs are bad. Not everyone has an ill twisted agenda. I am just slowly waking up to understanding anything is possible. Pls keep us updated on your progress and fight as well! Maybe soon research will shed more light into this.

Mar 17, 2019 · Lyme Disease and its Co-Infections, Morgellons Disease and Parasites in Skin Health

@desi1 Wow please read my response to Shelby99 as you I happen to agree with. We are part of a powerful experiment of some sort I’m beginning to think or we are being controlled. Times are changing quickly now. Pls I know I am not totally crazy. Maybe they the powers that be are making me this way or this infestation or whatever is going on is changing how I view the world now. Pls message me back if you care to respond.

Mar 17, 2019 · Lyme Disease and its Co-Infections, Morgellons Disease and Parasites in Skin Health

@shelby99 hi! I too am a suffer of sorts and too much to go into but somebody, some group or something powerful seems to be taking over me and my home. Too many things come back in my mind to power and corruption. I think there has been for a long time games in place to thin the population or control us. I am at the point that I honestly do not know what to believe anymore. I don’t know where everything started in mylife but the struggle to stay here in my home and have no one to turn to for help is definitely overwhelming. Not only do I think that I am a sufferer of morgellons, I am fighting mold and fungus like no other now and I was a previously Lyme disease patient on IV rocephin for 2.5 yrs and another 5 after that on IV vancomycin and alternating with zyvox fighting skin infection (morgellons). The skin infection healed and so did the Lyme disease or so they say but now my bf has it and the filaments are in my home and air too with the mold and fungus. I clean areas and come back in a couple of days to find film over everything. I clean and clean and can’t keep up My dog has it too. My air quality in my home is so bad and have no money or not so I know where to turn for help. I am 2 miles from Hurricane Harvey flooding and this is when my life took another bad turn. Now it rains nonstop and the environment has hanged drastically. I can’t find anyone to help me and even my insurance company says that I do not have coverage for mold. I live in Houston TX and registered for assistance but since I did not flood I am getting no help as well. My dog is a mess. I keep breaking out in rashes and have more moles and skin marks on me than I know what to do about. Maybe I am just paranoid. Part of me thinks that I am just realizing I am getting old. Nonetheless the financial, mental and physical struggle is real. I can’t aleep from worrying what this is doing to me and what long term effects this is going to have on me. No one seems to be able to tell me where to go for help. I have no family that understands. Went to church and they don’t get it. I’m like seeking help and getting nowhere. I’m scared and terrified of losing my life what little I have left. I lost my husband 4 yrs ago and there was no life insurance or mortgage insurance as we struggled financially and he also was disabled due to an accident when he was only 17. Now the only thing I have left for retirement and survival is my home and it’s slipping from my hands. There is so much more and now i don’t even trust my own doctor anymore. It as if I am in for the fight for absolute survival and cannot even enjoy any part of life anymore. I dream of moving or taking a real vacation. It has been 20 years since I have seen anything outside of the norm. Maybe I am truly losing my mind. Sorry for just emptying my worries for others to read. This is so much for anyone and I feel for all is us. There are things in common and things that are different with each person’s story or belief. I guess the issue is how do we determine what is really happening to all of us and how do we as individuals regain control of our lives and put a stop to whatever this is.

Mar 4, 2019 · Lyme Disease and its Co-Infections, Morgellons Disease and Parasites in Skin Health

Have my concerns regarding questions of environmental factor or factors.

Jan 31, 2019 · Lyme Disease and its Co-Infections, Morgellons Disease and Parasites in Skin Health

I too am fighting this battle or what based upon research and videos seems to be affecting my home, dog and family. I went to my doc in Houston TX Dr. Patricia Salvato and am awaiting lab results for everything..mold, liver & kidneys, IG etc. looking for answers on how to decontaminate my home. Finding fibers and things that can’t be described. I am seeking answers as to how and what is going on. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease back in 2003 and never recall a bullseye rash. Wondering if my home was infected when purchased in 2001. It was a rental and the carpet had been replaced but found out when Hurricane Ike came through that padding was never replaced or floors cleaned. Lots of disgusting filth underneath and when dirt placed outside it grew some serious mold and fungus within a day or two. I’m not a dirty person so this was very disturbing. My master bedroom has always had a problem w accumulating what I thought was dust or combo from fur babies due to location of return air vent. Now I’m not so sure. I’m fighting for my home, my family and my sanity while looking for answers. The home was remodeled inside in 2011 and all carpet removed and replaced w tile. Paint etc. Now something has taken over. Things that I thought were just always there I am finding out that is not the case. Spilt toilet bowl cleaner on bathroom floor when cleaning and it magically cleaned what I thought was just mess that contractors did not take care of regarding grout. So now we are in the process of removing all items starting with masterbed room closet and bath. As life has sent me struggles due to loss of husband 4 yrs ago I am financially struggling to keep the home which is all that I have as an investment and for retirement. Oh and back to removal of carpet. I fought Lyme disease with IV rocephin for 2.5 years and had major skin infection (morgellons?) that I fought for an additional 5 yrs with alternating Zyvox and vancomycin IV. Upon removal of carpet and cleaning floor the skin infection finally ceased. Something has happened though now again. I don’t have the skin problems but my dog has something going on. Vet doesn’t believe me and spending money left and right that I don’t have. Dog has missing hair, scabs and sores on body. Vet says it’s just allergies and a fungal infection. Boyfriend itching and finding fibers. To make matters even more interesting I scrubbed dog very well with Nizoral AD shampoo and somehow got sick with what ER said was thrush. Tongue majorly infected, coated w white film and blister like area swollen and Difficult to eat and swallow. Finding particles that look like spores of some sort. Thought it was just leave particles that has been brought in with traffic due to season. But when pickup up holding up to light and looking at under microscope they seem to morph and have fibers coming from them. I sometimes wonder if I’m losing my grip on reality / my mind. Doc says so many patients are coming forward so guess I’m not alone. Scared definitely. More concerned with health and survival as things can be replaced. Don’t want to transfer to others etc. my apologies for grammar and writing as swamped at work as well. Thank you for listening and sharing your info. Any comments or suggestions I welcome. It’s hard to air your dirty laundry and somewhat overwhelming. Sending positive thoughts, vibes and healing to all. 💜