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6 days ago · pro biotics in Digestive Health

After having 6 months of Cdiff off and on in 2018, my GI put me on Florastor. Any probiotic with S. Boulardii in it is what we need in our colon. It's the one probiotic that can survive the acid in our stomach and get right to the color. I take it every single day and it's sure helped me.

Tue, Feb 12 5:18pm · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

@twentyse7en I also got Cdiff from taking Clindamycin. My heart goes out to you. I also had tests come back negative and then was retested almost a week after and it came back positive for my 4th bout. I then was prescribed Dificid (fidaxamicin). That was last October and so far, I've been okay. My GI put me on S. Boulardii. It's a probiotic that can survive the acid in your stomach and get to the GI tract. You might ask your GI about it when you go tomorrow. I sure hope the Vancomycin works for you. I took it for 10 days also and then relapsed and did the Vanco taper for 6 weeks. Then after the 4th bout, I finally found something (Dificid) that seems to have killed the Cdiff spores. Please keep us posted how you are doing. I know exactly what you're going through.

Sat, Feb 9 3:14pm · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

@contentandwell Mine is not really a "lack of control" when having BM's. I just feel like when I do have a firm or hard stool, I have to bear down to point I'm holding my breath and pushing. Does that make sense? And I do think you're correct. I think part of the problem was so many months of diarrhea and soft stools. I would never want to go through another year like 2018. And I'll have to be on my death bed before I ever want to take another antibiotic.

Sat, Feb 9 2:21pm · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

@sandyabbey I'm happy to hear you are testing negative after taking Dificid. So far it worked for me. I finished the RX on Oct. 26th. I still have days that my BM's are loose and I continue to worry any time I have stomach cramping. I just think it will take a year or so to ever be truly "normal" again. Now I deal with severe gas pains, especially late at night and when I get up in the am. "THINK POSITIVE AND STAY NEGATIVE." I think that's going to be my mantra for 2019. 🙂 🙂

Fri, Feb 8 5:15pm · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

@sandyabbey I'm wondering if our muscles have something to do with our BM after Cdiff. I had Cdiff 4 times in 2018 starting in April and ending in October after taking Deficid. But I'm finding it harder to have a normal BM because of the muscles used to help the colon. Maybe I'm wrong…. but I think after so many months of diarrhea and not using those muscles or whatever helps push the feces through, it's more difficult to go back to normal. And I NEVER thought I would be talking about BM's this much in my entire life. 🙂

Fri, Feb 8 5:05pm · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

@femalegolfer Was the last antibiotic you took in November, 2017? I ended up with a UTI last summer when I had Cdiff. I was so sick trying to fight both of them. And Cipro is right up there with Clindamycin. I ended up taking Macrobid for the UTI. I'll never taking Cipro again either. It would be interesting to see what the studies show after people have done the FMT's for more than a couple years. I read one story about two sisters and the heavier one used her thinner sister as a FMT donor. Within six months, she had lost a lot of weight. As was mentioned, FMT is not even suggested until you've relapsed 3 or 4 times. I know my insurance wouldn't pay for Deficid until I had tried Vancomycin. So they probably wouldn't pay for FMT either.

Fri, Feb 8 2:05pm · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

@femalegolfer I agree re. Clindamycin. Many dentists give it out for infections or prior to root canals. My dr. gave it to me for a sinus infection but I have a friend who was given it prior to a root canal.

Fri, Feb 8 1:46pm · Trying to recover from a c.diff infection in Digestive Health

@femalegolfer During my last Cdiff episode, which was last October, I lost 10 pounds in two weeks. After taking Deficid, it cleared up the Cdiff however, I gained the 10 pounds back during the holidays.