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Nov 7, 2018 · Redundant / Tortuous Colon in Digestive Health

Hello. Sorry to hear about your diagnosed condition. Although I have not been diagnosed with your diagnosis I have had constipation problems, even had to go to the Emergency Room recently.
A seemingly simple suggestion is to make sure by way of a daily routine of drinking water so that your minimum is 40-50 ozs.–or more–EVERY day. It is extremely important for Crohn's Disease–which I have had since birth–since water passes through more with such IBDs. I tried other osmotic laxatives at my family doctor's suggestion but find it gives me a very significant rash so I have discontinued any such osmotic products (e.g., MiraLAX). Although water is contained in fruit, soup, coffee, many products, etc., there is nothing as good as straight water even if you want to say "in addition to" the other amounts of water from indirect sources. I recommend using a daily Reminder with an alert system to which you can cumulatively insert the on-going quantity total of water intake as the day progresses. Using time periods, for example, such as 8AM-1PM, 1PM-6PM, & 6PM-11PM where you can see how you are doing throughout the day, otherwise you may wind up drinking a large amount late in the day which is not the most beneficial way as compared to watching it in an on-going manner. The same water bottle or container of which you know the quantity is best rather then making many entries of amounts from various containers. It should be an easy-to-estimate by eye quantity measuring event (just take a guess at the amount) so it is not burdensome and therefore inclined to be resistant to getting it accomplished. Good luck.