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Nov 23, 2018 · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Thank you for replying. Those are the symptoms I had while on the medication. Just wanted to list them in case it can help someone. Right now I still have some palpitations, some anxiety, some hand tremors, it seems like the tachycardia is getting better (at least today), some dizziness and weakness and some chest tightness. I feel much better than when I was on the medication, that’s for sure, so hopefully I will keep getting better. Just wanted to know if anyone had any input on how long it usually takes for the remaining side effects to go away.

Nov 23, 2018 · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I took propranolol 10mg 4 times a day for a week. Had horrible side effects, was switched to metoprolol succinate 25mg once a day for 2 weeks, felt a little better but still many side effects, so I was on them for about 3 weeks only. I tapered down and took the last dose 6 days ago. The first day was horrible, then a little better the second, same on the third. However, I’m still having palpitations, dizziness, head feeling weird, some tachycardia (somewhat less today), weakness. I’m much better than when I was on the medication, that’s for sure. I had almost all of the side effects I could get and even ended up dehydrated in Urgent Care, also got anxiety for the first time in my life which has been horrible. So, my main question is: am I any close to the end of this road? I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to feel like myself again. I was put on this for occasional hypertension and tachycardia, which I believe was caused by stress. I would appreciate it so much if someone could help me with their experience. Thank you so much

I’m listing all the side effects I had with these medications, sorry for the long post:
✔️Blurred vision
✔️chest pain or discomfort
✔️like electrical current in head
✔️tingling, chills like on arms, back and head
✔️dizziness, or lightheadedness when getting up suddenly from a lying or sitting position
✔️hair loss
✔️dry mouth
✔️hot flashes/heat intolerance
✔️unusual tiredness or weakness
✔️insomnia, nightmares
✔️soft stools
✔️difficult or labored breathing
✔️difficulty with speaking
✔️extreme tiredness or weakness
✔️fast, pounding, or racing heartbeat or pulse
halos around lights
✔️overbright appearance of lights
✔️lose weight
✔️seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there
✔️tightness in the chest
✔️tingling of the hands or feet
✔️troubled breathing
✔️continuing loss of appetite that got to the point when only could eat liquids
✔️continuing abdominal pain
✔️continuing nausea
dark urine
✔️difficulty with moving
✔️general tiredness and weakness
✔️increased frequency of urination
✔️muscle pain
✔️sore throat
✔️sores, ulcers, or white spots on the lips or in the mouth-white tongue
✔️unpleasant breath odor

Nov 22, 2018 · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hello Kenny48. Don’t know if you still follow this thread, but if you do I would really appreciate it if you could tell me how long did the weakness and palpitations last after weaning off Metoprolol? It’s my 6th day and still feeling them. Thanks a lot.