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7 hours ago · Dueling Diets in Digestive Health

Thanks. I have had GERD for quite a long time and am familiar with (and use) all of the usual recommendations you mentioned. Mostly it is controlled with those and meds but GI has suggested the possible eventual need for surgery. Anyway, I am very aware of the recommendation not to eat “peppers” but my understanding is that this means “chile peppers” e.g. jalepenos—that contain capsaicin—the “heat” ingredient. I read that bell peppers don’t contain capsaicin. So maybe there is something else in them!

Does anyone else have experience with bell peppers?

1 day ago · Dueling Diets in Digestive Health

I am struggling to manage dietary restrictions for both IBS and GERD. One thing I REALLY miss is tomatoes and foods using them like spaghetti sauce. I found a recipe for a sauce using roasted and puréed red bell peppers. Only other ingredient was chicken broth with no additives and a little basil. Very tasty but I didn't overeat. I thought I had understood that bell peppers didn’t trigger GERD symptoms. Well in the middle of the night I woke up with acid reflux. Can’t think of anything else that would have caused it. Has anyone else had a reflux attack from cooked red bell peppers?

4 days ago · IBS: Having a hard time in Digestive Health

Suggest you see a nutritionist about the Low FODMAP diet.

Sat, May 4 9:45am · Gastritis problems in Digestive Health

Regarding coffee: I may be mistaken about this, but I believe that dark roast varieties have less caffeine but more acid.

Sat, May 4 9:40am · Severe Bloating and Distention in Digestive Health

Do you mean “motility” of intestines?

Sun, Apr 14 5:33pm · Your experiences with IBS mixed? I feel sick and alone in this. in Digestive Health

Be careful with peppermint if you have heartburn or GERD.

Thu, Apr 11 8:53pm · Your experiences with IBS mixed? I feel sick and alone in this. in Digestive Health

Just curious about why you would want to investigate VSL3 probiotic with your functional MD after he has apparently told you that probiotics can make your condition worse. I am having trouble understanding “cross reactivity, “ molecular mimicry” etc. Way too complicated for me. I need to simplify my life with IBS not make it more complex to navigate. To each his own.

Thu, Apr 11 9:56am · Your experiences with IBS mixed? I feel sick and alone in this. in Digestive Health

I can totally empathize with your situation. I also have IBS and looking back, I believe that it began more than one year ago although not diagnosed until later on. No real idea where it came from except possibly after many years of living in Mexico off and on, having numerous intestinal problems there and taking many antibiotics. To further complicate my digestive situation, I also have a serious GERD condition. I have been on the low Fodmap diet for about six months and have lost 25+ lbs.—some of which I needed to lose. But now I am trying to stabilize or even gain. Sometimes even “allowed” foods cause symptoms. I have not had much success in reintroducing forbidden foods—all that I have tried have caused problems. My understanding is that IBS is a permanent condition and I am resigned to, as you said, “the new normal.” I will probably have to have some type of surgery for my GERD since none of the medications are controlling those symptoms. After that at least I hope to be able to add some foods from the Fodmap “NO” list back into my diet—e.g tomatoes and maybe real coffee. Have you considered seeing a dietician?
I saw one who was actually quite helpful at least within the constraints of the restrictive low Fodmap diet. I am not inclined to try any of the meds like Viberzi after my GI went over possible side effects. He has recommended a probiotic called VSL3 which has been tested for IBS. Just started a week ago but so far so good with the bathroom activity—almost normal and no emergencies or constipation. Ask your doctor before you take it. Very expensive. I had heard that Align was also good for IBS and once tried that on my own. It seemed to help at first, but then aggravated my GERD so I quit taking it.
I have heard if some people having success with integrative or functional medicine doctors. You mentioned a DO and maybe that’s is what he or she is trained in. I am considering seeing an MD in integrative medicine later on for IBS but not until after I have the GERD situation under control. I have found that most GI docs are not real good at coordinating care for multiple conditions. Anyway, you still need a GI doctor so if you don’t trust the one you have, research the options and find someone else. I should have done that a year ago! Anyway, good luck!