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3 days ago · How long have you been sober? in Addiction & Recovery

Hi,@lisalucier! I am a grateful recovered alcoholic and drug addict. I took my last drink and took my last illicit drug the night/early morning of January 15, 1994. Although it's now difficult for me to get to meetings due to mobility and health and transportation issues, friends in recovery come to visit and we stay in touch by phone and messenger and they help me practice these principles in all my affairs one day at a time. It's been quite a journey! I wish everyone success in staying sober, whether physical or emotional, as well as peace and many blessings.

Mon, Aug 5 1:42pm · Kidney stones in Kidney & Bladder

@jakedduck1, no apology needed. I'm just sorry you had/are having to go through all this. Stones are horrible, aren't they? Please feel better soon!

Thu, Jul 25 2:54pm · 3rd stage kidney disease and diet in Kidney & Bladder

Just some ideas

Sat, Jul 20 6:44pm · Kidney stones in Kidney & Bladder

@jakedduck1, I am so sorry, Leonard! I wondered where you were.

Several years ago sonograms and a CT scan showed some fairly large stones in my left kidney. I haven't experienced what you just did but I did have a large stone we all thought had passed because my symptoms resolved.

As a result, I made the decision not to follow up with another sonogram or scan due to financial constraints and since I had no further symptoms my docs went along with this.

But what we now think actually happened was that the stone moved enough to completely block my left kidney so when the pain came back we thought it was another stone.

Once again the symptoms resolved and I experienced only occasional discomfort.

Four years later after a bout of 'flu and pneumonia labs showed a fairly sudden drop in eGFR and elevated BUN and creatinine levels and an MRI showed a completely blocked and atrophied left kidney. That's how I got into Stage IV CKD, though diet and fluids and rest improved the situation to Stage III-b.

I'm telling you all this because at this point, for me lithotripsy won't change anything and my neph watches me closely to make sure the stone doesn't do anything mean to me. But for you, lithotripsy might help. IDK if you already had lithotripsy and it didn't work or if it hasn't been tried yet but I do know a second lithotripsy has helped my brother with his kidney stones and a friend as well, who had litho and stents and whose stones eventually were passed like @retiredteacher was talking about in her post. I also know that stones can disintegrate on their own then re-form, they can become several little ones, they can dissolve, or they can accrete.

Years ago my brother had major surgery to remove a stuck stone because lithotripsy didn't exist yet. Has your doctor suggested surgery? Or is your medical team planning to adopt a wait and see strategy n case the stone shrinks?

Whatever happens, whatever they and you decide, please know I'll be thinking of you and sending you positive vibes!

Wed, Jul 17 8:18am · 3rd stage kidney disease and diet in Kidney & Bladder

@teachaero, both my pcp and neph tell me as we age it's normal for GFR to decrease. IDK how old you are but I'd give the Skrat from Ice Age a delectable acorn if my GFR was 60 instead of 33 at age 74!

Wed, Jul 17 8:14am · Stem Cell Treatment For CKD? in Kidney & Bladder

@maxwell123, IDK if your browser does this but the recipes I posted for you are on the next page in my browser.

Wed, Jul 17 8:12am · Stem Cell Treatment For CKD? in Kidney & Bladder

If you reproduce and share these, plse retain author name & copyright as well as any registered trademarks. Thanks!

Tue, Jul 16 12:06pm · Stem Cell Treatment For CKD? in Kidney & Bladder

Can't wait to read Max's story!