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Wed, Mar 18 10:27am · COVID-19 Coronavirus and Lung Health: What can you do? in COVID-19

@colleenyoung thanks Colleen. The article was published on March 3rd (2020) The infectious disease specialist/ER doctor is Dr. Abdhu Sharkawy. I believe the paper is the Toronto Star, and I'm quoting the Dr's letter to the editor. If I was good at computers I would have posted it (I don't know how) . I'd appreciate it if you would. Realize, I only found that article yesterday and by accident-it was on a friend's facebook page.. Everything I said previously was based on statistics and articles from the CDC and the WHO, with a few exceptions. I also quoted the NY Times as I recall about the woman from Hunan who infected her American husband in Illinois and of the 200+ people the 2 came in contact with no one had the virus, that article appeared in most major papers.

Wed, Mar 18 8:29am · COVID-19 Coronavirus and Lung Health: What can you do? in COVID-19

@ueinana sorry sue in my last response I didn't identify who I was responding to. First: I addressed your question about "my numbers".
Second: I have questions for you: you say "..we know it will mutate as it progresses. and potentially increase in lethality" that is reason for alarm but what is your source for that proposition? It is not a good idea to just act on an unsubstantiated assumption, particularly when others have to pay such a severe price.? Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't the history of this family of viruses proved the opposite of your assumption? Don't we have similar lethality each year from influenza, without panic?
You state "no one has immunity" Again what is your source? Assuming the CDC isn't lying (and I can't find any statistics from other sources to cast doubts. If you can why aren't you disclosing them?) Further, we do know most (80+%) are highly resistant to the symptoms of this virus . While I don't know if that constitutes immunity if I don't get sick from a virus I'll take it as the functional equivalent of immunity.
You cite a nurse for the proposition that they(medical community) are alarmed and fearful of being overrun due to the virus. I agree with the nurse on both counts. And if you read the article from the infectious disease doctor working in the ER in the Toronto hospital the reason is panicky people come in with common colds and flus terrified they have this "deadly" virus. Who is responsible for that? If you didn't read his article and you are criticizing my response because you don't like it then what is the point of this? I promise you, give me any citations for your opinions and I will read them before I respond to you. And if the information provided is credible I will respect their opinions regardless of where it leads me. Fair enough?

Wed, Mar 18 7:58am · COVID-19 Coronavirus and Lung Health: What can you do? in COVID-19

I meant "losing faith here"

Wed, Mar 18 7:58am · COVID-19 Coronavirus and Lung Health: What can you do? in COVID-19

I appreciate but am surprised at your response. Why didn't you fact check my numbers and respond with your results? Because if you did you'd find the source is the CDC but there isn't any contrary numbers. Rather, than play hit and run, please tell me if you checked the numbers I quoted before your response, because if didn't why wouldn't you? And if you did then you knew my numbers were valid.
People, I'm losing faith her. I really thought the mayo Clinic was about the truth, the science.

Wed, Mar 18 7:52am · COVID-19 Coronavirus and Lung Health: What can you do? in COVID-19

how was my post non-constructive? I understand it wasn't your audience wants to hear. I believe science or truth was the guide regardless of personal bias

Tue, Mar 17 9:44pm · COVID-19 Coronavirus and Lung Health: What can you do? in COVID-19

What we're doing to our younger people may be less important than what we are teaching them. We're teaching them, to panic, be fearful, suspicious, reactionary and mostly self absorbed. When it's over, the virus (which is probably less dangerous than sars or even h1n1) will be less damaging than the lesson we left them.

Tue, Mar 17 9:02pm · COVID-19 Coronavirus and Lung Health: What can you do? in COVID-19

@coloradogirl I agree with you about overcrowding the hospitals, but here's the problem: the forced closures and economic (and social) impacts are life altering even ruinous for many younger people. And consider the impact on their young children? And why? The average enhanced risk person is 65+ and on Medicare or on SSD. They aren't hurt economically, unless it is in the form of co-pays if they do get sick, and most won't.
I just read the latest statistics: 81% of infected people (largely 50 or under) have mild symptoms no worse than a light cold or no symptoms. 13% have more severe symptoms but severe is defined as at home be- ridden with flu like symptoms for maybe 1 week. Only 7% suffer more significant damage-even death-but most of this group is old or immune compromised. I'm questioning whether we are not properly protecting 75% of our population 90+ % of which is under 40. I want them to have the same opportunities I had. I was never quarantined or in a lock-down society even with the swine flu which by all present accounts was worse in terms of symptomology, particularly mortality rates. Why are they treated so differently?

Tue, Mar 17 6:57pm · COVID-19 Coronavirus and Lung Health: What can you do? in COVID-19

this reply is for the general Mayo public and no one specifically. I apologize upfront for any offense I will cause in stating my passionate.beliefs. I'm 65 with stage 3 COPD. Therefore, I'm one of the enhanced risk of death people (from the coronavirus) virus. Nonetheless, I believe that our fear of contagion and serious health consequences, has resulted in unjustified and substantial damage to the majority of our population, specifically the younger (under 50) healthy population. Our fear however justified, (of contagion) has resulted in the following: shutting down many privately owned businesses throughout the country. It has resulted in the loss of employment for millions of young working people, many have young children to support. It has resulted in the loss of 30% of the wealth of those invested in the stock markets. It will result in hundreds of billions in payouts to various industries to stave off bankruptcies that would probably plunge the country into a depression. And economics aside, It has significantly eroded the quality of life for many younger people by shutting down: night clubs, restaurants, sporting events, schools, concerts, museums, hotels, casinos, health clubs, family gatherings, even ocean front beaches. Is it self-centered to force our younger population to pay that price for our fears? Realize, the chance of dying from the coronavirus is .02% for those 40 and under and .04% for those 40-50.. By comparison, the risk of death for those 20 and under from "regular" influenza is .41%. Therefore, this panic response is not about them but us. And is it a rational response? The, admittedly scant, data concludes casual contact will not result in contagion. Medical experts have consistently stated they either don't believe or have no proof to conclude that just touching surfaces touched by infected people will cause contagion-especially if we practice proper hand cleaning before touching our face. If we are that scared couldn't we choose self-isolation and refuse direct contact with others instead of demanding that all others make substantial quality of life sacrifices? Further, I thought the way a community builds up immunity or resistance to a "novel" virus is through interaction (assuming the virus isn't deadly). Even for the group at enhanced risk, like me, we have the right to live as we did before the virus if we are willing to assume the risks and don't force others to assume those same risks. It is a quality of life issue, and as such as adults we have the obligation to make informed choices. Here, the State has once again made those choices for us. If they are so wise, why didn't they do more to preempt this virus? I appreciate any objective criticisms. I'm biased and therefore, prone to make logical errors in my arguments. And again, I apologize for any appearance of disrespect to anyone on this site.