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Dec 4, 2019 · COPD and stem cell treatment in Lung Health

I have COPD. I'm hoping I'll be included in stem cell studies at Mayo in 2020.
I've been trying to get in their groups for years. I think I can answer your question: you are talking about regenerative medicine clinics that solicit COPD patients. They often use stem cells from our body. I don't think their techniques are effective. to begin with, the use of stem cells for COPD is in its infancy. So far, the results are not impressive (under best of conditions). Secondly, hospitals at the level of Mayo have learned how to grow lung stem-cells in a lab. They can produce millions of lung stem cells and inject them into a patient. Compare that with the relatively small amount used by the clinics you referred to. There is also an issue with the quality of the cells. As I understand it, you need the specific organ stem cell e.g. lung stem cells. I don't know how many lung stem cells you could mine from fatty tissue or bone marrow.
If I get in, I don't have the optimism to believe the procedure will substantially help me. I will be satisfied if my participation was a useful link in an eventual therapy that is effective.

Sep 24, 2019 · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

@mepreb as I said I didn't react to any allergens and my immune response was normal to every strain of pneumonia. the dpc said they'd call me to discuss if they found anything. They didn't find a thing, so there is nothing to discuss.

Sep 22, 2019 · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

@merpreb I just reviewed my lab work testing my immune system against pneumonia virus/bacteria: My blood work shows normal resistance to the 26 strains of pneumonia.
In theory, I'm immune to pneumonia, in practice it ain't so.
Is it possible contracting the disease multiple times accomplished what the vaccine couldn't-protect me from the disease?

Sep 18, 2019 · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

@merpreb the only site I look at often is https:/ +cells&recrs=ab&cond=copd&rank=1
the sites I feel are reputable say the same-the trials aren't successful. The best study came out of sweden. the trial used otherwise, very fit copd sufferers and found the cell infusions greatly slowed or maybe halted the disease progression. In a few patients, new small-cell growth was seen, but it may not have been significant growth. I'm afraid they have a long way to go before figuring out what else to do in addition to the stem cell infusions to start the regeneration process. But even in this early phase of the experimental process some people may catch small improvements, that has happened.

Sep 17, 2019 · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

@merpreb I spoke with the researcher for Mayo stem cell trials today. They are currently testing the safety of the lung cells they grown in labs (as I told you before) Rather than rely on cells mined from the participants they need to know if the millions they grow (apparently cost effectively) in labs can be safely used. With these trials they are looking more at safety than therapeutic results. It could take a year to determine that lab grown cells are safe. If they pass this safety stage they will start trying them on volunteers, like me. I'm number 13 on their list of volunteers. It looks like I will get a turn at bat. I've kept myself in the best shape for this opportunity. Of course, the likely result is the cells won't even partially reverse my emphysema. That is what happened to most subjects (but not all) in all earlier trials. However, I'm sure they will make adjustments, in each subsequent trial, to find a way to unlock that rejuvenating door, and maybe I'll get lucky. A slim chance is infinitely better than no chance. Even a "placebo effect" would be appreciated. As I get older I question if a placebo benefit is "just in your head" or if psychological changes can sometimes trigger organic results.

Sep 11, 2019 · Asthma, COPD, CVID and MAC in Lung Health

@merpreb had my allergy tests. I didn't react to any allergens. Ironic, I'm so healthy, except I ruined my lungs. They gave me one spirometer test- blowing out as hard as you can. They use a visual, a tree with leaves with the goal to blow off the leaves. I was able to do it easily, so it must of been easy.
One productive thing came from the exam: the doc said he wasn't surprised I got pneumonia 2x because the vaccine I got only protects against 1 strain. He sent me for a blood test where they test my immune systems reaction to various pneumonia strains. He claims that will tell them the type of vaccine to use when I hit 65 (3 more months), and that vaccine will be more likely to succeed. Have you, or anyone in th group, heard of that type of blood test.?

Sep 11, 2019 · copd end stage. in Lung Health

I'm so sorry Robert. I pray there is something the docs can do to lessen your suffering.I know, through my job, morphine is used for end stage COPD and it helps , at least with mood.

Sep 3, 2019 · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

@merpreb Hi,
no problem-even if you were arguing. I see an allergist next Monday. I don't see the pulmonary guy until next year-and if it was his choice it wouldn't be that soon.