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Dec 22, 2019 · Its just been two weeks, could this be Small fiber neuropathy? in Neuropathy

Couldn’t agree more. I find when I’m stressed out it flares up the worst

Dec 22, 2019 · Its just been two weeks, could this be Small fiber neuropathy? in Neuropathy

It’s varied. I find in my feet it’s more burning. Especially when I’m wearing tighter shoes and or sitting for longer periods of time. The pain I feel more in the lower calf’s It’s like a cramping , tightness like I have to stretch my calf’s. Sometimes in the morning when it’s cold I feel some sharper pains in lower calf’s. I also get the same tightness feeling in my hamstrings. Not sure if that’s more from sitting at my desk but they feel tight and crampy at times

Dec 21, 2019 · Its just been two weeks, could this be Small fiber neuropathy? in Neuropathy

I tried to make sense of the whole thing and its very unpredictable. I must say i have found a happy balance now and if it stays like this I'm ok with it. Im on a a daily regimant of various vitamins to help with this and 100mg lyrica2x day. The dr says thats considered a rather lower dose and I'm not really having any adverse affects. There are some stretches where i think its gone forever but then comes back at different times. I do the peloton bike like 3-4 times a week which helps with my legs and etc. If i over do it it definitely acts up the next day or so. Luckily , i don't have any of the autonomic issues, nor temperature sensing, Its just pain and or discomfort in feet and legs. Not sure what age most are , I'm a 45 male so not sure if thats considered young for this condition. I just hope it stays like this and doesn't blow into something more substantial. My dr says every case is different and since i haven't got any worse, maybe a tad better since started, it will prob stabilize and or have a very slow progession

Mar 22, 2019 · Its just been two weeks, could this be Small fiber neuropathy? in Neuropathy

I can relate. My small fiber started in right foot, before i knew it was on other foot , up the calfs then felt in hands in forearms. Sometimes i feel burning in back of shoulder blade. Most of the time the discomfort is in my legs. Sitting at work irritates the condition. My hamstrings get super tight and pain and my calfs hurt. Burning in my feet seems endless at times. I dont have any loss of strength etc Thank God. Its more sensory pain related. I was having a real good stretch for 6 months and felt good. Pain was around a 2/3 at most. Recently i had a flare up and went back to 5/6 level. This happens, stress is no good for this condition. I notice when i dont get sleep or am stressed its at its worse. I was confirmed with the skin biopsy. Im in the idopathic group. Just went back to neuro and going back on the lyrica. Hope this can help so i can just have 2-3 hours a day without thinking about this or feeling some sort of discomfort.
Good Luck

Mar 22, 2019 · Its just been two weeks, could this be Small fiber neuropathy? in Neuropathy

im in same boat. Came back from neuro yest, they basically ran every test u can and ntg coming back. Only thing that did stand out my mercury was high. I know metals etc can cause toxic to nerves. It was at 15 , i did chelation and now at 4. I dont see any improvement.

Mar 22, 2019 · small fiber neuropathy twitching in Neuropathy

Does anyone with small fiber experience twitching all over? It can be in my bicep then i can feel it later in my thigh sometimes various parts. Also my job requires some typing and mouse clicking. I have noticed lately i get twitching and some movement in my fingers as well My neuro does not seem concerned with this twitching. Does anyone else experience the same ?

Mar 8, 2019 · Does Small Fiber Neuropathy also cause muscle spasms? in Neuropathy

Your case sounds a lot like mine. I went through numerous tests etc. I even went to a guru who tested all my blood to check for imbalances. I did have a couple things off like low vitamin b but nothing that stuck out. I too had was very stressed before all my symptoms started. I was on a statin for high cholesterol for years before. He had me on lovastatin which was a old school one. I too told him to take me off to see if that was it , nothing changed after 6 months. I now have pain in both legs , hamstrings always seem super tight. I get burning in forearms. I also get twitching all over now. It can happen for like 3 secs in my arm then hour later in my leg. I had multiple smgs which were all fine. The twitching was making me nervous as was it affecting more than sensory ??? The doctors don’t see worried about it though , just part of the disease ? I don’t get like Charlie horse spasms if that’s what your referring to. I had a good run for like 8 months on a bunch of supplements and was on Effexor for the anxiety etc dealing with the grind of this neuropathy. The doctor lowered and tried to taper off the Effexor as I was doing great but after a month on lower dose I had a bad flare up now so I went back to taking the Effexor. Maybe it was working on the pain ? I go back to neurologist soon maybe I need to be on medication dedicated to the nerve pain