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Mon, Aug 12 4:42pm · Chronic Upper Abdominal Pain without an answer in Digestive Health

Well actually I'm on blood thinners and. The black box warning for a eliquis is no ssri's so I wouldn't take it would rather have the pain then a bleed. I also have a pacemaker and afib. The gastroparisis let's up at times I have flares right now they want to check the gallbladder and pancreas to make sure it is GP. Would rather eat smaller meals and watch what I eat then go on meds. Meds for GP have very bad side effects.thank u so much for replying.

Mon, Aug 12 3:15pm · Chronic Upper Abdominal Pain without an answer in Digestive Health

Well sounds like me I have upper right quadrant pain also pain across stomach through to the back like a gnawing pain I was diagnosed with gastroparisis but this pain is not suppose to be pain they associate w GP. Going for ct scan w contrast. They wanted to give me amitriptyline which is an antidepressant for nerve pain I refused I'm not depressed and told them so I wouldn't take the Prozac that is for depression don't let anyone doubt u r pain.

Fri, Aug 9 3:42pm · Pancreatitis? in Digestive Health

Thanks hope u find out pancreati this or not do u have a fever they say u have a fever e pancreatitis it's hard having symptoms and not knowing.

Fri, Aug 9 12:24am · Pancreatitis? in Digestive Health

I wonder do u have abdominal and back pain my lipase levels are normal but pale and floating stools going for ct scan do u have any of these symptoms that point towards gallbladder and pancreas did u have st scan it just mri sounds like it is u r pancreas did u r not show the pancreatitis

Thu, Jul 18 7:34am · Whipple procedure and follow up chemo in Cancer

Please tell me u r symptoms for pancreatic cancer i have and have been having pains upper right quadrant that extends into my back and across my back like something is pressing on the nerves

Fri, Apr 12 4:03pm · Whipple procedure and follow up chemo in Cancer

What were u r symptoms of pancreatic cancer

Fri, Apr 12 5:57am · Gastroparesis* in Digestive Health

I meant even when I don't eat and u get dizziness too this tablet changes my words