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Jan 1, 2019 · Lactose free yogurt ? Any suggestions in Digestive Health

More and more lactose-free products are beginning to show up, especially in stores like Sprouts, Natural Grocers, Whole Foods, Trader Joes… recently I have been able to buy dairy products other than milk (including sour cream and yogurt) with the brand name Green Valley Organics. Very good tasting and fairly reasonable price (I mostly buy when these items have been marked down, at Natural Grocers). In the past year, the number of quality lactose-free products seems to have grown.

Nov 24, 2018 · Relentless bile reflux / pain in Digestive Health

I practice Tai Chi (at home) and relaxation yoga (with a group). Both help with overall mindfulness, muscle relaxation and flexibility, and balance, but do not seem to affect the GI symptoms directly. Probably they do have some physical effect on the functioning of internal systems, but symptoms haven't been notably eased by this practice (compared symptoms during with periods when I didn't practice regularly). Great question :).

Nov 22, 2018 · Relentless bile reflux / pain in Digestive Health

Your journey sounds very familiar. I (and my docs) have no answers, just want to ask if after eating (or even drinking a full glass of water) you ever get a tight "band" feeling just under your ribs? Everything else you mentioned — symptoms, tests, results (signs of inflammation, no ulcer, etc.) — are identical. In my case, my gall bladder was removed several years ago "to prevent future problems" (long story, was no actual need). A couple years ago, got unbearable pain in back and the "band tightening" just under my ribs, was evaluated for cardiac trouble in ER (no problem, ER doc called GI doc and made an immediate referral). GI found a gallstone in bile duct; it was removed. No change in anything other than the back pain. I've tried everything you have, religiously. Elimination diet, to id troublesome foods – elimination of troublesome foods and various eating plans that were supposed to make a difference but didn't; no change. Would consider bile reflux, but not losing weight, even on restricted calorie and other eating plans. A general diagnosis of "IBS" has led up several paths of lifestyle/food changes, but still have the same essential symptoms. All of this is worth saying only to validate your experience – no practical advice for how to diagnose or treat or recover to offer. It's painful, anxiety-provoking, daily life-limiting, and mysterious. I'm guessing that there have to have been some people, somewhere, who have had this diagnosed and treated. Maybe they've stopped reading these kinds of blogs afterward and got on with their lives. But I keep hoping that you or your doctors, or mine, or someone's, will recognize the symptoms and point us in the right direction for relief.