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Dec 8, 2019 · Klonopin taper in Depression & Anxiety

So sad. Is medical society unaware of the connection between alcohol and social anxiety/panic disorder? Of course people will self medicate when they are paralyzed from such a horrifying condition. And how many end up in jail for it? ;( My son became an alcoholic as a teen due to severe anxiety/panic disorder and he also began cutting himself. I was able to help him stop drinking 7 years ago. He has been taking lorazepam for three years, but the way it is effecting his memory is terrifying. Is anyone aware of studies or clinical trials for treatments other than benzodiazepines? SSRI's did not help him.

Jan 15, 2019 · Cipralex/escitalopram & clonazapam.. I’m scared. in Depression & Anxiety

Hi, I am so sorry you are dealing with this.:( My son has social phobia and panic disorder. I wish I had an answer, but if you are feeling sedated to that extent, one or both meds needs adjustment or changed to a different medication. I would caution adding sedating supplements without consulting your doctor as some are dangerous. If I come across any medical literature regarding this, I will let you know. My son takes clozaril and lorazepam. I am hopeful that research will soon find breakthroughs in treatment or a cure for anxiety. My heart goes out to you.

Dec 30, 2018 · extreme outer ear pain in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

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Hi everyone! It is nice to see that I am not crazy and a group of us exist who understand each other's miserable ear pain.
We seem to have some variances associated with the pain as well as some similarities. I wonder how many of us share any of the following:

*Severe pain affecting both ears, mainly when lying on one's side with the head and ear resting against the pillow (My ears cannot touch anything during sleep, including a pillow.)
*Autoimmune disease
*Above average stress level
*Small fiber neuropathy
*Definitely over age 29, 39 or higher! 😉

In regards to the foggy vision and vertigo, see your primary physician as well as an ophthalmologist and ENT, respectively.

Note regarding relapsing polychondritis but the specialist that I saw for this said that with that condition, there will be gradual deformity of the ear; generally the ear enlarged and the top of the ear will droop. I do not have the physical characteristics.

Dec 20, 2018 · extreme outer ear pain in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I have had this same problem for many years. It is not relapsing polychondritis. It is not an autoimmune inner ear disease. The pain is triggered when I lie down on my side, with my ear touching a very soft pillow. Pillow softness does not prevent the outer ear cartilage pain. I know many people who can lie with their head against a pillow and sleep without pain. I used to be one of them. Many of us 'oddballs', exist and suffer from this"mystery diagnosis". I keep waiting for our superhero to appear and remove this pain forever.