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Wed, Apr 10 8:53pm · Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for long-term depression in Depression & Anxiety

I have thoroughly checked out Mayo’s mental health doctors, as well as others in the valley. So I know there are many to choose from regarding getting TMS, as well as counseling. I was just hoping someone had a reference. 🙂

Sun, Apr 7 1:54pm · Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for long-term depression in Depression & Anxiety

I am really wanting to know if anyone out there has had TMS specifically in the Phoenix metro? And if so, with which doctor and facility.

Sat, Apr 6 5:17pm · Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for long-term depression in Depression & Anxiety

I feel good that I’m being proactive as I want a better quality of life. I know food makes a huge difference, too, and while overall I eat healthy, I can amp things up in that department too.
As for what exercise I plan to get, two things: walking 3x/week for starters, and my goal is to go hiking in the mountains 1x/week. We live within 15-20 minutes of numerous trailheads.

Fri, Apr 5 12:06am · Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for long-term depression in Depression & Anxiety

Thank you for your quick reply; it meant a lot. 🙂
I have my annual physical next week, at which time I will discuss with my doctor that my antidepressant is starting to wain (the one who we both agreed to get me back on – Effexor- which had worked in the past, but now not so much.) I’ve been on about 8 different antidepressants since 1991, some of which worked ok, and others not. I’ve also struggled since that time with anxiety, and have been on Alprazolam all of these 30 years….for me a total blessing and huge help! I had a bad depression day today. Depression is so frustrating!
I am ready to get back to business with finding a new counselor (I think I’ll go with a Psychiatrist) as I need psychotherapy, along with starting to exercise (I admit I’m lazy about this!) and also very interested in TMS. Would love input from others who’ve recently had TMS, and does anyone have a Therapist in the Valley (Phoenix) that they would recommend? Or who have had TMS done in Phoenix?

Thu, Apr 4 10:17pm · Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for long-term depression in Depression & Anxiety

My depression has worsened over the past 4 years, when empty nesting caused me to realize all of the things I had swept under the rug; not knowing I had done so! We raised our 3 kids in a loving, caring, and “normal” suburban lifestyle, then when all of the kids left the roost I tanked. Things from childhood (alcoholism home) and then 7 major medical things over the past 9 years. It was rough!

My antidepressants aren’t working as well as when we were raising our kids, I think because I was just coasting along in “mom auto-pilot” then…not really tackling my depression. I’ve had several counselors over the years, but haven’t found a really good one. Super frustrating. I’m now researching TMS, and it seems like an effective option. We live in Phoenix, and have a Mayo Clinic here, which is where I’d feel the most comfortable with getting a Psychiatrist and having TMS treatments done. Advice?

Thu, Feb 21 12:28pm · Just started Xanax...anyone have experiences to share? in Depression & Anxiety

Hi…I guess I want to offer words of encouragement and to let you know “you’re going to be just fine.” I am 58 and have been on a wide variety of anti-depressants since 1990. Sometimes one particular kind simply didn’t work, or gave me side affects. I have found that about 4 different kinds of anti-depressants work just fine for me, (but at the correct dosages.) So, there have been rare times when insurance changed, or I’d been on a particular anti-depressant for a period of years and it ran its usefulness course, so I knew I could switch back to another one that worked for me. Of the 4ish that work for me, some just may have worked a tad better, but any of them were fine. Make sense?

The key is which one, at what dosage, and without side affects, works for YOU. 🙂

I’ve also been on Alprazolam (generic Xanax) since 1990; again nearly 30 years. I started with up to 3/day at .5mg way back when. Thankfully the very first doctor I saw understood that Alprazolam is absolutely crucial for a lot of people. THAT’S the kind of doctor you want to see.

You could line up 100 doctors about the issue of Xanax, and x amount would think you’re asking for Meth, x amount would be in the camp of “ok, but only at this dosage for this long,” some would understand certain people may need to be on it for their entire lives and that’s perfectly ok, and some are somewhere on that spectrum.

Personally, I came to terms with this ages ago that I will most likely have to be on Alprazolam for my whole life, and that’s A-OK. Same with an anti-depressant. Big deal. We wouldn’t ask a Diabetic patient to go off insulin.
They must take it to function well; so do I with my medications. 🙂

My doctors over the 30 years of course monitor my use of Alprazolam. That’s being good doctors. They can see I’ve never ever asked for an early refill. I’m stable on this med, which is a doctor’s goal.

Oh….and I’m one of the rare birds where my Alprazolam works great as my sleep med! So I take .75/night for that. Works like a charm. They tried everything for me to sleep (Ambien, Trazodone, the anti-depressants that have build in anti-anxiety stuff) but none of those worked at all.

Don’t be afraid to be YOU, because you are the only one who knows your body. If a doctor doesn’t feel right for you, or doesn’t listen, move on.

Note: My Head isn’t in the sand that some people become somewhat addicted, or totally addicted, to Alprazolam. But then, I think, we have to make sure we’re using the term “addicted” in its true sense.

For me, my two meds, just like my Levothyroxin, is necessary. Nothing more, nothing less. And I’m thankful for them. They keep me level. I do things like deep breathing, mindfulness, fresh air, watch something fun on TV, lay down, etc. if my anxiety is starting. And I’ve taken it so long that I know when to stay ahead of the anxiety the minute I feel it coming on, through these techniques & taking my Alprazolam.

I have gotten a lot out of a highly respected and highly studied blogger named: Therese Borchard. She runs “Project Beyond Blue.” Excellent forums on any type of mental health condition (I wish they could call it “brain health” because that’s what it is.)

And about that house you don’t like? Give it a year, and if it literally brings you down at that point, say adiós to it and find your happy place to live! During the year’s time, a lot may change. You may get regulated on your meds, find something fun to get involved in, volunteer, and find that, by golly, life there is pretty good. The Lord may put a special neighbor there for you, or vice versa…well you just never know.

Hope you had a huge cup of coffee while reading that! I didn’t expect to get on a roll. Haha 😂

I sure hope this was helpful. 😊

Wed, Jan 9 2:47pm · Down in the dumps again – challenges with adult children in Depression & Anxiety

Hi! Just for clarification, I keep the extent of my down times and depression from my children. I don’t have it daily, but can have some tough times, but this is for my counselor, husband, and adults I can share with. 😊

Wed, Jan 9 2:42pm · Starting Venlafaxine in Depression & Anxiety

Sure. I have had depression and anxiety since 1990. Many many years ago, a doctor I was seeing, in the city we lived at at the time, told me that depression and anxiety are so common these days that they might as well add the medicine to drinking fountains! Don’t worry, she was joking and a highly respected doctor.

I think what I’ve most learned over the many years of having these things, is just the extent to which people suffer, and how differently it can and does manifest itself in the individual person. I have gotten a lot of knowledge and comfort through a well known, well respected, and well-read blogger by the name of Therese Borchard. She has resistant mental health issues, and in many recent years has had access to highly successful experts in the area of mental illness. She knows her stuff!

I am open about my depression and anxiety when, and with whom, I can trust with it. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what to do with it. Times are changing, but there are still so many people that don’t understand.

Personally, I wish they could call it “brain health” vs. “mental health.”