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Jan 16, 2019 · My experience with Small Fiber Neuropathy in Neuropathy

Hi. I've been diagnosed as pre Diabetic and also have peripheral neuropathy in my feet& legs. Nothing was helping until my Rheumatologist put me on a medication called Nortriptyline which was supposed to help me sleep & it started working after a week. Can't tell you how happy I was!! It was such a nightmare night after night stabbing burning pain in my toes and arches of my feet!! Also I heard a vitamin supplement called Alpha Lipoic Acid could also be beneficial so I started taking that too & I'm feeling a positive difference!! So perhaps at your next Dr
Appt you could discuss this with your doctor to see if these could possibly help you. Let us know ok?

Jan 1, 2019 · CBD oil for Neuropathy in Neuropathy

Hi everyone. I too suffer from osteoarthritis. Fibromyalgia & peripheral neuropathy and was wondering how or where does one find trials for CBD? I live in Los Angeles. I've even tried signing up for OA trials _ told I don't qualify because I've had hip replacement surgery however my knees & feet are gone
Can barely walk some days-like today for instance. Any thoughts?

Dec 29, 2018 · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

Grateful I have a roof over my head; my brother, my roommate & my foot massager.

Dec 29, 2018 · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

Hi. I suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy. I tried Lyrica and Gabapentin. I had side effects from both so I stopped taking those meds. My Rheumatologist put me on 10 my if Notryptoline because I wasn't sleeping because if the pain. In addition to that I also started taking Alpha Lipoic Acid (vitamin supplement) and Vitamin D3. After just a week I noticed a significant decrease in the stabbing burning pain! If you have a rheumatologist you may want to talk to him or her first to see if this protocol might be beneficial for you. Oh I also got a Homedic foot massager for Christmas which feel a really good on the arches of my feet!