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Nov 12, 2018 · Staying Motivated for the Long Haul in Healthy Living

Dear 2011 panic: I really sympathise with you and wish you well in all your efforts. I am 75 and have followed the Mediterranean diet just about all my life, excluding some items that are really not my favorite, e.g. fruit (not a great fan). All I can say is I have not changed my weight since the age of 18 and still going strong. My refrigerator is full of fish, green leaf veggies, cottage cheese , etc. etc. I do like my Italian bread and the old legend was, eat it toasted and use Italian butter which is avoid real butter, use olive oil mixed with spices and spread it on the toasted bread. This is always ready in a jar on my kitchen counter. Have lots of grains, lots of salads. I try to move a lot but I get more sedentary in the winter and tend to eat more in cold weather but my weight change is no more than 4/5 lbs. if that much.
I know that sometimes temptation is hard to resist, but after a while you forget all the cheap sweet stuff out there. I grew up with excellent European pastry, nevertheless, one is more than enough to satisfy the sweet tooth once in a while, or a small spoon of peanut butter,
or whatever. I guess I do not eat a lot of fruit only because I ate so much of it in my youth that it does not attract me any more.
Try this for just one month, eat of this as much as you want and you will see it becomes routine and your weight and your tastes buds will improve greatly!