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Thu, Mar 14 1:26pm · Confused About Diet for Stage 3 or 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Kidney & Bladder

Thank you so much, it's like playing "wack-a-mole" when trying to plan meals around your "CKD", especially when your family has to suffer along with you our you with them.

Fri, Mar 8 8:25pm · concerned over rising creatinine level. in Kidney & Bladder

I think a high level potassium is just related to whether or not you should be on lisinopril. For some reason my neph. thinks it is a better way to go for CKD. I don't know. Anyway, I'm doing fine and my BP is good with what I'm on now so I really don't see a need for change at this time.

Thu, Mar 7 2:50pm · concerned over rising creatinine level. in Kidney & Bladder

My creatinine was at 2.8 at one time 3 years ago but I was going through a "triple – bypass" at the time. I've been at least 1.5 for the past four years. Doing the math formula my GFR is around 42. My Neph. says 1.5 is normal for me??? He may be considering my age at 77. Like I said I'm going to spend a lot of time doing my own research trying different things watching out for "snake oil". Diet and natural stuff.

Thu, Mar 7 2:11pm · concerned over rising creatinine level. in Kidney & Bladder

Here's my update on the "labs"; Everything looked good on the numbers except for one reading, potassium. In trying to eat healthier I started eating dried fruit when I was grazing, not good, high potassium, pushed my pot. level to 4.5, 4.0 is high end of normal. My neph would like to see me go back on Lisinopril but wants me to get the potassium down in the normal range first. Works better. creatinine is back to 1.5 so things are going in the right direction. Doing a lot of research and trying some things that are safe and make sense. I won't share them though until I'm sure they had a positive outcome for me.

Thu, Feb 21 1:46pm · 3rd stage kidney disease and diet in Kidney & Bladder

Hello "nosurgery", I too have to walk the "tight rope" of dieting: stage 3b CKD, diverticulosis and a triple bypass. I'm online constantly researching and finding out what I can do to improve my conditions. As soon as I try something for one thing I find it's not good for the other. I've had to deal with diverticulitis several times, once was with a 5cm abscess. So all that being said this a good group to be plugged into. I know I'll get good info I can trust here.

Fri, Feb 15 4:52pm · concerned over rising creatinine level. in Kidney & Bladder

Update: I had my appoint. today – neph.not concerned – he said probably because of my HBP I would have some scarring in the kidneys and since my creatinine levels have been consistent over the past four or five years he thinks monitoring every six months is the way to go. He did do more labs today so we will wait to see what they say before I settle into the monitoring stage.

Tue, Feb 12 1:36pm · concerned over rising creatinine level. in Kidney & Bladder

I have my first appointment Fri. the 15th with the kidney doc. I will update next week sometime.
Thanks for asking.

Fri, Jan 25 2:29pm · Renadyl in Kidney & Bladder

I agree – as little as it takes to get the job done.( antibiotics )