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Feb 5, 2019 · Anxiety and heart palpitations in Depression & Anxiety

I have had panic and anxiety attacks for 25 years. Your body goes into a fight or flight mode and your internal alarm system goes off. It's like if you were walking down a path in the forest and you see a bear. My ekg
Is always normal. I have some level of anxiety every day. Its always there and never completely goes away. I've been
Told by many doctors I just cant completley relax. I'm in some sort of the flight or fight mode all the time. I've learned to deal with it by slow deep breaths in through the
Nose and out through the mouth over and over. Your body
Cannot be panicked and calm at the same time. So I do the deep breathing over and over to get to a calmer place. Lavender baths help. Lavandar or chamomile tea. Calming sounds like of the waves of the ocean or the rain etc..you can find these on YouTube. I do Other things to but my message here is very long already. But the biggest thing that is helped me is the the
Anxiety and phobia workbook by edward J. Bourne. Amazing book. You can find it on thriftbooks.com for $4.50 versus $18.00 or higher other places dr bourne has
Other excellent books to. Hope I helped someone. 😁

Feb 5, 2019 · Anxiety and heart palpitations in Depression & Anxiety

My 18 year old son is going through this right now. He gets chest pain, heart palpitations, he can feel his heart beat and feels its beating hard. He had a normal but slightly abnormal ekg yesterday. What that means is because of his age, his body type is very slender , not any fat between the heart and the chest he had a strong heartbeat. The dr is one of the best cardiologists here. He said he sees this all the time in boys my sons age but to be sure he has ordered an ultra sound of my sons heart. Then we will know for sure whether it's the panic and anxiety or if there really is a heart issue. I'm happy your ekg was normal 😁

Jan 11, 2019 · Using CBD oil to help taper off anxiety & depression meds? in Depression & Anxiety

My son was on valium also. Every day for 4 years. Hes been completely off of the valium now for 2 weeks using cbd. He weaned off of the valium over the course of one month using cbd. There is different strengths of the cbd. Our local cbd dispensary has a cbd that is relaxation. It has lavender in it. At bath and body works in the mens section i bought him calming lavandar bubble bath and lotion. It has a manly scent. He took baths using the bubble bath. Used the cbd calming and kept telling himself he dosent need the valium anymore. Hope some of this helps. 😁

Dec 11, 2018 · Long-term depression in Depression & Anxiety

Thank you to everyone for your replies. I appreciate it very much. My son is seeing his psychologist again this Thursday. I will ask her about the medication you all have mentioned. Thank you!! Blessings and happy holidays to everyone 😀

Dec 11, 2018 · Long-term depression in Depression & Anxiety

Seeker70. My 18 year old is going through the same thing. He is also a senior. I'm sorry this is happening to you. We cant find any answers either. The doctors just want to give him medication. We need to find out what is causing this. Not take a pill to cover it up. My son started using cbd oil because he has anxiety and panic attacks to. It has helped him. But again its putting a bandaid on the root of the problem. He goes to counseling once a week but the counselor gives him coping methods. How do we find the root of the problem? Try to stay positive seeker70. You cant just make depression go away no matter what anyone says. You cant just calm down when you have anxiety and panic attacks. It dosent work that way. I dont know how old this post is but I hope and pray you are okay. That things are better for you. Blessings to you.

Dec 11, 2018 · Long-term depression in Depression & Anxiety

I have an 18 year old teenage boy who has been suffering from depression and severe anxiety and panic attacks for 4 years now. He cant function and lead a normal life. Hes been checked out by his medical doctor. Had blood work done etc..nothing is wrong physically. I have been taking him to a psychologist for 2 years. Hes tried 3 different depression medications. The last one was zoloft 25mg. which made him shake uncontrollably, his heart pound (i could feel how hard when I put my hand on his chest) and within the first half hour after taking it he laughed for 5 minutes 3x for no reason. Weird laughing, weird behavior. 2 years ago the psychologist wanted to out him on diazapam (valium) for his anxiety. I believe those kinds of drugs lead to severe addiction and death. About 6 months ago he started trying cbd oil which works amazing for the anxiety. But it only lasts short term. I dont know what to do. All the physcioligists do is prescribe pills. They cant seem to find the right medication. Meanwhile he suffers. Hes frightened of trying new medications because he sensitive to medication which makes things even worse. Hes going to counseling once a week which really isnt helping. As a mom I feel so helpless. Does anyone have any suggestions of coping methods that worked for you? We cant figure out where this depression and anxiety is coming from. No major changes in life. ( hes been drug tested so we know its not from illegal drug use, plus he is home all the time because the depression, anxiety and panic attacks stop him from leading a normal life and hes always been a really good boy). Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.