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Sat, May 4 7:52am · Stage 3 CKD in Kidney & Bladder

@rosemarya, first of all thanks for mentoring and 2nd, much appreciation that you shared this and 3rd, grateful for your kind words. You're an inspiration!

Fri, May 3 4:55pm · Stage 3 CKD in Kidney & Bladder

@gaybinator, I'm so glad he's still here. And I'm glad you're here in this discussion.

Fri, May 3 4:28pm · Stage 3 CKD in Kidney & Bladder

@gaybinator, I'm sorry to hear about your husband's cancer. What a shame his derm wasn't better informed! You must feel so frustrated, among other things, of course. Keep us posted on his progress and please know people here are supportive.

Fri, May 3 1:31pm · Stage 3 CKD in Kidney & Bladder

2marvijsturing, I hear you about enjoying life. I made a pact with a friend and neighbor,I will buy one Roma tomato a month, take two small slices (which my neph approved because that's not a lot of P & K) and give my friend the rest of the tomato. One sandwich a month with 2 tiny tomato slices neph said would be ok but I don't trust myself to have a whole tomato in my kitchen!

Whatever decision is reached about your transplant, I'm pulling for you and wish you the best of outcomes and am sending you healing thoughts and positive vibes.

Fri, May 3 1:24pm · Stage 3 CKD in Kidney & Bladder

@gaybinator, thank you. I was using the terms interchangeably, which wasn't accurate. You're absolutely right, a graft and a fistula are two different things- a fistula uses your own vasculature exclusively while a graft connects artery and vein with "tubing."

Fri, May 3 10:36am · Stage 3 CKD in Kidney & Bladder

@gingerw, this is why I told her I wouldn't consider it until I had a 2nd opinion. I also want to run it by my primary, who is extremely knowledgeable about such things.

Fri, May 3 10:32am · 3rd stage kidney disease and diet in Kidney & Bladder

@gingerw, thanks much! I'm leaning toward everything you just said. If it ain't broke yet, don't fix it immediately. But I'm still reserving judgment until I have more info. Will keep you posted.

Thu, May 2 7:01pm · Stage 3 CKD in Kidney & Bladder

@2011panc, good idea, I drink 60 oz a day, urine pale yellow, so hydrating ok. Neph said she thought it would be better to have the AV access and not need it than to need it and not have it.