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Sat, Mar 9 10:03pm · Post Liver transplant story in Transplants

@amyintucson My transplant @Banner was driven 100% by my insurance plan. That being said, I have nothing but great things to say about my care with that team, both pre and post transplant. I was in the hospital for 5 days.

Sat, Mar 2 11:16am · Post Liver transplant story in Transplants

@amyintucson Congratulation on the transplant. I was transplanted about 6 months before you in PHX as well (Banner, not Mayo). It's interesting to hear of others' incisions. Mine is around 10-12 inches just on the liver side, essentially a half chevron. And I never had stitches or staples, just glue. 3 weeks post-transplant, I had a hernia repair with about a 6 inch incision. Once again, no stitches or staples, just glue. I wonder why they use stitches/staples in some instances and glue in others.

Wed, Feb 27 11:14pm · Hospital Food in Just Want to Talk

Hey @Scott. The point I was getting at is that hospitals are a place to treat ailments and improve health. But the food that's offered is actually unhealthy. It makes no sense at all. Hospitals should be leading the charge toward healthy eating. And as many have come to learn, healthy eating and great tasting are NOT mutually exclusive.

Mon, Feb 25 9:36pm · Hospital Food in Just Want to Talk

I just spent a couple of days in the Hospital (not Mayo), and it really hit me just how unhealthy the food was. For a place that's all about getting people healthy, they completely ignore one of the most vital components of health. I'll admit I'm pretty weird in that I pay an inordinate amount of attention to nutrition. But you would think that hospitals would lead in this area.

I know of at least one hospital that has gone the healthy food path, but I'm guessing the vast majority do not. Does anyone else out there think this makes any sense at all?

Sat, Feb 16 12:07pm · Waiting for an altruistic donor in Transplants

As of February 14th, there are 884 people on the waiting list at PHX Mayo.

Fri, Feb 15 6:37am · Waiting for an altruistic donor in Transplants

UNOS is your friend. Google it and drill down in the data to get your answer.

Tue, Feb 12 2:59pm · Cracked ribs in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I've had cracked ribs a couple of times. You have my empathy, as it really hurts. Sneezing and coughing are the worst. The good news is that it will heal and the pain will go away. Hang in there.

Sun, Feb 3 11:11pm · PreDiabetes recommended Daily Sugar and Carbohydrates intake in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I was on a pretty good dose of prednisone, and it completely whacked out my blood sugar. It lasted less than a month. And I thought the finger pokes sucked as well. But I was knee deep in pre-diabetes before my transplant as well as after coming off prednisone. So the potential for diabetes was real unless I changed my lifestyle.