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Dec 20, 2018 · Post-cholecystectomy or gallbladder removal surgery in Digestive Health

Hi, I have surgery almost 6 weeks ago. I am still sore where the incisions are. I had it done laparoscopic. I went to surgeon today for follow up and told him how nauseous I was and he said he never heard of that! Well as i am reading a lot of posts, I see it's not that uncommon. He told me to go to my doctor and schedule an endoscopy because pathology showed my gallbladder wasn't "that bad". But when I went to ER and had an ultrasound they told told me it had to be taken out that day! I am so upset..but after reading other people's experience feel like I am not alone. I have been looking up Gallbladder safe diets..maybe that will help. I am tired, and just not the same yet. My age is 54 years old, female if that that makes a difference. Any input and/or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks