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You are an inspiration!

5 days ago · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

@sundance6 growing up in the 60s and 70s my parents would hardly ever turn on the A/C. I remember groaning "why even have it if we never use it?". My mom would always say if my sisters and I were that hot we could go outside or down in the basement. Looking back maybe they didnt want to pay an astronomical electric bill, but now that we are grown, all of us use our A/C to the fullest! When my husband and I go to visit my parents now for our two week vacation, we try not to do it in the heat of the summer!

Sun, Aug 11 7:52pm · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

It's so good to hear people's healing journeys!

Sat, Aug 10 4:50pm · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

I'm not understanding your timeline when you said after the intensified withdrawal you couldn't get through it and would "stop and two days later I was better. You were going back on the effexor then? And then started prozac to bridge, then you were on several other antidepressants since March? Im sorry to be so obtuse in understanding when and what you have been on. Bottom line is, after you stop taking effexor, reinstatement can actually be dangerous, unless it's been within 10 days since the last dose, or six months after. You can google that for references (I'm on my phone and limited in my ability to cut and paste). If you've also been starting and stopping various ADs since March, depending on the half life of each of those, you are most likely going to, or possibly are now, experiencing withdrawal symptoms from some if not all of those. Also, it is very difficult to discern whether you may need experiencing a "relapse" with the original diagnosis (anxiety, depression) OR if you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Doctors are very quick to say that you need medication for any symptom you might have. And of course at this point desperation has set in and you are willing to do anything to make it all stop. Whether or not you need an AD is not a moral dilemma, there is no shame in needing medication, but you need to be at a baseline in order to determine that, and your brain and body are very confused right now due to all of the medication changes. I think taking vistaril helped me through some of the later withdrawal symptoms, it's an antihistamine. Or you could try benadryl and ibuprofen. Personally i would hesitate to go on a benzo such as valium or klonopin to get you through, only because they are extremely difficult to withdrawal from,and the abuse potential would be too high for me myself to risk. We all have such different experiences theres no one solution. In fact through the recovery process the solutions dont always stay constant. I co.pletely understand where you're at. It WILL improve. But you also need to remember waves and windows, which is rarely discussed in this forum and is SO important to understand!! So please research that, it will give you hope.

Sat, Aug 10 1:40pm · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

Since stopping effexor in March, you've been on several different ADs? That seems unhelpful at the least. It takes a while, like weeks, for medications to take effect, so changing them so often is going to cause lots of instability and send you into withdrawal from all of them. What are your symptoms now? As it anxiety/depression or is it withdrawal from the multiple meds?

Wed, Aug 7 5:52pm · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

I'm so grateful today for relief from ADS (antidepressant discontinuation symptoms). I stopped taking the 10 mg prozac that was prescribed as a bridge, as well as the vistaril for anxiety. I still experience some chemical anxiety but now that I can name it, I can deal with it. It was a huge comfort to find a benzo survivors support group on FB. I've found they are the ONLY people who truly understand the waves and windows that happen with drugs that affect the brain and CNS. Not even the members of effexor groups really get me! It was hard feeling like I was the only one having crazy symptoms. I feel like I am making peace with the situation. Thank you God.

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Fuddruckers has the best burgers, for sure!

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@mamacita oh yes, the salads! I forgot about those. I indulge myself at McDs very seldom, my husband knows it's my favorite Sunday breakfast spot but I don't force it on him often! Growing up, we most always went to McDonalds on our way home from church, and those were great times in my family.
And the Ronald McDonald houses are wonderful. I've stayed there back when a previous husband of mine had major surgery, and what a blessing that was.