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Mon, May 13 3:39pm · Should I consider ablation? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I am 71 And at 69 had my first a fib event. Similar to you, I had hospital visits, doctor visits, are took medication and then the decision was made to have an ablation. Had a wonderful doctor and the ablation was performed. I was placed on a blood thinner and in six months only had one episode after the ablation. Did not like the effects of the blood thinner. My doctor implanted a link device in
my chest which monitors electronically if I am in a fib. It has been eight months and I’ve had no recurrence of a fib and I am no longer taking the blood thinner. Feeling great. Find a doctor you really trust and after all This input, discuss this with him and see what they say. Good luck. Period

Sun, Feb 24 2:45pm · Afib ablation in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hi Rubywitch67,
I had to have 6 mo on Xarelto after ablation. I was having muscle aches, was very tired and headaches. I asked my doc about side effects and these were common. I tried other blood thinners but had same issues . Because I had only 1 afib incident after ablation and couldn’t tolerate side effects of meds, he allowed me off meds and put in the “link”. If I have an episode that I am unaware of, the link alerts my doc and they contact me. If I am aware of a “realized” episode, I call doc or go to ER if it doesn’t stop. The link went in to monitor me after I went off blood thinners. I think they use it for folks who cannot tolerate meds very well. Ablation was a good thing for me. Few episodes and feel so much better. Be brave!

Sat, Feb 23 10:14pm · Afib ablation in Heart Rhythm Conditions

The link device went in 6 months after I had the ablation. I was allowed to go off Xareto because I had only one minor Afib incident during the six months following the ablation. They implanted the link to track any afib that might occur, should it be a silent or realized episode. The link is a safeguard as I hated the side effects I had from Xarelto.

Sat, Feb 23 1:04pm · Heart Rhythm Conditions – Welcome to the group in Heart Rhythm Conditions

This is what I have: electrophysiology docs at Univ of Colorado Anchutz use it. Medtronic Model 24960 monitors the link device in the chest.

Sat, Feb 23 12:23pm · