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6 days ago · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

Glad you were able to enjoy your vacation without problems! I think continuing with the Pelvic Floor therapy would be worthwhile. I am a bit puzzled though about your comments about possible cognitive issues. Are you thinking this may be related to your digestive conditions?

Mon, Sep 9 9:12am · Ibs, gastritis or worse in Digestive Health

Is the doc you saw a gastroenterologist? Since the symptoms continue, you should see a GI for a second opinion. Readers here may have had similar symptoms but they wouldn’t necessarily be related to the same condition as yours.

Mon, Sep 2 7:07am · Sphincter exercises in Digestive Health

I also am on the Low FODMAP Diet. Interesting that your dietician recommended eating salad after entree. I’ve not heard of that. Do you know what the reason is? Also, can you share your alternate way of using garlic? I use garlic infused olive oil which works well for me but if there is something else, would love to know! I really miss eating fresh garlic and onions!

Fri, Aug 30 11:01am · Sphincter exercises in Digestive Health

Yes, there are exercises. Can you set up appointments with a physical therapist to help you? There are therapists who are specially trained in pelvic floor dysfunctions. They use biofeedback techniques. I went to one who was very knowledgeable and helpful. Also, in the meantime, try to go to the bathroom at the same time each day. And as soon as you feel that you are going to need the bathroom, do not delay in heading for it! I know how stressful and embarrassing this problem can be.

Thu, Aug 29 7:26am · Slow transit constipation and surgery in Digestive Health

Please be aware that Mayo now prioritizes privately insured patients over those that are Government insured—e.g. Medicare and Medicaid. In the specialties that are heavily in demand (e.g. gastroenterology) this means that if you are on one of the government programs and are anew patient, it is highly unlikely that you will get an appointment unless your condition is something very complex and unusual. This is no secret. The CEO announced it a couple of years ago.

Fri, Aug 23 6:05pm · Slow transit constipation and surgery in Digestive Health

Where do you live? Does your insurance cover medical care outside of your area? If so, you might start by checking US News and World Report online for its lists of best rated care in various specialties (incl. Gastroenterology) to see which facilities and doctors are well regarded. At least you may be able to get a really valid second opinion.

Thu, Aug 22 9:15am · Slow transit constipation and surgery in Digestive Health

Have you seen a GI at a top rated gastroenterology facility—e.g. Mayo? If not, please try to do this. Your situation seems really serious—physically snd emotionally.

Sat, Aug 17 7:55am · Barrett’s esophagus-friendly diet in Digestive Health

I checked the Acid Watcher book out of the library. Haven’t read it all in detail but in looking at the diet info, I can see that for me (and anyone else with IBS who follows the Low FODMAP diet) this would be the “dueling diets” scenario. Some foods that the author recommends (eg avocados, watermelon and honey) are triggers for IBS. And vice versa—some of the foods allowed on the IBS diet are not on the acid watcher regimen. Most of the obvious things like tomatoes, caffeine and carbonated beverages are well known reflux triggers and anyone with GERD would already know to avoid them. The book presents an interesting approach but I won’t be following the diet.