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5 hours ago · Watch Party! Connect featured on Mayo Clinic Radio in About Connect: Who, What & Why

@colleenyoung MayoClinicConnect has been very helpful! I found it about a year ago when I was looking for information on my autoimmune disease. What I found was a wonderful group of people who are all facing difficult health issues. Many of them have raised questions that have helped me with the symptoms and side effects of my disease and medications. Connect has helped me help others

7 hours ago · Lessons I Learned From Caregiving in Caregivers

@lah. How has your husband been doing? What have the doctors said about the skin rash (burn) and acne?

7 hours ago · My dad has a mass on bladder and kidney not functioning in Cancer

@formydad What a night your mom had. I can’t imagine. Was security notified about the missing jewelry? Maybe ‘someone’ took it to the lost and found. You might also want to contact the patient representative. He/she can follow up for you.
Are your parents doing better this morning? What is planned for your dad today?

7 hours ago · Fatigue and cancer treatment in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

@deirdrebrownw Your post should help lots of people who are trying to cope with fatigue! Just following a routine must really make a difference. That’s what I try to do. Some questions for you: does a nap interfere with nighttime sleeping? How do you plan for big things, like grocery shopping and going out in the evening? It sometimes seems like my life is ruled by the clock! How did you come up with a routine that works so well for you?

20 hours ago · Holidays are not happy, family times for everyone. in Just Want to Talk

@retiredteacher This is an excellent discussion to have. People seem to have crazy ideas about perfect families and there’s not a care in the world, but I think it can be a sad time for so many. Before I retired, I would volunteer to work (as a nurse) on Christmas Eve Or Day. It felt good to be able to give someone the day off. But, really, being at work in the hospital, was a great place to be. We had time to spend with those patients without families and to share with staff who also had no one. Now, with our sons away and with their own families, we build new traditions for us.

2 days ago · UCTD in Autoimmune Diseases

@carolhastings Hello! I’m hoping that everything is going ok for you. You certainly sound busy with walking and line dancing! Have you found anything to counter the fatigue? Have you needed to change doctors? I’d love to know!

2 days ago · My dad has a mass on bladder and kidney not functioning in Cancer

@formydad I am so glad everything went so well! You and your mom must be totally exhausted! As for recovery, it just takes time. Steps around the house, then walks around the block. And taking strong, deep breaths to prevent pneumonia! Was your dad sent home with an inspirometer (plastic breathing machine)? He should use it every hour. He will also probably have home health nurses from the hospital for awhile. They are really great and can answer specific questions your mom might have. I think everything will go well, especially with you keeping watch! Will you keep us informed of the progress? Becky