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Tue, Mar 24 2:13pm · How are you handling anxiety in this time of COVID-19? in Depression & Anxiety

I have learned a lot on how to deal with this. In early January when we learned of this I started to prepare, I always keep pretty stocked up as I don’t like to grocery shop so I tend to buy several of the same items, so I didn’t have to go out and hoard. I gave up the gym and my lymphadema massages in February and myself and my husband are on now on our 11th day of isolation. I cancelled all my drs and blood work appointments and am hoping that a couple of months delay will not make a difference. I am also paranoid that’s why we (my husband and I) don’t leave the house. I wipe all my deliveries with Clorox wipes, We have a table in the garage that we put the mail on, when we receive the mail I spray what is important and trash the rest, I also put the shredder in the garage so I can shred what I consider unwanted mail. We are lucky that we have neighbors to pick us up things if need be. I am expecting that we will be in self isolation for at least another month if not longer. My friends know me and smile because they know how I am. Doing this has lessened the stress for me. I must say I am not as motivated as I can be to do things but I decided to do two things a day. Today I cleaned out a couple of draws. I hope everyone can remember to take a minute to take a breathe. Be safe everyone.

Dec 15, 2019 · Facing Cancer Recurrence, PTSD & Acknowledging Mental Health in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Just to let you know you are normal to feel this way. Remember that there are so many survivors out there. One can’t give up as hard as it is and everyone can’t help but think the worst occasionally although I find I have days when I never think of it except when I get a pain. 🤭 my husband has had 3 cancers as have I but life does go on. Wishing you well.

Dec 14, 2019 · Endometrial Cancer: Noticing my blessings every day in Gynecologic Cancers

Not to scare anyone but always insist you get a speculum exam in the future. I had uterus cancer and a hysterectomy no radiation just regular exams, that was in 2009. I insisted on an examination with a speculum in fact I went to 4 doctors during a 2 year period who just did an examination without a speculum. The fourth doctor finally used a speculum in 2017 and found that my cancer had returned in my vaginal cuff, 25 external radiation treatments and brachytherapy. Had I not insisted the doctor use a speculum my cancer would have been missed. One has to be really proactive these days. I forgot to add that the reason the doctors did not want to use a speculum was because there was only a 1% chance of recurrence.

Mar 2, 2019 · Anyone dealing with Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia (ADH)? in Breast Cancer

I had ADH in 1982 my doctor did not hesitate removing the mass since apparently it is a known fact that this can turn into cancer. At that time I had no idea about this and looking back I am glad my doctor did the surgery.
I have since had breast cancer in 2016.

Feb 5, 2019 · Video Q&A about Cancer Immunotherapies in Cancer

Just to let you know my doctor put me on Repatha a lowering cholesterol drug, it is an injection that I give myself twice a month and it does not have the side effects of a statin. I had tried about 6 statin drugs in the past and over time I always ended up with bad liver blood results. I had not heard about cholesterol and breast cancer?

Feb 4, 2019 · Video Q&A about Cancer Immunotherapies in Cancer

First I would be very interested in this group on A/I. It is nice to know that 20% of women do not take the aromotas inhibitors. I to had the worse side effects I could barely get up from a seat and felt like I was 80 years old my legs hurt so much I would shuffle. I had awful regrets since nearly everyone in my cancer group took them and I could not help but wonder if I had done the right thing by stopping them. I do also believe in quality of life. I try to eat right most of the time but fall off the wagon, sugar being my temptation which I know feeds the cancer, but life is short and I need to enjoy it. I have had breast cancer, uterus cancer and reacurrance of the uterus in my vaginal cuff. I try and to keep all my tests current being proactive has probably saved my life.

Feb 4, 2019 · Recurrance of uterine cancer in the vaginal cuff in Gynecologic Cancers

I had radiation January of 2018. The after effect of the radiation on my rectumwas excruciating the dr gave me protofoam and butt cream plus a variety of other things nothing helped it just took months to go away and heal. When I went to see my gastroenterologist I mentioned this and he gave me nifedipine what a life saver. But recently it came back I just wondered if anyone else had had the same problem? Burning and pain when I have a bowel movement. Also I am using the dilator but lately I had to go to a smaller size as it was getting painful to insert.

Feb 3, 2019 · Recurrance of uterine cancer in the vaginal cuff in Gynecologic Cancers

I had the above and had external radiation in my vagina and brachytherapy. I wondered if anyone has had severe effects of the radiation in their rectum?