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Sat, Jan 4 4:36pm · C Difficile: Do you have memory issues, disoriention, confusion? in Digestive Health

@dpete19743 I developed Cdiff after taking Clindamycin for a sinus infection. I went through 4 Cdiff episodes in 2018 before taking Dificid (fidaxamicin) which finally worked for me. Prior to that I took Vancomycin for the 2nd and 3rd bout. For the 3rd bout, I did the Vanco pulse and taper for 6 weeks. The only real side effects from the meds are now I have a ringing in my ears. (Tinnitus) And I also have terrible gas late and night and early in the morning when I first get up which I think is related to Cdiff. I also now take Florastor or a probiotic with S Boulardii which was recommended by my gastroenterologist.

Dec 22, 2019 · Recent L5-S1 fusion in Spine Health

@fine137 My very first back surgery was for a herniated disc at L5-S1. Since that time and in the 10 years following, I've had two more back surgeries. I found that after my first surgery, I pushed it too hard and went back to work much sooner than I should have. If you are walking 90 minutes a day and you're only 9 days out from surgery, you might be doing too much. Hopefully you're breaking up your walking to only 15 -20 minutes or so at a time. I would find that I did too much on the good days and then I would pay for it the next day.

Dec 21, 2019 · Chronic bladder infection using a Gentamicin bladder wash in Kidney & Bladder

After going through 4 Cdiff infections in 2018, I'm leery of taking any antibiotics. I too have had numerous UTI's throughout my life. I was fortunate last winter that I didn't get numerous sinus infections since the Clindamycin they gave me for the one is what caused my first out with Cdiff. One of my doctors asked me during my last UTI in 2018 if I was using a PH balanced soap. At the time I was not. I've since changed to Vagasil PH balanced soap and have not had a single UTI in over a year. Walmart also had an Equate brand that is the same as the Vagasil and less expensive.

Nov 21, 2019 · Spinal stenosis: Relief through exercise in Spine Health

@wilcy I've had three back surgeries, along with numerous injections. I find I can walk longer when I'm on the treadmill. Holding on to something like the railing on a treadmill gives me much more stability. I can't walk much more than one block without pain. And part of my problem is my SI joint slipping out. I was scheduled for a surgery to have it screwed to my pelvic bone. I canceled that surgery and will hold off until I can no longer walk any distance without pain. I just have to pace myself.

Oct 22, 2019 · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

@losthope How have you been doing? I recall last year when I was dealing with Cdiff from April to October, you were going through the same thing. That was great advice to contact the hospital pharmacy. I took three different RX's for my 4 bouts of Cdiff. The Dificid was the last one and my co-pay was going to be almost $1,000. My gastroenterologist went through the hospital pharmacy and I ended up only paying $100 co-pay. And the Dificid was the one that finally worked. My insurance wouldn't approve it until I had also tried Vancomcin first. And I had even done the Vanco pulse and taper for 6 weeks and Cdiff still returned two weeks after finishing the taper. Hope this finds you feeling great. I'm one year from my last episode and hope I never have to take another antibiotic. Clindamycin really did a number on me.

Oct 19, 2019 · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

@plm2019 So you went for 8 years from 2011 to 2019 and then still had a relapse?

Oct 19, 2019 · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

@plm2019 Do you know what caused your relapse after one year? Was it Keflex that caused your relapse? I haven't taken any antibiotics since having Cdiff in 2018.

Oct 19, 2019 · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

I'm happy to hear you are taking Dificid. That was the only RX that worked for me. My doctor prescribed Flagyl first in April 2018, then Vanco for my 2nd and 3rd bouts of Cdiff. I even did the Vanco pulse and taper for 6 weeks with my 3rd bout. And finally, last October and my 4th Cdiff episode, I was put on Dificid. I know it's terribly expensive but it worked for me. I was ready to do the FMT if I relapsed again. I'm so fearful of ever needing to take an antibiotic again since Clindamycin for a sinus infection is what started the dreaded Cdiff in my. It's sad that you had to go so long prior to having a stool sample tested.