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Dec 31, 2018 · Foods to eat to keep creatinine level down in Kidney & Bladder

@bdade59 I have high cholesterol also, I take Lipitor and try to watch fats and to eat fiber (from fruits and veggies but not whole grains) so it's moderately well managed. On top of everything else, I also have diabetes and in many ways a diabetic diet conflicts with a renal diet. Whole grains are recommended on a diabetic diet but to be avoided on a renal diet. What a challenge! My dr. said me watching potassium, phosphorus and sodium has taken some strain off my remaining kidney and my GFR went from 28 to 37 in a few months but we did have to increase my insulin to maintain blood sugar control.

Dec 29, 2018 · Foods to eat to keep creatinine level down in Kidney & Bladder

@richardkeenam I asked my doctor if he thought it would help if I drank more water and cut back on my protein (I'm a vegetarian but get plenty of protein from veggie combos) and he said it wouldn't hurt to try and might help. I read somewhere that 50 Gms protein or less daily for Stage 3 CKD.

Dec 19, 2018 · concerned over rising creatinine level. in Kidney & Bladder

@rans Fingers crossed here also. I think I'd like a drop from .7 to .6 on the theory that every little bit helps even if it IS only a little bit. Keep us posted.

Dec 12, 2018 · concerned over rising creatinine level. in Kidney & Bladder

@martin Jensen and everyone wondering about Lisinopril:

I've read and been told that ACE-inhibitors like Lisinopril can protect the kidney from renal hypertension (relieving glomerular pressure by lowering blood pressure, especially in diabetics.) But it also can decrease GFR because it blocks a protective mechanism which occurs in the kidney to maintain GFR.

So it seems to be a tossup – protect the kidney and improve function by controlling blood pressure vs protect the kidney's GFR status which MIGHT be impaired by the blood pressure med.

This is not medical advice or diagnosis, just my opinion based on my nurse's training as well as on fairly recent research done on my own.

I'm guessing my neph and primary both told me to stay on Lisinopril for now because they believe the benefits of lowering my blood pressure outweigh the risks of lowering GFR, especially since my GFR is above 30.

I'm also guessing that if my GFR declines too much we will have to seek alternatives.

Once again, these are just my own guesses and opinions based on a small amount of research.

Here are some websites with more information on the subject:




Dec 12, 2018 · concerned over rising creatinine level. in Kidney & Bladder

@trishanna Recent round of steroids and inhalers for exacerbation of COPD elevated my B/Ps in spite of the Lisinopril. Now that I'm better and will finish meds tomorrow, hoping it will come back down and I can reduce the Lisinopril. Very frustrating to have conditions whose treatments conflict with one another, isn't it?

Dec 12, 2018 · Stage 3 CKD in Kidney & Bladder

@rosemarya, I know a lady who carries a small battery-operated pocket recorder and lists her questions on it as they occur to her. She also takes it with her to medical appointments to record doctor's instructions, etc. And many health providers will give you a print-out of your visit, summarizing what was discussed, what was decided or advised. Some clinics even have an online patient portal where you can look up your visit reports, lab values, physician's notes, email your doctor, etc. Not all offer this, however, so using a pocket recorder might be a good strategy. I think Walmart has inexpensive ones and a lot of the newer cell phones have a recording feature.

Dec 11, 2018 · concerned over rising creatinine level. in Kidney & Bladder

@sissieann Asked my neph about Lisinopril, she said stay on it for now even though ACE inhibitors aren't kidney-friendly. When I'm feeling better I want to explore alternatives. Cr was 1. 4 in hospital this Dec, before that it was 1.41 in August, same value in Nov. @marvinjsturing, Down 1/100th of a point isn't exactly the progress I had hoped for. I guess some fluctuation in cr is normal, or so I'm told.