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Tue, Oct 22 7:14pm · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

@losthope How have you been doing? I recall last year when I was dealing with Cdiff from April to October, you were going through the same thing. That was great advice to contact the hospital pharmacy. I took three different RX's for my 4 bouts of Cdiff. The Dificid was the last one and my co-pay was going to be almost $1,000. My gastroenterologist went through the hospital pharmacy and I ended up only paying $100 co-pay. And the Dificid was the one that finally worked. My insurance wouldn't approve it until I had also tried Vancomcin first. And I had even done the Vanco pulse and taper for 6 weeks and Cdiff still returned two weeks after finishing the taper. Hope this finds you feeling great. I'm one year from my last episode and hope I never have to take another antibiotic. Clindamycin really did a number on me.

Sat, Oct 19 1:19pm · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

@plm2019 So you went for 8 years from 2011 to 2019 and then still had a relapse?

Sat, Oct 19 12:13pm · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

@plm2019 Do you know what caused your relapse after one year? Was it Keflex that caused your relapse? I haven't taken any antibiotics since having Cdiff in 2018.

Sat, Oct 19 11:09am · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

I'm happy to hear you are taking Dificid. That was the only RX that worked for me. My doctor prescribed Flagyl first in April 2018, then Vanco for my 2nd and 3rd bouts of Cdiff. I even did the Vanco pulse and taper for 6 weeks with my 3rd bout. And finally, last October and my 4th Cdiff episode, I was put on Dificid. I know it's terribly expensive but it worked for me. I was ready to do the FMT if I relapsed again. I'm so fearful of ever needing to take an antibiotic again since Clindamycin for a sinus infection is what started the dreaded Cdiff in my. It's sad that you had to go so long prior to having a stool sample tested.

Mon, Oct 7 2:48pm · SI Joint injections in Spine Health

@ashby1947 I've had three back surgeries and I was scheduled for surgery to have my SI joint screwed to my pelvic bone. This was three years ago and I canceled the surgery the day after I went in for the pre-op. I told them I didn't want to have that done until I can no longer walk. It's a surgery that I've heard so many pros and cons so I'm happy that I didn't follow through with the surgery. My joint slips out and I have a great chiropractor that puts it back in place. I live with back pain every day and standing for long periods or walking any distance bring on more pain. I'm not one to take pain pills and usually only take Advil. I have muscle relaxers from my last surgery that I've taken every couple months, usually after doing too much gardening. The pills are 5 years old and I'm not sure how effective they are. I've done numerous injections and have quit doing those. I could only have 3 a year and they started wearing off after just a couple weeks. I'm 71 and had my first back surgery for a herniated disc when I was 56. The second surgery was to put in rods and screws and the last surgery was to put in a cage at the top of my rods. I can truly relate to what you're going through. Back pain can be so debilitating and I refuse to let it stop me but it sure has slowed me down.

Tue, Sep 17 12:18pm · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

@patts When you do a pulse a taper, it's a way of weaning you off the drug and hope more "good" bacteria will grow. You may now be taking 2 or 3 Vanco a day and when you taper, you may go to 1 or 2 and day for one week and then it will be cut to one a day…. and in my case, I even went to 1 every other day. However, two weeks after doing that, the Cdiff returned. As a last resort, I took Dificid which is highly expensive. I had made the decision that if the Dificid did not work, I would do the FMT.

Mon, Sep 16 5:52pm · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

@sarasally2 I can sure relate except that I wasn't in the hospital during my 4 bouts of Cdiff in 2018. I've never gone through anything like it. I took Flagyl, Vancomycin twice and even did the pulse and taper for 6 weeks and finally Dificid worked for me. It's terribly expensive and I'm sure that's why the insurance doesn't cover it until I'd tried Vanco. My next alternative was going to be the FMT. All this from taking Clindamycin for a sinus infection. Every time I hear that someone I know is taking antibiotics, I cringe.

Sun, Sep 15 3:35pm · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

@sarasally2 What antibiotic are you taking now? Hopefully you will be okay since it's been 5 years since your last Cdiff episode. Please let us know how you're doing.