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Sun, Jun 7 8:25am · ADT how long post Radical Prostatectomy & Radiation Therapy? in Prostate Cancer

I had radical prostatectomy January 2019, but recurrence of rising PSA Fall 2019. Started ADT November 2019, followed up with 34 radiation treatment Spring 2020. Continuing with ADT for total of 18 months per recommendations. I understand your apprehension on the ADT. The side effects are frustrating, hot flashes, muscle soreness, fatigue, and others…… That said I find that daily exercise (Even walks and light weights or body movement) is critical to minimize effects. Studies show benefit for combining ADT and radiation. Stay strong. Keep focus. Fight the battle. Beat the cancer. The ADT treatment period will come to and end and hopefully allow cancer free future.

Oct 19, 2019 · Excercise After Prostatectomy in Prostate Cancer

Met with my radiation oncologist this week, and after review of my imaging results along with additional consultation with my urology specialist, a bone biopsy was recommended to further assess recently discovered tail bone lesion. Thankfully the bone biopsy results have come back negative (whew again). I am so pleased with my mayo team being extra thorough as the treatment plan would have involved chemo if result had come back positive. I will be starting androgen depravation therapy (ADT) followed up with radiation therapy (35 doses) to address the prostate cancer bed area recurrence evident from prior choline pet scan. Believe the team has me on a successful path for full cure….hopefully the ADT side affects are minor and manageable. The doctors emphasize the value of excercise while undergoing ADT, so my mission will be to remain positive and consistently keep up with jogging, even if fatigued….SKOL!

Sep 7, 2019 · Excercise After Prostatectomy in Prostate Cancer

Had my choline PET SCAN this week and believe I got a minne-sota miracle…..the tail bone lesion that was identified on MRI as highly suspicious for bone matastasis, did not illuminate during choline PET SCAN, meaning negative for prostate cancer and thereby changing the need for chemo…..very happy. The scan did reveal recurrence in soft tissue of prostate bed area and plan to meet radiation oncologist in coming month to assess and devise treatment plan, which will likely be radiation. Will also have radiation oncologist assess the bone lesion, with possibility to additionally radiate this spot as precautionary. I have a great support system including this forum. Many prayers were answered with the PET SCAN results on the bone lesion. I’ll keep you posted with plans after assessment by my radiation oncologist.

Aug 31, 2019 · Excercise After Prostatectomy in Prostate Cancer

Had MRI this week to assess why my PSA has started elevating so soon after prostatectomy. Results show suspicious tissue in seminal vesicle margin area and now highly suspicious lesion on tail bone, indicating potential for bone metastasis. To validate if cancerous matastasis has extended to bones, planning a choline injection PET CT scan this coming week and better understand extent of matastasis. Based on the PET act scan results, combination of chemo, Androgen depervation theorpy, and radiation likely. A bit frustrating to learn this new news after finally feeling recovered from January surgery. Now time to get myself mentally ready for the next battle.

Jul 30, 2019 · Excercise After Prostatectomy in Prostate Cancer

Got some good news and not so good news at my checkup. Tests to evaluate bladder and kidneys, regarding blood in urine showed no obvious issue. Discussing jogging with Doctor, I have no limitations at this time:). That said, my PSA has transitioned from not detectable to detectable. This means more tests and mapping a plan. On to the next challenge…..

Jun 9, 2019 · Excercise After Prostatectomy in Prostate Cancer

Thanks for the input. I do use a treadmill and thought I was building stamina slowly since surgery, where I started with walking and incremented treadmill speed minimally over many weeks. I also utilize a high quality running shoe. I’ll keep you posted on findings from doctor visit. At this point I am just keeping my routine focused on walking and eliptical and no further issues have surfaced since backing off the running routine. Hesitant to create further complications with running. Doctor plans further tests during my next PSA screening visit at end of July.

Jun 4, 2019 · Excercise After Prostatectomy in Prostate Cancer

Curious if anyone encoutered setbacks from strenuous excecise after a prostatectomy? I am a 54 year old avid 30 year jogger and had been slowly building my strength and running pace/intensity. However, about 3 months after my surgery, I noticed small amounts of blood in urine following excercise. I notified doctor and am scheduled for further exam, and also changed excercise routine to just walk or use elliptical (no further complications after this adjustment). Would like to jog again at some point in future, but questioning the practicality and wisdom of this activity, considering the nature of body changes from prostatectomy, coupled with physical pounding introduced to body during running. Appreciate your input on experiences with jogging or strenuous excercise after a prostatectomy. Thanks!

Dec 16, 2018 · Prostatectomy soon in Prostate Cancer

Thanks to everyone for the advice. I appreciate the input.