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4 days ago · Recurrance of uterine cancer in the vaginal cuff in Gynecologic Cancers

After 3 rounds of brachytherapy I had diarrhea, but only 1 horrible painful day. It gradually went away. I did not have any lasting side effects so far, but I understand that some can develop years later. My bowel problems slowly resolved, but it is still a new normal for me. I am sorry that you are going through this.

5 days ago · Uterine Papillary serous carcinoma in Gynecologic Cancers

What was your staging and what course of treatments have you had? I am so sorry that you have to go through this.

5 days ago · Uterine Papillary serous carcinoma in Gynecologic Cancers

I am going to Mayo This Tuesday actually, for my 1st 3 month checkup. I was NED as of November but that was just after my last treatment. Welcome to our group.

Wed, Feb 6 4:54pm · Video Q&A about Cancer Immunotherapies in Cancer

I am so sorry that you had to go through this. I had an incompetent gyne who did not take my symptoms seriously and I was dx with stage 1a grade 3 serous endometrial cancer. As a result, I question everything.

Wed, Jan 23 7:19pm · Need Patient's Experience with Mayo Clinic. Is it worth it? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

I am on Medicare and received treatment for my rare cancer immediately after my local docs dropped the ball. Perhaps your condition is not rare?

Wed, Jan 23 7:15pm · Need Patient's Experience with Mayo Clinic. Is it worth it? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

This is the key to Mayo 100%. Their core values are doing everything they can to make you well. Not that you are a profit center. Their team approach is the key. They made all of the appts. and I just showed up. Compassionate treatment by all those involved. I am on Medicare so my treatment was 100% covered for my routine cancer. I don't know what any experimental treatments cover. I had mediocre treatment at some of the best hospitals and doctors in the Chicago area. I do not regret going to Mayo.

Tue, Jan 15 6:21pm · Ovarian cancer: A week after chemo in Gynecologic Cancers

Sometimes just giving in to the notion that these days will be difficult and try to think of things to distract yourself from the physical discomforts as you are able. Think lamaze method. For me the boredom of being confined and too tired or sick to do anything was almost as bad as the nausea, bone aches, constipation and diarrhea. Knowing it will be done in a few days helps. Talking with my family and friends helped, tv, movies, books, but in the end the time passes.

Dec 1, 2018 · Uterine Papillary serous carcinoma in Gynecologic Cancers

I had three courses of vaginal brachytherapy in late September 2018 and it was sandwiched in between chemo. My normal chemo side effects were incontinence, followed by a few days of constipation followed by a few days of diarrhea. After the brachy sandwich I had this same sequence followed by horribly painful diarrhea, 6 times in one day, then the next day it went away. I have occasional diarrhea now one month post lady chemo. My main complaint is that my body's traditional signals for elimination no longer work well. When it tells me that I need to go, I have zero time to run to the toilet. Bowels & bladder have settled down so that I am on my way back to normal but it is dicey everyday. I still have no appetite so I am no where near consuming the volume of food and liquid I used to so there is that in the equation. My team told me to wait one year after the last treatment to assess changes and that this might be the new normal for me. I can easily deal with these challenges, but if the diarrhea came back I would be housebound. Diarrhea is one of the more serious side effects from radiation for uterine cancer, USPC.