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Fri, Jul 12 3:07pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Hi All! Diagnosed in November 2018 through a biopsy. Found the earthclinic.com website around the end of January and stared the Cilantro in February and saw results in about 28-30 days and was rash and itch free for a couple months. Grover's rash is gone, but do now have a lingering hives type rash that comes and goes through out the day. Not as itchy as the Grover's but still a pain in the rear. NO red papules, and Derms all agree it does not present as Grover's and believe it is something else. I did stop the cilantro for a week and I started getting the red spots, so I started up on smoothies again. So in MY opinion the cilantro works. I drink a smoothie daily with about 1 bunch (1-2 cups of cilantro, a tsp of chloerlla blended with a container of flavored yogurt and orange juice.

Wed, Jul 3 10:54am · Grover's disease in Skin Health

When I started the cilantro I had a little lingering rash as well. It was mostly on my thighs hips and butt. But nothing too major. But then it started to get worse after a couple of months and started spreading all Over. Give the antibiotic ointment a try it may help you as well. Rash is gone for the most part just a little pinpoint itch here and there but I can totally deal with that.

Wed, Jul 3 12:12am · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Hi everyone! It seems skin rashes are a tricky thing. As I mentioned before, my Grover’s seems to be at bay since starting cilantro. But, a couple months ago I began getting hive like rashes all over my body. The itching was similar, if not exact to my Grover’s but no red bumps, just a traveling itchy rash. My Dermatologists could not figure it out. I was not sure if it was Grover's related and Doctors could not tell me either. Again, I tried all the prescriptions they suggested. From steroids to Kenalog shots to various creams etc. nothing was working. So as we do, we read and research and scour the internet for answers. I came across a study that some doctors did on 9 Grover’s patients, and six of the nine found complete relief with Triple Antibiotic Ointment. So out of desperation (and since I had a tube in my medicine cabinet) I gave it a try. I applied to to my entire body. Within hours my rash was completely gone and has been for three days now. I will continue using it for the next few days and see if it continues. But I am SO happy to be itch and pain free again. It’s funny how non prescription remedies seem to be the most successful!. I’ll follow up and let you know how this new treatment works in the long run.
p.s. Thanks @gardeningjunkie for your continued support. https://www.mdedge.com/dermatology/article/67546/contact-dermatitis/antibiotic-ointment-treatment-grover-disease

Wed, Jun 19 2:03pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Hi All! It's been a while since I posted. I was having some serious rash issues and wanted to figure it all out before I posted. I have had a few derm appointments and a second opinion. My Grover's disease is definitely not the issue. The Cilantro is doing the trick at keeping it at bay. It seems I have another form of Eczema and is likely due to stress as other tests came back negative (I am 55 and have been thrust into raising a baby and the associated family issues so there is a little bit going on in my life lol!) I got a shot of Kenalog today hopefully the rash will clear. Also, I did stop the Cilantro for a week to test it, and I started getting a few of the little red dots, so I am a BELIEVER that it works and will go back to it today! Glad to hear others are still doing so well on it!

Mon, May 6 11:08am · Grover's disease in Skin Health

I freeze mine it works so much easier in the blender. I think you’re not giving him enough. He needs at least a half bunch in the beginning and then maybe cut back. I personally am using a whole bunch every day. And it took me just about a month to see the effects, and continued to get better and better in the following months.

Mon, May 6 9:04am · Grover's disease in Skin Health

After looking further into the age thing, I found that it is quite common for women in menopause to have chronic hives! I am asking my doctor to look further in to this. If it is autoimmune in nature, then there are no triggers like food that I can avoid. It will be up to an immunologist to help me figure out treatment. I guess it's just my luck to have two skin conditions at once.

Sun, May 5 1:28am · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Thank you for the reply. I will be getting the test and researching until i find relief. I will continue to follow up. I appreciate the support and information immensely!

Sat, May 4 10:46am · Grover's disease in Skin Health

@gradeningjunkie – I have an appointment to see my derm again next week and am requesting the patch test. My last visit did not give me any answers. Derm said he did not think it was Grover's and just thought allergies of some sort. I am still really itchy with this rash that comes and goes on different areas of my body but is specifically shows up more often on my inner elbow and forearm area and by lower stomach and on my lower back and buttocks. It does not seem to be the Grover's but I am not certain. No red bumps. It looks a little like hives but not exactly. My question to you is do you think it's common to have multiple itching rashes occur at or about the same time? I have NEVER had any skin allergy issues in all my 55 years prior to this. It just seems so odd. The Cilantro certainly struck down the itch and bumps of Grover's, and I was completely free of itching for over a month and still free of red bumps. But this new rash is almost as frustrating. Not quite as itchy but still annoying to be itchy all the time.