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Dec 21, 2018 · Lyme Disease and its Co-Infections, Morgellons Disease and Parasites in Skin Health

When I read about your use of Packers Tape, I wanted to hug you & get you to laugh with me as I tell you that before I even heard the word Morgellon, I would use the vacuum hose (no attachments) and press the open nozzle all over my scalp & continue on every inch of my face imagining it was sucking everything off my skin that was causing me all those problems (including blackheads, which I didn’t really have)
Ahhhhh…I had a couple of reddish hose nozzle rings left on my face, but ahhhhhh it felt so heavenly, if only for a few seconds!

Nov 25, 2018 · Lyme Disease and its Co-Infections, Morgellons Disease and Parasites in Skin Health

P.S. – There are two other tenants in my apartment building experiencing similar issues as I do, but not to the extent as I have. I’m a terrible neat freak and one of the two other ‘victims’ I will not go inside his apartment that I refer to it as ‘The Original LaBrea Tar Pits’ when he asks me to come over. The second person, I don’t know well. The three of us it just occurred to me are long time tenants here, over 10 years while most others usually only stay (last) 2-5 years. I have spotted the same type of ceiling and wall nodules that seem to grow/shrink in size and more seem to pop up in other areas of the ceiling all with the same debris on the floor as I have found in my apartment throughout the building’s common areas.
On rainy days, I do feel the same drops from the ceiling in the hallway to the elevator and the trash room. I have been complaining to building management for 7 years about feeling things drop from my apartment ceiling. I also have a video from April 2012 when I first noticed tiny dark spots ‘bugs’ all over my ceiling which management denied there was any problem to be worried about. Because of this evidence was quite visible on my ceiling and now the problem still exists but is not visible, I feel the problem might be or also involve parasites that use fleas as hosts. The CDC recently found an unusually large number of fleas with parasites concentrated in a homeless encampment, but the parasites on the fleas were not native to the U.S and the CDC could not identify them. After a long arduous search they eventually found them in a very remote area in Africa or South America, I don’t remember which at the moment. I’m thinking this, because I live in an ‘Affordable Housing’ apartment in San Francisco that has now depleted my life savings ($100,000 +) over the past 7 years to survive all this, so not so affordable after all. There are quite a number of formerly chronic homelessness residents living here for short periods (they don’t assimilate and spend free time with their friends who live on the street) and some that continue to live as a homeless person like my next door neighbor with very strange winged insects periodically sitting/standing/hanging out on his front door.
My next thing to research…lll

What frightens me is that everyone is clueless what this could all mean if my analysis is validated as correct about transmission. This could turn into one major public health issue and legal problem in the not so distant future if it spreads as rapidly as i’m seeing…..
I pray that I’m wrong…

Nov 25, 2018 · Lyme Disease and its Co-Infections, Morgellons Disease and Parasites in Skin Health

– thread-like filaments – blue (most found), red (about 5-10% of total) sometimes black or dark green (1%) are present in all cases and indicative of Morgellon’s Disease. I have found traces of these blue, red and black threads below the dermal layer of both my cat and my skin through use of the digital microscope. Other organisms found that resemble ‘balls of thread’ are found in many, but not all instances I’ve seen as reported.
– I have not seen or heard any evidence other than my own of organisms that seem to be entomology related in shape, activity, rate of reproduction, defense mechanisms, source of origination, pods used for transport and/or feeding purposes. An occasional remnants found were larvae-like in shape.
– transmission is proven to be airborne*. How did I get to this conclusion? My cat and I desperately needed a break and get away from this apartment that is totally compromised (clothes, furniture, walls, computer keyboard, television, etc…..everything.) On three separate occasions, we spent 2-3 nights at different hotels with a thorough inspection of the room immediately upon entry. By the end of the second day/evening, the rooms were ‘infested’ (term I’ve used for 7 years describing my apartment) with this problem as bad as I had with my own apartment. I suspected this could be a problem about a year ago, when I saw remnants that were indicative of a problem on things that I just touched (for example, the iPad I’m using now has tiny spots where I touched the screen or had fallen from my scalp or face. If I touch that tiny spot, most times I will get a very sharp sting from its defense mechanism. I cannot just wipe them off with a dry cloth, because they will continue to sting and are planted in that spot and unmovable, the cloth must be moistened so that they will release from where they have fallen on the screen. For this reason, I have always turned down offers to stay with or even visit friends.
– occurs in cycles (lifecycles?) daily cycles of severity are consistent, however, I’ve not been able to determine the amount of time between major cycles that seem to be yearly and thought were tied to seasonality, but now I recognize that the progression of severity is worse over time and occur with higher frequency (currently, I’m experiencing the second major cycle in one year with a 2 month low activity between cycles and the severity of pain induced is exponentially greater than any previous incidents)
– there seems to be conflicting views of whether this is a parasite or a fungus. As being a fungus was new to me, I tried some of the recommendations to lessen the problem for myself and Joy (my cat) and found that anti-fungals do work somewhat to reduce the effects, but as some have noted, it does not kill them. I have found that they work temporarily and perhaps rely on strength (maybe type also) of ingredient used as anti-fungal agent. I have had success with ‘Nizoral’ generic is Ketoconazole Shampoo 2% by prescription only (1% available OTC) and some luck with OTC Medicated Fungicure Anti-Fungal Wash that uses Homeopathic ingredient Sepia 12X (???) as it’s agent. I have verified that an anti-fungal does have an effect on the fungus when viewed under the microscope. The tissue does shrink when the agent is applied by spray, but returns to original state TBD at some point (I have not tried different strength solutions as yet) Also, I forgot to mention that I have also verified that water does encourage growth of the organism/tissue which might explain the increase in activity in moist environments.
– Besides using each anti-fungus wash full strength for washing hands, face, scalp, etc once per day ( should probably do twice) I also create a solution using 8 parts water to 1 part anti-fungal liquid and put it in a spray bottle to carry with me for a quick shot on the skin when needed. It a temporary fix, but it sure helps

