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2 days ago · Crohn’s and arthritis in Digestive Health

I had hip replacement in 2008. Ortho and GI docs all agreed that the OA was due to Crohn's.

Fri, Nov 22 9:45am · excess gas in upper gi in Digestive Health

can excess gas in the upper gi cause muscle, nerve pain. I am experiencing pain in lower back and legs.. followed by powerful belching. Just wondering if there might be some connection.

Tue, Oct 22 1:09pm · Belching affecting sleep in Digestive Health

Because I belch so much during the day, when convenient I like on bed/floor and go from side to side which helps release more gas so I can go for a while before another gas buildup. During sleep I am awakened by loud belching 2 or 3 times a night. Often in morning I feel tense only to realize my digestive tract is filled with gas. The back and forth rolling procedure with slight prompts usually reduces the pressure for a while.

Thu, Oct 17 11:53am · Belching affecting sleep in Digestive Health

Is anyone else awakened from sleep because of belching? This has become a regular thing.

Thu, Jun 13 9:49am · Questions about Rifaximin in Digestive Health

Thanks for input. I failed to clarify that I was taking rifaximin ro get rid of major excessive belching due to sibo and experienced an uptick in belching after first week. I have finished the 2 week regimen…belching better..wondering of I should start probiotics..

Wed, Jun 12 11:28am · Questions about Rifaximin in Digestive Health

Started 2 week regimen of rifaximin for SIBO. After 1st week belching much worse. Anyone else experience this? I'm hoping it a case of it gets worse before it gets better.

Sun, Jun 9 10:28am · Questions about Rifaximin in Digestive Health

After completing rifaximin treatment for SIBO is it recommended that you start taking probiotics?

Sat, Feb 9 12:54pm · sibo diet in Digestive Health

Has anyone tried these supplements: from Biotics Research: Dysbiocide & FC-Cidal and/or CandiBactin-BR from Metagenics?