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Fri, Jul 12 7:17am · Polymyalgia rheumatica in Autoimmune Diseases

My understanding is that prednisone only deals with the inflammation and the pmr goes away when it’s ready. My rheumatologist said I may be on pred for the rest of my life, but I am 80 yrs old. 😀

Mon, Jul 8 1:44pm · Polymyalgia rheumatica in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi. Was diagnosed June 2018. CRP and sed rate normal at every checkup. I understand 20% of pmr patients have normal readings. After one bad flare and too rapid prednisone tapering, I’m now on 12.5 mg. When taper starts from here, it’s going to be small increments and very slowly. Found there is a lot to learn about this disease . Wish you well.

Wed, May 22 7:18am · PMR and Methotrexate in Autoimmune Diseases

Wanted to post a positive for you about methotrexate. The side effects I spoke of occur for about 2 days after dosing. The rest of the week is okay. It definitely has let me reduce the prednisone.

Tue, May 21 4:37pm · PMR and Methotrexate in Autoimmune Diseases

Forgot to ask. Do others here use a pain reliever like Advil, etc. ? So averse to taking another med, but have started to , maybe one tab a day, three times a week, as it helps.

Tue, May 21 8:44am · PMR and Methotrexate in Autoimmune Diseases

Thx for article. Some useful ideas there. Am having to sort out what is pmr and what is methotrexate/ folic acid side effects. Info says side effects are worse in older people (That’s me. 🙂. ) Fatigue, low energy, no appetite, and, yes, the constant aches, etc. Thankful that the severe pain is gone. I lost 12+ pounds ( was already normal weight ) with pmr. Never regained. Was a 1and 1/2 mile per day walker before all this. Now I dole out energy. One activity per day. Just hard to accept this new me. Such a life altering disease. So helpful to be heard by others who understand and who share their experience. Guess I needed to hear that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Mon, May 20 5:55pm · PMR and Methotrexate in Autoimmune Diseases

John, since you seem to be the person here who has dealt with pmr the longest, are you still off all meds and how is your pain level , energy , amount of fatigue, etc. Sometimes this is quite discouraging. I’m down to 5mg. Prednisone and still on methotrexate. Such a long road. Can you tell I’m down? Does everyone have to push to accomplish just daily tasks?

Thu, Mar 7 7:49am · PMR and Methotrexate in Autoimmune Diseases

Interesting how differently pmr can manifest itself and the amount / kind of meds needed for each individual. For me, stiffness in hands and neck ( RA or osteoarthritis probably ) is much easier than the muscle pain ( PMR ). Anyone have vasculitis at their ankles / shin ? Cleared up with prednisone. Do appreciate everyone’s input.

Mon, Mar 4 11:39am · PMR and Methotrexate in Autoimmune Diseases

15 mg once weekly. Am tapering prednisone by 2.5 but the next drop will be after 2 months. Once off prednisone, hopefully can start tapering methotrexate. 😕 just fearful of relapse. Was really bad. Needed a 3 day dose of prednisone at 60 mg ,then30 and down.