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@rosemarya, I hope those of us who don't have anyone who can accompany to appointments have a thoughtful doctor. I usually bring a written list of questions.

My nephrologist takes the list and answers all my questions verbally but also writes down her answers on my list and gives it back to me. She also prints out a summary of the visit, her findings, plan of care, and instructions. An appointment lasts a little longer than most but is well worth her extra time and mine.

Another advantage is being able to email her with any questions or problems to which she responds fairly quickly, depending on the issue. Some physician practices, particularly those affiliated with a teaching hospital system, offer patient portals where people can access visit summaries, lab and procedure results, and ask questions. Please ask if your care provider offers a communication channel like this.

In addition, some care clinics are staffed with salaried physicians and other pesonnel who do not have to depend on self-billing to be paid for their services. Though this can have a downside, the upside is that within appropriate limits a doctor can spend a little more time with the patient.

Sat, Jun 6 8:59am · A Recipe for Connection, Conversation and Living with CKD: Meet @kamama94 in About Connect: Who, What & Why

Here's the first recipe collection. Don't forget to compare my values and ingredients with those on food labels since those things can be changed by manufacturers. Rely first and foremost on the food label. 🙂 Just for fun will also post a list of vegan snacks and some fairly kidney friendly recipes utilizing First Americans foods and ingredients. Stay tuned for Yes vs.No, a collection of foods which once were limited or to be avoided but which have been changed by producers and manufacturers to be renal friendlier. Anyone may offer corrections and by all means add and share your own versions. You may copy and share these but only free of charge. I believe information should be free. Happy eating and be well!

Sat, Jun 6 8:50am · A Recipe for Connection, Conversation and Living with CKD: Meet @kamama94 in About Connect: Who, What & Why

I will post the pdf separately. Please remember that some values weren't available at the time the recipes were compiled. Also please note that manufacturers change amounts and ingredients and nutritional values so always read labels and compare those values with my recipe values and rely on the label.

Fri, Jun 5 12:41pm · A Recipe for Connection, Conversation and Living with CKD: Meet @kamama94 in About Connect: Who, What & Why

There's a pdf posted in the Kidney And Bladder discussions with kidney friendly recipes. One of the mentors or admins might be able to locate it for you. Please remember that some information, such as phosphorus values, is sketchy or missing since phosphorus isn't required to be listed on food labels. Also, manufacturers change ingredients and amounts of ingredients and this changes nutritional values. I hope anyone using my recipes will compare my figures to food labels to be sure amounts have not substantially changed.

Fri, Jun 5 12:19pm · A Recipe for Connection, Conversation and Living with CKD: Meet @kamama94 in About Connect: Who, What & Why

Teresa, the honor is mine. Just remind everyone ingredients and nutirent amounts can change so always coompare label information to recipe values.

Tue, May 5 12:13pm · Want to hear from others who have Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Kidney & Bladder

Re therapeutic use of Na 2CO2 in kidney disease:





My nephrologist prescribes it in certain cases where there are no other options. She was at Mayo's before moving to my area and is considered one of the finest nephrologists in the country. She TALKS to and WITH her patients, is on top of and yhoroughly explains lab tests, follows through and follows up thoroughly so if she prescribed it because my Creatine was dangerously high I certainly would take it as I have seen with my own (professional) eyes how well she balances everything for her patients. This is a personal statement. IT IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE.

Thu, Apr 30 7:21am · Stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD): What specialists do I see? in Kidney & Bladder

@trishanna, since we CKD folks also have to limit phosphorus, potassium, and sodium, it's tricky to get enough protein even if you also are on a protein restriction as I am. And as I'm "almost" vegan and seldom use any animal products except eggs it can be challenging to find acceptable protein sources which aren't too high in the other minerals we must monitor.

Native Americans combined what is called the Three Sisters, corn, squash and beans to make complete proteins. Since dried beans also can be high in phosphorus and potassium I have to limit them and use green beans instead of dried beans and summer squash instead of higher phosphorus and potassium hard-shell squash. They did use sea salt but not a lot of it and chose other seasonings such as animal fat (not for vegans) and hot peppers, wild onion/wild garlic and other greens.

Similarly, peas and rice form a complete protein. 1/3 C Water Maid rice = 57.4 cal 22.7 mg P 18.5 mg K 0.5 mg Na 2.8 Gm prtn and ½ C snow peas has 60.4 cal 73.4 mg P 138 mg K 2.9 mg Na 2 Gm prtn

@fiesty 76 posted a link for good sources of protein but here again, many of them are relatively high in phosphorus and/or potassium. My personal answer has been to purchase Morning Star Farms and Gardein meat analogs despite the fact that these are highly processed foods. I do think they are safe for me in moderation. 3 Morning Star chicken nuggets have 9.8 Gm protein and 1 Gardein "fishless" fillet has 4.5 Gms protein. 1 MSF "sausage" link is 40 cal, 64 mg P, 25 mg K, 150 mg Na, <2.3 Gm prtn. A King's Hawaiian slider bun has 3 Gms protein and is relatively low in phosphorus, potassium and sodium as long as I watch other sources of those in my daily meals.

Corn itself has a fair amount of protein; 1 small homemade cornmeal tortilla has 2.2 Gm protein. 2 Azteca Tac Size Flour Tortillas have 170 cal, 119.1 mg P (est), 139.5 mg K (est), 360 mg Na, 4 Gm prtn and. 3 T canned mushrooms with no added salt are 25.5 cal, <153 mg P, <153 mg K, 22.5 mg Na, 4.2 Gm protein and 3 of their corn tortillas have 3 Gms protein..

Tofu also is a good source of protein; 1 block extra firm Mori-nu silken tofu (349 Gm) has 180 cal, 250? mg P, 516 mgK, 160 mg Na, 28 Gm prtn! Of course you wouldn't consume a whole block at a meal, it is so versatile and small amounts can be used for taco filling, breakfast scramble, etc. 4 T fat-free refrid beans has 3 Gm protein but it also has 235 mg sodium so moderation is the key here. 1 serving of skillet bread (recipe in my almost vegan cookbook) has 3.7 Gms protein but is low in phosphorus, potassium, and sodium. Although heat can lower nutrient value, ¼ C grits before cooking has 130 cal, 28.6 mg P, 53.8 mg K, 0 mg Na,3 Gm prtn.

The values given above can change as manufacturers alter their recipes and ingredients and amounts so it's always wise to read the labels.

Hope this helps.