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Fri, May 22 12:34pm · Trying to recover from a c. diff infection (Clostridium difficile) in Digestive Health

I took Clindamycin for a sinus infection in 2018. Shortly after taking it, I ended up with Cdiff. I've never been so sick. I was given Flaygl for the first infection. After stopping it, three weeks later Cdiff was back. I then was given Vancomycin (Vanco) for 10 days. Again, the Cdiff returned after a few weeks, I then did the Vanco pulse and tapper method for over a month. After completing that, I was okay for about a month. But then I had a 4th bout of Cdiff. My gastroenterologist said he would prescribe Fidaxamycin (Difficid). It's expensive. $7,000 for 20 pills and the co-pay was almost $1,000. But it worked. My insurance wasn't willing to pay until I had tried Vanco. I wish medical providers would prescribe Difficid after a second round of Cdiff. And many physicians are not even using Flaygl as the first line of defense any longer. They're going right to Vanco. I also know that many dental offices are no longer prescribing Clindaymcin for infections. The rate of Cdiff is peaking after using it. I hope this info is helpful to you. If the Flagyl doesn't work, I would suggest you talk to your physician about Difficid. If it hadn't worked for me, I was going to do a fecal transplant. Just happy it happened to be the one to kill all the Cdiff spores.

Mon, Feb 3 8:03pm · What happens after C.Difficile? in Digestive Health

@sue6408 I have not tried that diet. I believe it is very much the same as the Paleo diet. I have a friend who is on Paleo and loves the diet. She's lost over 30 pounds in a year and feels better than ever. The one your dietitian suggested may even be a little stricter than Paleo but suggests omitting many of the same foods.

Mon, Feb 3 8:01pm · C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again? in Digestive Health

@annapocono Cdiff spores can live for months on counters, light switches & etc. What's key is to clean with bleach and wash your hands really good after every trip you make to the bathroom. I had never even heard of Cdiff before I got it last spring after taking Clindamycin. Unfortunately, I went for almost two weeks before I went to the doctor. At first I thought I had the flu… and then I thought it was Ecoli. What RX are you taking currently? I took Flagyl, then two rounds of Vancomycin and finally Dificid after my 4th bout last October. It's a difficult thing to cure. And there is more than one strain of Cdiff. Are you also taking a probiotic? My gastroenterologist has me taking Florastor or any probiotic with S. Boulardii in it. S. Boulardii can survive the acid in our stomachs and goes to work in our GI tracts where the Cdiff spores thrive. I will take this for ever and really think it's helped me. Wishing you well and hope this is your first and last Cdiff episode.

Mon, Feb 3 8:01pm · C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again? in Digestive Health

@serenityva I've been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing and if you were healthy during your visit to Thailand.

Mon, Feb 3 8:01pm · C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again? in Digestive Health

@femalegolfer I too have had UTI's all my life. And now my daughters and one granddaughter suffer with them. I had one during a Cdiff episode last year. If you can take Microbid instead of Cipro, I would do that. Also my doctor asked if I was using a PH balanced soap like Vagisil. I was not and have started using one after she mentioned it. My gastroenterologist also suggested I start taking Florastor. There are also other brands just look for one with S. Boulardii. This probiotic will survive the acid in your stomach and reach your GI tract where Cdiff spores thrive. I had never even heard of Cdiff prior to getting it last spring. And like you, I didn't go to the doctor right away. I thought it was a bad case of the flu. And then I thought it was Ecoli since I eat a lot of romaine lettuce. Finally went to the doctor after I read about Cdiff from taking Clindamycin which I had taken for a sinus infection the prior month. I would start on the Florastor right away and also use a PH balanced soap. Wishing you well.

Mon, Feb 3 8:01pm · C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again? in Digestive Health

@serenityva So happy to hear you were healthy on your trip. Now let's hope you are well. Are you taking Florastor or some type of probiotic with S. Boulardii in it? I think that's really helping me.

Mon, Feb 3 8:01pm · C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again? in Digestive Health

@ngorman25 @terridrag I was told by my GI to take Florastor after my 3rd bout of Cdiff while I was doing the Vanco taper. But three weeks after finishing the Vanco, I had a 4th relapse. I then took Dificid (fidaxamicin). I wish I would have taken it earlier. I along with another younger friend have both taken Dificid and we have not relapsed. It's been almost three years for her and I finished the RX on Oct. 26th. If you have anymore relapses, I would suggest you ask your doctor about Dificid. It's expensive and your insurance may not pay for it until you've tried Vancomycin. I've had 3 back surgeries and the recovery from those was much easier than going through Cdiff. I wish they would take Clindamycin off the market. I know ANY antibiotic can give you Cdiff, but this one sure seems to be the most common cause. I'm now faithfully taking Florastor every single day. It works must better than other probiotics because the acid in our stomach does not affect it. So it gets right to your colon. There are other brands besides Florastor that are less expensive. You need to make sure they have enough Saccharomyces Boulardii in them.

Mon, Feb 3 8:01pm · C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again? in Digestive Health

@ginej I'm not sure if you were asking me or someone else. I took two a day while I was taking the Vancomycin for the 3rd bout. While taking Deficid for my 4th bout, I also took two a day. I now take one Florastor and one other less expensive brand that is 440 mg of S. Boulardii every day. I really prefer it because it survives stomach acid and goes to work in the colon. I've not relapsed since last October. I knock on wood every time I say that. After 4 bouts in 2018, I've never been through anything so debilitating. I will never take Clindamycin again which start this terrible ordeal.