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1 day ago · Weary of Caregiving in Caregivers

@becsbuddy, it was so nice to see your note. As I have written before, a year ago my husband was in the hospital recovering from quadruple cardiac bypass, some complications and a two week hospital stay. Then in January he had a two week hospitalization for some persistent GI issues. During that time scans revealed he had cysts in the head of pancreas, and he was referred to a local specialist who in turn referred us to Mayo Rochester. At that same time my 93 year old mother, who depends on me for help in order to maintain living on her own in an apartment, was recovering from her own hospital stay. We have been on a roller coaster, first expecting a cancer diagnosis for my husband, then after a biopsy thinking perhaps he would escape the diagnosis ,but after a Pancreaticoduodenectomy/Whipple surgery on August 28 getting the news that in fact he had pancreatic cancer arising from an IPMN cyst. We’re home but it’s slow going, the hardest being extreme fatigue. He isn’t able to walk as much as I know would be good for his recovery. I worry that he will not recover to the degree necessary to begin the gold standard chemo at the earliest possible time. Every day brings a new problem for me to solve. And I’ve had a couple bad night’s sleep because my husband’s CPAP machine has been acting up and making noise that awakens me. Today I’m running on three hours sleep. I have done all that I know to gather a support system around me and did meet with a therapist this week for an initial assessment in an attempt to do some self care. I have received support from women in an organization I belong to but have no relatives living nearby who could help. On the one hand, I think I’m doing well considering the circumstances , but on the other hand I recognize that if I saw someone else dealing with what I currently am, I would be considered about their wellbeing.

3 days ago · Pancreatic cancer—Whipple procedure in Cancer

@nasagia36 Google Dr Mark Truty, Mayo Clinic Rochester MN USA. He is known for his surgery for pancreatic tumors that involves vessels. Often part of his care of a patient is to shrink such a tumor with treatment before surgery. Of course, I am just a layperson, but there is a nice video online of him speaking of such treatment. He is my husband’s surgeon.

5 days ago · Pancreatic cancer—Whipple procedure in Cancer

Thank you Becky for asking after me. This surgery and diagnosis is life changing for sure. I’m the kind of person who has always been grateful for little things. Now life is reduced to little things. A decent night’s sleep. My husband being able to eat without throwing up. A quick response to a call to the doctor. A stable afternoon when I don’t need to be thinking, when I don’t need to be solving a problem

6 days ago · Want to talk about treatment after a Whipple Surgery for Pancreatic Ca in Cancer

My husband is two and a half weeks out from his Whipple. He had that same gag reflex thing going and vomiting once he came home. Delayed Gastric Emptying often happens after the surgery. Stomach stays full, if it doesn’t go down it comes up. It has been better since he got on medication, Reglan, to help move food through the stomach. .

Thu, Sep 12 12:34pm · Pancreatic cancer—Whipple procedure in Cancer

My husband’s Whipple was two weeks ago. He got out of the hospital on Day 8 and was doing well. Since home he’s experience delayed gastric emptying which makes eating difficult. He went back to a liquid diet and is taking meds for the issue. He is extremely weak but walking around the house and short walks outside. Hard to regain strength after major surgery when eating is difficult.

Sat, Sep 7 4:44pm · Pancreatic Cancer arising from IPMN pancreatic cyst in Cancer

My husband did not have symptoms. The cyst in the head of the pancreas was found incidentally on scans done while he was hospitalized last January for diarrhea, dehydration, kidney function etc etc that was eventually treated as Colitis.He was referred to a GI doc who confirmed local findings and then referred to Mayo because of troubling aspects of the cyst in the main duct and branches—size, nodules, thickening of walls. A biopsy prior to surgery came back negative, but in surgery pathology confirmed that the cyst had transformed into a malignancy. I have followed @marvinjsturing comments previously.

Sat, Sep 7 2:12pm · Pancreatic Cancer arising from IPMN pancreatic cyst in Cancer

My husband is home from Whipple surgery a week ago at Rochester Mayo and doing well—no pain, ambulating well, is eating. Extremely tired, of course. Went in for removal of Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm, came out with Stage IIA pancreatic cancer diagnosis. All margins were clear, all lymph nodes clear. Now to recover and meet with Oncology at Mayo at the end of the month. Just last September he had cardiac quadruple bypass surgery so he’s had a tough year. What next? Anyone with experience with IPMN cancer, anyone with any particularly helpful input, hints, experiences with treatment would be appreciated.

Mon, Aug 19 11:25am · Weary of Caregiving in Caregivers

Although I haven’t posted since Feb 2019, that doesn’t mean that all has been resolved in my caregiving life. My husband has had followup at Mayo regarding pancreatic cysts that were an incidental finding on scans he had done during his January hospitalization. Long story short, after local doctor appointments, local specialists appts, three Mayo evaluation appts (with some frustrating coordination of care issues), he is scheduled for a Pancreaticoduodenectomy (Whipple) Surgery. We are hopeful and grateful for the care of Mayos’s practitioners. We now can also be grateful for his hospitalization last January that resulted in the discovery of his pancreatic condition, while it is apparently still in a precancerous state. But this past year, which started last September with a heart attack and quadruple bypass has been challenging. In addition my aged mother, who lives “independently” but only with much assistance from me, has had her own health issues and needs more assistance. I am feeling stretched thin. I am taking proactive steps for self care, investigating use of calming essential oils and scheduling an appt. with a therapist to talk about my emotions relating to the challenges of this past year, but unfortunately can’t get in for an appointment for another month. I know my husband is dealing with his own emotions and I try not to burden him with those that are my own to deal with. He doesn’t want to hear my distress, shutting down my occasional release of frustration when one more difficulty presents itself. Perhaps it only heightens his own feelings that he may find difficult to deal with, reminds him of his present frailty after a lifetime of health or even makes him feel guilty (unjustifiably so) that he is contributing to my burdens. I don’t know, but it leaves me feeling alone and even wrong for feeling frustrated. I’ve always been the strong one, the one others turn to and depend on, the one who knows what to do. Right now I’m not feeling that way.