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Tue, Jun 25 4:52pm · Summer SAD in Depression & Anxiety

I was the usual Winter SAD sufferer. I started taking Vitamin D3 2000 IU (oral soft capsule) once a day, year round. I have several disorders, not related to SAD, but medications for one, seizures, can effect Vitamin D levels. Once I started taking one soft capsule per day, I stopped having the Winter SAD Symptoms.

I mentioned this to my neurologist, she ordered blood tests. She actually said she wanted to be sure I was taking enough, which I was.

The D3 I take is over-the-counter, i.e. non-prescription form. It has worked for me. I don't take other vitamins, I don't take Mega vitamins, and I avoid Vitamin enhanced drinks. Just a good diet and one Vitamin D3 per day.

Sat, Jun 8 1:51pm · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Life time of PVCs. On and off. One doctor offered anti arrhythmic drug, I declined because my situation technically wasn't dangerous. He switched me from Atenolol to Acebulolol, the PVC occurrence plummeted. All was well.

Incidentally, it was too much quality chocolate at Easter that started my worse episode of PVCs that lasted months, that was the cause of the PVCs above.

Years went by. The usual stuff, periodic tests, everything's OK. Last November, the afib started. They were going to do a Adenosine Stress Test, that would have been followed by a Heart Cath. My wife worked for a cardiologist that was not infrequently angry at these extra tests, he believed there is a group of doctors that get a cut of the insurance by doing needless tests. I told them no stress test, get rate controlled, anticoagulation in place, and I'll see my own doctors.

My cardiologist is very well known, he saw no reason for the stress test, neither did my family doctor, and, in a way, I had one. They withheld the Metoprolol, most of it, on the day of the stress test I refused. Having been told that I'd have an Echo Cardiogram the following morning after admission, here it is, three days later and still no test. So they sent me for one, prior to discharge, or so I thought. During my echo cardiogram, my heart rate was 160, I didn't even know that, but they refused to discharge. They finally gave me the full Metoprolol, I was discharged the following day, and they bumped it up more. My cardiologist bumped it up more still.

The Echo Cardiogram was normal, the same as one I had last year, except afib was now present. The same doctor, also very well known, interpreted both. But think, it was done with my heart at 160, I'd think I'd have chest pain if there was restriction, and there should have been additional changes in the EKG.

I'd rather have a normal rhythm, but converting, and maintaining it isn't without risk too. The literature on Sotalol says Highly Symptomatic patients should only use it, I'm not, at that point. Younger patient's are similarly given Sotalol, it's a quality of life thing.

I just read an article the other day, urging doctors not to over medicate Afib patients, the article cited 110 as a target heart rate, interesting yours said the same. I was used to mine in the 50s, I'm in the upper 60s at rest now. (Summer will probably be higher).

Sat, Jun 8 7:56am · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I'll have to give it a peek. We watch via the Roku, and for non-YouTube videos on other sites, often you can Video Cast them from the Tablet Computer through the Roku. It just sends the video address to the Roku, somehow, you can shut the tablet off once the video starts.

I get emotional about music. Not listening often, I could drive across the country and back and never turn on the radio. But when I listen, I listen to evocative stuff, some quite weird, some classical, a lot of Electronic music, but darn, my afib acts up then, too, short runs breaking through, not really runs per se, just faster than my resting heart rate at the time for several beats.

I went to get my PTINR taken for the Coumadin, and I got into an altercation with another driver, it took hours for my heart to settle down. But I'm talking resting Heart Rate in the 60s, and after the altercation, it was in the 80s, but before this all started, on medication, it was in the 50s.

Nightmare Neighbour Next Door, maybe tonight. If I remember, I'll take my heart rate before and during. LOL.


Sat, Jun 8 4:04am · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Sotacor mentioned is known by many as Sotalol, just a note for other readers. Strange how I've become more tolerant to physical exertion, but emotions seem to exacerbate my Afib. It all gets back to the AV node that controls the rate of signals passing from the top of the heart to the bottom. For those that can that are more physically fit have a naturally slower rate than those that aren't physically fit. And the AV Node is controlled by the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System, so emotions can create the opportunity for a faster rate in people without Afib, governed by the SA Node, but in those of us with Afib, the Afib (fast Atrial Rate) makes it through the AV node more often and symptoms occur.

