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14 hours ago · Sibo in Digestive Health

I called the Phoenix clinic today. Basically, they told me that because of the high demand for care in certain specialties (e.g gastroenterology) they are now not accepting anyone at all on a government health care program—that is anyone on Medicare (even with supplementary insurance) or Medicaid. So I guess that ends my quest for care at Mayo.

1 day ago · Sibo in Digestive Health

That is certainly reasonable! I assume that you are not an AZ resident? I guess the real consideration would be how much $$ would be involved if there ended up to be numerous costly tests and procedures. Thanks!

1 day ago · Multivitamins and GERD/IBS in Digestive Health

Dies anyone have a suggestion for a multivitamin that is IBS friendly and doesn’t trigger acid reflux? I am on the low-Fodmap diet and need to supplement my limited food intake. However, the multivitamins I have tried cause terrible acid reflux that requires more supplemental antacids in addition to Nexium and still lasts a long time.

1 day ago · Sibo in Digestive Health

This is from their website: “For out of state residents, Mayo Clinic has chosen to be a nonparticipating facility in AZ and FL and does not accept assignment for Medicare Part B for out if state residents. This means that Mayo does not accept Medicare approved amounts as Payment in full.”

Their policy is obviously different for AZ and FL residents.

2 days ago · Sibo in Digestive Health

Glad it is working out for you in Phoenix. Great idea to see a good specialist.

2 days ago · Sibo in Digestive Health

Is this in Phoenix? The process at the main clinic in Rochester MN where I applied (and was turned down) is much more structured. I would apply in Phoenix too but my understanding is that the clinic there (as well as the one in Florida) do not accept out of state Medicare patients.

2 days ago · Sibo in Digestive Health

You need to contact Mayo directly to request an appointment. No guarantee that they will see you. They will gather your information and get back to you about whether you will get the appointment.

3 days ago · Linx procedure in Digestive Health

Please re-think having the surgery done in Las Vegas. drroberts says he looked for experienced practicioners I Recommend that you do the same. You can send me a private message if you want to discuss further.