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6 days ago · Minnesota Strong in Gift Shop

                        AVAILABLE NOW!!!!minnesota strong

Methodist Campus and Sisters Crossings Gift Shops.

Stop by and purchase yours today before they are gone.

Gift Shop hours are 9am to 2pm.

Shipping is available.

Tue, May 19 7:06am · We are here for you in Gift Shop

Methodist Campus and Sisters Crossing have both stayed open to help bridge the gap from family to patient.  Both gift shops offer great and unique items to help brighten anyone’s day.  During this time both gift shops have had to shorten hours, but just know we are here for you.    yeswereopen

Methodist Campus and Sisters Crossing  hours:

Monday-Friday 9am-2pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday

Tue, May 12 8:15am · Minnesota Strong in Gift Shop

Here is a SNEAK PEEK of what is coming soon to Methodist Campus and Sisters Crossing Gift Shops.minnesota strong

Fri, May 1 8:00am · Product Spotlight: Lis'n in Gift Shop

We are excited to showcase a Minnesota owned and operated business that brings farm to fashion front and center. Every Lis’n product is steeped in generations of their farming lifestyle. Lis’n products are crafted with their signature ingredients. Each multi-purpose product utilizes nature’s bounties wherever possible: de-ionized water for purity; proteins from sheep wool; moisturizers from soybeans, ​beeswax, macadamia seed and corn; and scented with ruby-red grapefruit.

Their products are sulfate, paraben and gluten free and there is no animal testing.



Fri, Apr 24 8:00am · Sweet Treat in Gift Shop

Did you know you can RETREAT to the gift shop’s for a SWEET TREAT???

Since 1909, Abdallah Candies and Gifts have brought joy to countless people throughout the country.  This family-owned company has spent over four-generations perfecting their recipes, with quality ingredients, natural flavors, and a love for the sweet things in life.


Caramels, chocolate bars, fudge, candy jar mixes and so much more.  So retreat to Methodist Campus or Sisters Crossing Gift shop to find the treat you are looking for.

Stop by and see the delicious assortment we carry.

Fri, Apr 17 8:00am · Mind Body and Spirit in Gift Shop

With juggling various responsibilities and commitments in our lives, we can get caught up in the hustle and bustle. Before we know it, we are exhausted, sick or lack the motivation to engage in our daily activities. It can be an endless cycle if we do not learn to take care of ourselves.

Self care is about doing good things for yourself. It is essential to find ways of being good to your mind, body, and spirit and to remember that this is acceptable. You may not realize this, but not only do you benefit from self care, but everyone around you does, as well. If you take care of yourself as best as you can, your ability to care for others increases.

Zen Gardens have been shown to help you reduce stress, practice meditation, offer a sense of beauty to your workspace, along with enhancing creative flow. A variety of Zen Gardens are currently available at both hospital gift shops.

Blue with Cranes_1000sq

Mon, Apr 13 11:00am · Product Spotlight: Filtering Masks in Gift Shop


Photo of VOGMASK (left) and Cambridge Mask (right)

The quality of air we breathe contributes directly to our health.  Wellness results from conscientiously applied healthy living principles and starts with breathing clean air. We are excited to be able to bring you two options for healthy breathing.

VOGMASK is used for protection from airborne particles such as PM 0.3, PM 2.5, PM 10, dust, allergens, post combustion particles, germs, shavings, biologics, odors, scents, mold, mold spores, particles in wildfire smoke, volcanic particulate pollution, and other airborne contaminants. The benefits of particulate respirators are confirmed by leading health providers worldwide.  Highly efficient filtering masks help protect the mask wearer from particles as small as .254 microns. Particulate respirators are designed to protect the wearer of the mask only.  For environments where cross-contamination is a concern, a surgical mask is recommended.

The Cambridge Mask is available in 15 different designs and five different sizes for the whole family. The Cambridge Mask now has adjustable ear loops for a customized fit. We generally recommend using your weight to choose the size as suggested in each size description. Please bear in mind our sizes cover the whole age range, including children.  You can also refer to the graphic above for specific dimensions of the mask. Cambridge Mask’s™ filtration system, incorporating particulate filtering layers and military grade carbon meets N99 standard of particulate filtration, providing nearly 100% protection from particulate pollution such as PM2.5 and PM0.3.

  • Almost 100% of gas based air pollution, including odors such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Ozone, Benzathine, and Formaldehyde. These particulates you can find in petrol fumes, chemical emissions and from many industrial processes.  
  • Almost 100% of harmful pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. 
  • Other airborne irritants or allergens such as Dust, mold spores, some odors, pet allergens and pollen.

Both are available at Methodist Campus Volunteer Gift Shop and Sisters Crossing Gift Shop.

Due to high demand there is limited quantities of both Vogmasks and Cambridge. Limit one per patient with prescription at this time. We are not able to ship these products.

Size and patterns vary per location. Please stop in at either location if you have any questions.

Fri, Apr 10 10:49am · Shop for a Cause in Gift Shop

shop for a cause

Did you know 100% of the hospital gift shop profits at Saint Marys Campus and Methodist Campus are distributed in a myriad of ways to support patients at Mayo Clinic? The tagline “Shop for a Cause” is so fitting because it is the essence of how we operate.