This still has me obsessed, a life time of periodic assaults by PVCs has made me hyper aware of my heart, I feel every variation (well, most at least) from normal. I had/have the chance to be converted, but reading the literature on Sotalol, something that was going to be used to prevent recurrence, it says only to be used in highly symptomatic patients and I'm not highly symptomatic. One Cardiologist that does ablation for Afib got to experience it for himself, and though he converted pharmacologically, he said some people have mild Afib and horrible symptoms and others have horrible afib and mild symptoms, he said it's an enigma, just unpredictable. Ugh.

Sat, Jun 8 3:37am · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Tylenol (acetaminophen) and paracetamol are exactly the same drug compound. Being a long time viewer of a plethora of British TV Shows over the years, and more recently began watching many YouTube shows from England, I'm accustomed to hearing it.

As well as:

Lorry for Truck – Bonnet for Vehicle Hood – Cooker for Stove – Digger for Backhoe – Torch for Flashlight – Lift for Elevator – and many more.

One thing my wife and I find fascinating is that for recipes, they use a scale and weigh the ingredients used rather than measure by volume. And the ovens aren't marked in Temperature, they have a numbering system, one show just yesterday placed bread in the oven and said to set it to #7. The husband asked his wife if she knew the temperature for American and other audiences, she did not.

And don't get me started on pronunciation, we have migraines, they have them too, but we say "Mi Grains" they "Me Grains".

If you want a wonderful break from the hectic life, and want to watch some shows on YouTube my wife and I find very restive, look for the shows on English Canal Boats, most are Narrow Boats, but long, 50 to 75 feet in length is common, and there are a series of Waterway Locks that are manipulated by the person or persons on the boats or by Canal Trust Volunteers. At one time pulled by horse, these modern boats are motorized, usually steered by a Till or Tiller at the Stern End, and some canals (England has a vast system of them) go through tunnels not much bigger than the Narrow Boat – one so small on a show we watched a few days ago that the Husband and Wife turned off the boat motor and pushed their 50 plus foot long boat through the tunnel by pressing against the tunnel ceiling with their hands. Many people live on these boats, and the shows are usually about that with video of their travels.

Just remember, England and America are “two nations divided by a common language”.

Fri, Jun 7 10:49am · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

What is a Fast Heart Beat, what rate are you talking about.

Fri, Jun 7 10:32am · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I'm on Metoprolol Succinate 200 mg in the morning, Metoprolol Tartrate 25 mg in the afternoon, and Metoprolol Succinate 150 mg at night. I'm not experiencing these symptoms that others profess. I'm also on Coumadin, Phenytoin, Zocor, Xyzal, Singulair, Ranitidine, Maxzide, and Vitamin D3.

Yes, certain drugs can, by themselves, or in combination with other drugs, cause some people to experience symptoms that others don't., including tiredness, but so can the issues we're taking the drugs for.

I'm concerned that many read this thread and think Metoprolol cessation is the answer for tiredness, that may not be the case, and those of us taking it should not be discontinuing it without our doctor's advice and supervision.

I get tired from Ibuprofin, significantly, but if I took it every day (not a good idea, but for example) eventually I'd expect that tiredness to subside. The same may happen with Metoprolol, and that noticeable tiredness that some may feel when first put on it should largely subside.

Sat, May 25 1:49pm · Need advice with heart issues in Heart Rhythm Conditions

There are muscle fasiculations (muscle twitches). Though very very rarely, they are in indication of Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS), they are for the vast majority of the time benign. I had them all over once, incredibly, and I was seeing a neurologist for other things, he kept reassuring me it wasn't ALS. That was many many years ago.

Last Thursday, the doctor didn't do anything about my recent brief chest sensation (thumb sized area near sternum had sudden feeling, not pain, while I was walking), he listened to me, to my heart and breathing, said he could do more if I was concerned. Implicitly he's not, not at this point.

There's a balance between doing too little and doing too much. Sometimes doing more is more harmful than not doing enough. I wish I had the answers, for you, for me, for the others here, but we all live under the "doing too little vs doing too much" conundrum.