There’s more, but I will put it in my next posting. I’m exhausted since a good restful night of sleep is a thing of the past. Any questions, please ask. I’m always asking or seeking answers to WHY since childhood. Without question, that is one reason for many of my sleepless nights.

Last word: This really sucks. Suicide? No, already did that in 2015… didn’t work, because ‘somebody’ (like a neighbor) found me and called an ambulance in what little time was left in the survival window and just screwed up all my plans…..
I wouldn’t do it again for two reasons – one is 2 weeks in ICU then 4 weeks in lockdown psych ward all because I was seriously dealing with bed bug and flea infestations in my apartment AND wasn’t aware I had this Morgellon’s Disease going on in addition so when my apartment was treated many times for bugs and I continued to experience more bites and stinging for many months thereafter year after year (and have tons of photographic proof of my arms, legs, feet, torso and of Joy) my psychiatrist refused to see any proof I offered to show him, so he diagnosed me as DP and said, ‘No, I don’t want to see your proof. I have seen the same from a few patients before. I don’t need to. I know what I’m doing’. That crushed me and I somehow muttered, but I wasn’t really asking him a question, ‘But….but why is my cat is so itchy also? It didn’t make sense any of this reaction. And to that my answer was a very terse ‘I don’t know why your cat is scratching. Ask her vet.’ So, what horror I went through those 6 weeks and the long long road to recovery afterwards is something I would never want anyone to experience. Especially when it was forced for no reason and I had no say whatsoever. The second I’ll save for now….

Final thought: Why people look at me funny when I have to get my shoes and socks off as quickly as possible due to severe pain and then spray them with my homemade solution, I just can’t understand….. wide grin….

Nov 25, 2018 · Lyme Disease and its Co-Infections, Morgellons Disease and Parasites in Skin Health

Just found out that if your post has a ‘less than symbol’ in it, every word after that symbol will be deleted and left off your posting

Nov 25, 2018 · Lyme Disease and its Co-Infections, Morgellons Disease and Parasites in Skin Health

To Elizabeth: I wish I did have an ‘official’ diagnosis, but unfortunately, I only have a partial self-diagnosis of Morgellon’s Disease which is solely based on all the information and photographs that I have collected for the past 7 years and corroborated some of it with your findings regarding Morgellon’s. There is not one healthcare provider for either human or animal health in the Bay Area, as far as I have been able to find over that period of time, from the countless number of providers (I stopped counting, the frustration was unbearable) in all areas of medical practice including General, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Veterinary, Infectious Disease, Hospital ER teams, laboratories, etc. who will go that extra step or steps needed until a true diagnosis is determined. Every provider stopped at ‘all I can do is provide you with something to minimize the itch’ and those are the providers that did not dismiss me all together. I’ve also traveled outside the Bay Area via Greyhound bus (I now know why their reputation is not very good, but I do not have a car) and sought help from the ‘highly recommended’ Davis Medical Hospital. The ER couldn’t get me out the door fast enough, saying that I should speak to my own doctor even after telling them repeatedly that my doctor and I had discussed this in detail and we both thought that ‘if anyone could do something to help, it would be Davis Medical’, I was then handed a prescription for permethrin (I mentioned I had tried it twice already and it did nothing and the reply was, ‘Well, as they say, Third Time’s a Charm,’) and discharge papers which indicated I was treated for ‘itching’. (I never mentioned the word ‘itch’ once purposefully, because the problem is not itching, but tiny ‘bite mark size’ openings on my skin and at times extreme stinging pain as one might get from a photochemical defense mechanism of certain plants.) I also brought a stool specimen (properly packed) in which I had concern over some very unusual activity that I saw under a digital microscope and can be seen in a video I shot and brought with me, however, they refused to do any lab tests and referred me back to my own physician. Anyway, I could go on about all the problems I experienced just to get to this point and from what I’ve extrapolated from 7 years of documentation and research, I have a relatively good understanding as to why these problems exist, but it’s best I limit this posting to some things I’ve been able to ascertain and reproduce myself to advance this discussion. I’m not an alarmist by any means and I am known by my friends and businesses associates as a pragmatist and will try my best to view things not as they appear, but as they are when looking at the big picture, but from what I can see so far, this is showing all the dangers we were initially concerned about with HIV like transmission and mortality, but the signs are leading me to believe this problem is much worse than HIV, it is critical that if we do not change the conversation ASAP, I fear this will become a massive public health problem that will spread very quickly. As I buried all my friends who were diagnosed with HIV during the 1980’s, I now believe this problem will be the cause of my death and not HIV as I originally thought and continued to expect for 31 years now.

