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Wed, Jan 23 1:39pm · Lyme Disease in Autoimmune Diseases

Something so simple if treated early…Dr are afraid of antibiotics now due to resistance bacteria. Treat symptoms not a test. Testing is not accurate.

Sun, Jan 6 3:06pm · Lyme Disease in Autoimmune Diseases

So many Doctors have no idea of this disease, mine is one of them. They try to treat a test instead of a diagnosis and treatment of the diagnosis. Better yet, if they even thinnk it could be Lyme they shhould treat it right away and rule it out. I know they are worried about over use of antibiotics but the test for Llyme are scethy at best. The elsa and WB are 50 50. Many have negative result but find lime much later. My Doctor was one who now a year later tells me she does not know much about Lyme. Really, a year and you just now admit you dont have knowlege of it so you did not treat it. Further more the evidence of the rash is proof enough to treat for it. The only reason she is treating me know is because I embarrased her and researchrd more than her. I hope the antibiotics work and we can move forward and my conditions are not permanent. Get treated and rule it out, pretty cheap medice to ensure its not Lyme.

Tue, Jan 1 2:38pm · Lyme disease and neuropathy in Neuropathy

At this point I am almost positive I have lyme. The rash I have is a clear indication of stage 2 lyme erythema migrans. I would post a picture. My dog also had lyme at the same time all this started.

Dec 31, 2018 · Lyme Disease in Autoimmune Diseases

Yea, I dont know why they dont just treat you. I have all the signs of lyme disease as well, my dog was diagnosed about the same time my symptooms started. You treat it with simple cheap antibiotics but to not treat it cost the system more while they chase the symptoms. The cost of a single visit to the hospital is more than the antibiotics…. I have read they should treat the symptoms even if negative test. I am going to Dr this week and see what they can do and why they dont treat it. At least rule it out with cheap medication. I know they are cutting back on antibiotics for people who dont need them but catching lyme early is better than letting it go and become permanennt.

Dec 31, 2018 · Lyme disease and neuropathy in Neuropathy

I will talk to my Dr this week. I dont know why they dont just give the antibiotics and see. Seems cheap and simple way to rule it out.

Dec 30, 2018 · Lyme disease and neuropathy in Neuropathy

I think I have been misdiagnosed for the last year. I think I have Lyme disease causing my neuropathy. I was tested negative but all my symptoms point to Lyme. My neoropathy came on in less than 60 days from being fully healthy. I have neck pain, night sweats, irregular heart beat, tiredness and joint pain along with neuropathy that comes and goes. I noticed a small rash/discoloration on the inside of my thigh which is spreading, Can you test negative but still have Lyme disease? I don't think you get RA in 60 days, I was riding my bike 10 miles a day just prior to all this. No problems ever with neuropathy or RA. I am at my wits end. They even recommended me having neck surgery for a bulging disk, I have had it for 15 years no major issues, slight pain and mobility issues but nothing Major. Anyone have any specialty with Lyme disease.

Dec 11, 2018 · idiopathic neuropathy and sugar, not a diabetic in Neuropathy

I get neuropathy when I eat. Most thing cause some but sweets cause my feet to go numb, burn and pin and needles. I have been tested many time for diabeties and they say I am not even close. Could this be vasculitus or some RA disease causing the issue. I feelmthe best innthe mornings with little or now neuropathy. As the day goes on and depending on my diet i get inflamed. I do have a bulging disc in my back pressing on nerves but why the sugar would make that so much worse. My Dr is stumped and have no other options for me. I would like to monitor my sugar level continously for a few weeks to see how high I am getting. Can it be insulin intolerance?

Dec 11, 2018 · Neuropathy started during a gout spell in Neuropathy

I guess I was not clear, I dont have gout pain any longer only the neuropathy stayed. I have not had a gout flare in a year just the neuropathy. The neuropathy gets better first thing in the am but worsens as the day goes on. I still have a bulging disc in my lower back but the connection between sweets and the neuropathy does not make sense. I have been tested for diabeties many times and not even close to diabetic is what I have been told. I have tried a total vegie diet and it help but it dont take it away. I am on day 11 after neck surgery for bulging disc and told it may be mechanical and though it has helpd my neck pain the nerves in my arms are not healed yet. Its changed my life from a fit guy who ran and biked daily to a couch riden bitter man. I hate what i have become and would love to get a real authentic diagnosis. I know I will never be 100 percent but 80 would be nice, hell ill take 50.