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Feb 6, 2019 · Chest pain > a month in Heart & Blood Health

For a few months now I have been experiencing chest discomfort on the upper left side. It comes and goes. Nothing too painful but feels slightly like squeezing. I notice if I move in a certain direction that stretches the chest, I can feel the discomfort.

I am a 27 year old female. 220 pounds, 5'5. Was 280 at my heaviest but I've been losing weight for a few years now. It fluctuates (yo-yo dieting). I recently gained back 20 pounds but I am working on it. Have been exercising pretty good too for the past year but its slowed down a bit since September. I was a light smoker for about 10 years, but I quit 2 years ago. Smoked cannabis on and off for years but quit in June. Overall I've eaten pretty healthy for the past 3 years but I've had episodes of binge eating horrible high fat foods, and I used to drink a bottle of wine a day in my early 20s. I do have episodes of binge drinking here and there but have stopped because I noticed it was making the chest discomfort more noticeable. My blood pressure and heart rate are perfect.

Other symptoms/issues/possible factors: I recently sometimes get bad heartburn or acid reflux, but it's usually food related (tomato, garlic, onions). I do have a gallstone, and I do occasionally suffer from anxiety and depression. I eat mostly vegan, so I consume quite a bit of soy. I've also noticed recently random things such as eye twitching that happens sometimes usually when stressed, and for a week or two I had fluttering/pulsing sensation in my right ear. I sometimes notice random throbbing/vibrating on random parts of my body that can last on and off for several minutes.

I know I should see a doctor but to be honest, I'm really scared. I could be overreacting but I do feel like there is something wrong so I wanted to reach out on here and see if anyone has dealt with this or if anyone has any ideas.