– causes similar issues/problems in both human and feline subjects
– problems are exacerbated when environment and/or weather conditions are damp and increase in severity with increased moisture in air.
– Use of a hand-held or upright mop steam cleaner is NOT recommended and will only make conditions worse
– source is ceiling based. This was determined by measuring the amount of debris found on my floor and on my furniture and bedding using a vacuum and followed by a wide extra sticky roller like a lint remover but has a very strong grip to hold particles securely. What used to be a weekly vacuum and dusting, is now a 4-5 times per day process followed with a sticky roller that became a necessity despite using of a very powerful Dyson vacuum first. The amount of debris per vacuum session is equal to what I had accumulated in over a week’s period 5 years ago and prior to that. I have also noticed small white nodules/nests hidden within my popcorn ceiling that continually expand/contract/break open during a major cycle. I believe from photos I took using a digital microscope (under $100 and the best investment I made yet) helped me understand some of the unknowns I would only get from using a camera and/or a magnifying glass. I can record video when there is activity and high definition photos to share with others. The sticky roller is a perfect collection tool so that the debris/remnants that are stuck to the paper can be viewed under the digital microscope.
– thread-like filaments – blue (most found), red (about 5-10% of total) sometimes black or dark green (

Nov 23, 2018 · Lyme Disease and its Co-Infections, Morgellons Disease and Parasites in Skin Health

I’m new to this group as I have been searching for answers to identify the infestations that I have been experiencing for 7 years now and the mysterious feeling that ‘something’ like insects were periodically dropping on my head. The pain and suffering that i’ve had to endure, was even more than a highly resilient person could handle and in October 2015, I took my life. I was found and resuscitated (obviously) and every year since, my poor loving cat and I have had to go through rounds and rounds of infestation hell. This year the infestation started in March and by May, we had to leave the apartment and live with the homeless here in San Francisco for 3 weeks. I noticed that residual ‘insects’ (or possibly parasites from all the research I found that had similar blue and red threads) were in/on my clothes, tent, sleeping gear, slacks, etc. They continued to bite both Joy, my cat and me and it was very upsetting. So we returned to the apartment at the strong urging of friends and the biting and stinging we thought we left behind had not stopped, but slowed down a bit. Then about a month ago, I started noticing the infestation was starting to cycle up again, but also the amount of vacuuming I was doing had increased substantially (I would vacuum and then mop 4 times a day) to 5 then 6 times. I also used a highly sticky roller (3M) afterwards and it would pick up the residual ‘bugs, etc). Then my bed blanket would fill up with ‘insects’ and I would only use the sticky roller. Then one day after making my bed with fresh sheets and a washed blanket, within one hour, I had to use 5 sticky sheets to get everything off the blanket. I decided to see what all that debris was so I had just purchased a digital microscope (no more magnifying glass) and when I saw every little tiny speck on the sticky sheet, I was stunned at these horrific ‘creatures’ that had been falling from my ceiling and all along I have been treating them as insects and no wonder nothing happened. These ‘creatures’ look practically the same as the ones I saw from you. Then I checked my popcorn ceiling and noticed there were these camouflaged nodules that we’re slightly a brighter white than the rest. Well, after examining them and taking photos daily, they had either expanded or contracted and some eventually exploded. And I have confirmed that these ‘creatures’ are found inside these nodules (reproducing perhaps) and releasing at some point either downward on me or to spread out across the ceiling. With your pictures compared to mine, I believe I have been exposed to Morgellon’s Disease and continue to be so long as I reside in the same apartment. I do not have any of the symptoms yet other than an occasional skin opening, itching, stinging and the red & blue threads beneath my skin (sadly Joy has them also and the biting/stinging is so painful to her, it breaks my heart to hear her wailing). You mentioned quite a bit about your scalp. Perhaps the ceiling is partly to blame? I also took the sticky roller for a spin all over my ceiling and it proved that the ceiling was the origination source of those threads, not my body or my cat or my carpet, shirt, etc. that healthcare providers seem to give full credibility too instead of the poor Morgellon ‘victim’ in some comments I read online.
I hope i’ve opened a door for you. Let me know if your progress. I’ll post some pictures sometime tomorrow. It time for me to give Joy her time. Cheers,