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Nov 28, 2018 · Can I go from daily Morphine to pain control from CBD oil in Chronic Pain

And that message you wrote just looks like a generic message of pasted text with a couple changes with a little personalization. So if I might ask of you….try “one more time with FEELING”

Nov 28, 2018 · Can I go from daily Morphine to pain control from CBD oil in Chronic Pain

He is working with a physician and I gave PERFECT ADVICE!!
this is actually my first digital footprint. I never do these stupid things, I been on a computer 24/7 for 40 years so I know about privacy and ethics and people have problems with them for the whole world to see..it is stupid….but I wanted to really let this dude know that it’s not that hard!!
When u spend a couple decades fixin computers in EVERY ENTITY in both the private & public sector…
Doctors, lawyers, judges, DEA, auto repair facilities..:.and when u spend hours or days as a fly on the wall fixing their IT equipment you hear and see EVERYTHING!!!

Nov 28, 2018 · Can I go from daily Morphine to pain control from CBD oil in Chronic Pain

America destroyed my life with their idiotic thinking and hidden agendas….if they really wanted me to continue being a great citizen, and support them, then why not help me out and pay for my weed, now I’m in debt and close to being homeless, not from opiates (even though they are the true culprits) I spent a lotta money on weed to save my life!!! ALL BY MYSELF!!
That is how strong I am….the average person woulda been in a coffin for 40 years.
HeHeHeHe they will pay for lifelong opiates plus $8,000 for a nickels worth of evzio narcan, but won’t pay for weed and really “complete the saving of a life of a man who has put up an awesome fight!!”
Opiates even made start smoking cigarettes after being a lifetime non smoker. And I hate cigs!!!!!
Smoke, or vape, or eat MEDICINAL MARIJUANA!! You have to know what kind you are getting and it has to be a stable monthly supply.

Nov 28, 2018 · Can I go from daily Morphine to pain control from CBD oil in Chronic Pain

I’ve done a life study dude….a lifetime of being denied the medicine that could’ve avoided all this stuff in the first place!! I probably have emails older than you.

Nov 28, 2018 · Can I go from daily Morphine to pain control from CBD oil in Chronic Pain

48 years breathing, 30 years same house…had 2 business I did tree climbing and removal for 8-10 , then when computers got popular I changed to computer repair.
My dads brother got cancer but caught it early and beat it, My dad got cancer when I was as like 10 he was 32 and died at 36 after brutal battle. But was awesome enough to buy me a Commodore 64 when I was 9…..so I was coding “basic” at the age of 10 to this day I thankem in my head for seeing that in me before he died…now if I wasn’t so banged up and especially taking opiates, I could fix ANY COMPUTER, ANY PROBLEM, I can do it all!!! Networking, web design, hardware software , database programming, Visual Basic, active server pages, Java, whatever, but with opiat s and pain and stress I’m USELESS
getting back…
Mother married the furniture salesman a few months later and threw me in military boarding Schools. (Were so bad they would make penn state and jerry Sandusky seem like a tea party!!
Because I look so much like my father.

Despite all that I managed to live pretty decent all alone, payin the mortgage, etc..
Then I was rear ended at a dead light. Between the blown discs to my neck and back, I also have advanced osteoarthritis with fissuring in both hips, spinal stenosis , nerve damage, carpal in both hands. Other physical issues, and depression, real bad anxiety.
So I have been mentally screwed forever managed to function for a long time until was too much after getting rear ended , living alone my whole life, being beat down physicallly and mentally by no fault of my own…but because weed wasn’t legal..I had to take benzos, opiates, antidepressants anti- inflammatory..internal meds type
2 diabetes, hypertension, fear of going out, everything escalated with PHARMACEUTICALS…..but now that I have a medical marijuana card I got myself back!!
Insurance will pay $8,000 for evzio for me “just in case” once again saw that I said screw this..:.they will pay for me to do opiates, carry a $8,000 bandaid which when living alone is useless, so i never even on my worst opiate days I never load up before bed….you could die..so I’d rather wake up with a lil detox than not t waking up. But my point being pot is going to save my life, but is going to break me financially!!!
Just got so sick of that cycle in the last 8 years I’ve lost so many friends, family to opiate crap…..
Yet I have lifelong friends that wake up, smoke a lil sativa, work hard daily come home smoke a lil indica and cbd for sleep, pain, etc… and they do fine.
I was always scared to break the law because if I get arrested, who would watch my house, pay my bills, run my business etc… b
THANK GOD THAT THE “GARDEN STATE” is Les living up to its reputation, now we need INSURANCE TO PAY FOR ANLITTLE WEED , instead of A TON OF OPIATE

We fight fire with fire,
We fight violence and war with violence and war
We fight cancer with the tumors own cancer cells,
So we should FIGHT THE WAR ON synthetic DRUGS WITH natural ones that god and especially Mother Nature provided us!!!!
And with my crappy genetics and after real bad quality of “opiate life” recently….at least I didn’t get cancer yet…so maybe it was the weed I smoked as a teen to calm myself, then had to stop in order to be a legit adult, and now it has circled right back to pot…:that shit saved my life, mentally, physically, physiologically,

Nov 28, 2018 · Can I go from daily Morphine to pain control from CBD oil in Chronic Pain

Oh and you won’t be addicted to weed like the morphine….you can actually quit weed cold turkey..u might not sleep well for a few so I didn’t. Sleep deprivation is the best form of torture cause u go insane!! HeHeHeHe!!
So after all’s said and done just cut back on the weed a little if you want to lol!! And you will have your life back with very very little discomfort. You will be laughing and crying at tv again, all emotions return so don’t be overwhelmed. if you are depressed….smoke, watch 2 1/2 men or somethin.

Cut out that oxy first the toughest times are right after u stop the oxy completely so do it slowly n gradually …that crud is worse than any other ingested opiate that drug is Pure evil.
After that you will find that cutting the morph is easier than the oxy! You might have to up your morphine for a few days after the oxy is gone i called it a “ transition” it is weird, but is gone after few days so smoke smoke smoke the night weed and go heavy on smokin CBDs too for those few days…u might feel hopeless for few days but trust me that will pass!!!

Nov 27, 2018 · Can I go from daily Morphine to pain control from CBD oil in Chronic Pain

Dude just get weed for all occasions, morning weed(sativa), daily weed( whatever u enjoy during the in between boring hours/ and night weed(Indica dominant) for obvious reasons and yes HEAVY CBD will help with the Psychosis’s takeover of the brain from lowering the opiate.
But u gotta load up with everything from my pepto(just in case. I didn’t need) hunker down for few months(lot o weed, lot o hydration, few vitamins don’t go crazy lotto rest unless u feel like doing something…that’s even better if possible and just start lowering the breakthrough instant release opiate crap first.
You will get down to the base morph your 2 60mg, stay for a week then go down to 3 30mg morph and a “belbuca strip or 2 just in case… then start breaking a little piece(like a crescent moon shape) off the 30mg morph each time you take one!so your really only taking 20mg or so(just don’t crush or snort) breaking a piece offf and not taking it does not affect either piece, then start raking halves or 15s and just keep on going!!! but with enough weed you can eventually lower your morphine to practically nothing….. I did it!!!
And I was same as u…I’m goin on 8 months with no breakthrough meds, maintenance nalaxone strips, but I don’t think u will need strips the younger u are the stronger u r dude…so do it before u get to old bro