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Dec 19, 2018 · Relentless bile reflux / pain in Digestive Health

Find a surgeon who will remove your gall bladder. Everything you shared it straight out of my life story pretty much to a T. All my test came back normal or ok. Finally found a surgeon who said it's your gall bladder. Two weeks later he took it out. I woke up in recovery and felt better instantly. Even though all my test came back normal my gall bladder had enlarged walls and was full of sludge. About 9 months after I had it out everything started happening again. It felt like my gall bladder had grown back. I ended up having Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction but from what I've been told and have read they won't do an ERCP if you still have your gall bladder. Having your gall bladder out is a less risky procedure so that's where I'd start. I was 21 when I had my gall bladder removed. I dealt with the same symptoms you are having for over 2 years before I found a surgeon who listened and removed my gall bladder.

Dec 13, 2018 · Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction in Digestive Health

I have been in the same boat. I lost a ton of weight before having my ERCP which I have had done twice. I have episodes where it acts up. I stay away from alcohol because that's a huge trigger for an episode. I live on spaghetti o's when I get pain with eating. I have noticed my symptoms get worse when my weight goes up so I try to stay below a certain weight. I've been dealing with this for over 8 years. I have periods where I feel great and have no issues and then there will be times all I can do is lay in bed on my right side and not move.