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Wed, May 13 12:28pm · Pain in shoulder after cervical surgery in Chronic Pain

I wanted to respond to the above text for the pain after surgery of cervical fusion 4,5,6,7. I had surgery because I continued to fall, was losing function of 1 hand, foot and could no longer feel temperature. Didn’t have much pain until after surgery. After surgery had shoulder pain, headaches, neck pain and difficulty swallowing, the pain for 2 years was quite difficult. Now the GOOD news! After many docs I have a wonderful treatment plan. I elected Not to have a second surgery. I now get facet joint ablations in 2,3,4 every 7 months and Botox injections for my headaches, muscle spasms in shoulders, neck and mid back. I get them every 3 months and they work wonders! I do still take muscle relaxers at night and Neurontin for neuropathy. The swallowing I live with but changed diet. Don’t give up looking for a plan that works. I tried them all, tens unit, 2 years physical therapy land and pool. Everyone is different but there is a plan for you! Hang in there. I now have good quality of life. It was long process, just don’t get stuck in a plan that doesn’t work. Will be praying you find the best for you. Sending my best