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Sun, Jul 14 2:54pm · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

Emy, have you had a specific diagnosis of what is causing this problem? I ask because in my case, a GI told me I was incontinent (because of ongoing diarrhea) and sent me for Pelvic Floor therapy. A colorectal surgeon said therapy could help me control the urges somewhat problem but weak Pelvic Floor muscles were not causing the diarrhea. Turns out I have IBS.
I think if were you I would wait to order the book until after starting the therapy and finding out more about what is causing your problem. Good luck!

Sat, Jul 6 9:37am · IBS sufferers MRT and LEAP in Digestive Health

I had not heard of MRT or LEAP. Did a Google search and found information and ads for many providers with many promises. The only real evaluation was a reprinted article from the Chicago Tribune. I couldn't figure out how to put the link on this forum. It is an interesting approach but personally I am skeptical, especially with potential costs involved.

Thu, Jul 4 9:52am · Loose stools in Digestive Health

Do you have IBS or ?? Yes the Low FODMAP diet is a real drag but better than the alternative—at least for me. My understanding is that many IBS sufferers (including me) are lactose intolerant or at least lactose sensitive. There are many good lactose free and low lactose products available. And the Lactaid type tablets work well for me. Just be sure you buy those without additives like mannitol which with IBS can cause symptoms. I get them at Costco. Buy the tablets not the chewables and you may need to take two at a time.

Thu, Jul 4 9:37am · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

Could you have IBS? Your sensitivity to sorbitol etc is one of the symptoms of that condition—along with Intolerances of many other foods and their contents.

Sat, Jun 29 7:33am · GERD treatment: Diet vs. drugs in Digestive Health

Other than Dr. Internet, what is The scientific basis for your comment about “the most acidic foods on earth”?

Fri, Jun 28 3:52pm · GERD treatment: Diet vs. drugs in Digestive Health

Bonnie, I have taken several of the PPI drugs you are concerned about for more than 10 years along with carefully controlling my diet and life style. Of course I am also concerned about the possible long term effects. But I am also concerned with the herd end now problems of trying to live with acid reflux and the possible esophageal damage resulting without the medication. I have not tried any supplements as an alternative. I don’t Have the patience to experiment with these options—various combinations and dosages. So I am gambling on continuing to take the PPI at the lowest possible dosage that works for me and watching my diet. Maybe surgery will have to be my eventual solution. But one day at a time. Good luck to you whatever you decide.

Thu, Jun 20 7:35am · Fecal Incontinence in Digestive Health

This is a terrible problem for you. Did the GI who recommended Metamucil and suggested that you have IBS explain the dietary connections and refer you to a nutritionist? Have you had testing to rule out conditions like celiac? Have you had a colonoscopy? I had a similar problem with “the urges” and do have IBS. The low Fodmap diet is terrible but has mostly solved the bathroom emergencies. I can’t imagine all of that Metamucil.

Thu, Jun 13 7:17am · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

Have you had any testing for Pelvic Floor dysfunction? Or has your doctor suggested physical therapy for this problem? If not, I’d suggest you pursue these options.