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Mon, Apr 27 9:25am · Horrible Hives in Skin Health

I have had chronic hives for nearly 2 years now. Prior to this I was perfectly healthy, and never have been allergic to anything! It came out of nowhere. I have done every elimination diet, removed all perfumes and dyes from my life, tried every antihistamine (massive doses) and even the H2s (pepcid, tagamet etc) Nothing touches them except the prednisone which is only a band aid that makes you gain weight over time. Plus it's bad for your liver etc. I did find (by accident) that Ibuprofen reduced my symptoms (but for many with hives this will make them worse, so be careful) I have been to 6 different doctors (dermatologists, allergists, even Eastern medicine.) I went to the Mayo clinic as they are supposed to be the best! They pretty much told me "you have chronic hives and we don't know why" (No kidding?!) I spent thousands of dollars trying to find things that help. So far nothing. My last resort will be Xolair which I have started the process and should start within the next week or so. I hope you find relief soon.

Tue, Apr 21 9:23am · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

@gardeningjunkie You have been my angel over the past year year and a half as well. You gave me encouragement and insights and kept me going when I was at my lowest! The pain, lack of sleep and discomfort of this disease can be absolutely unbearable at times and you kept me hanging on until I finally found what worked for me. I was MORE than happy to share. I am so glad I was able to return the favor <3

Tue, Apr 21 8:36am · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

My fear is the your dermatologist may be grasping at straws. I had 4 separate/different diagnosis before they finally got it right. Please seek a second or third opinion. I have zero faith in the medical community. They only guess and throw medicine at you until something works. Be your own best advocate. There is another person on the Grover's Disease Facebook Page who was diagnosed with Grover's and it turns out her problem was scabies! I was able to find the Cilantro cure by doing my own research over a year ago and shared the info here so others could benefit. NO other Dr is suggesting it and most poo poo it! Even though it works on a great majority of sufferers.

Mon, Mar 30 12:39pm · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

I stopped using my smoothies at the end of November last year. I initially stopped ALL medication and "treatments" including the cilantro about two weeks prior to my visit to the Mayo Clinic on Dec 3rd. I wanted them to assess things without having anything in my system. As it turned out the Grover's papules and severe itching never came back and there was NO sign of grovers in the two biopsies I had done there. I do still have chronic hives and urticaria which came at exactly the same time my GD appeared. Super weird. But it is FAR less bothersome than the GD.

Mon, Mar 30 8:32am · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

I am one of those that have an aversion to cilantro. But I LOVE the fact it helped me get rid of the Grover's over a period of two months. I would happily choke it down again if it ever comes back.

Wed, Mar 18 8:56am · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

Not me, but my back looked very much like that when I had the rash! Smoothies took care of that!

Tue, Mar 17 7:03pm · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

Diagnosis of Grover's is through a biopsy . If you itch like crazy and have red bumps…possibly Grover's. If just itchy and no red bumps…likely something else

Thu, Feb 27 9:41am · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

The Cilantro smoothies seemed to have "cured" or at least put some into remission.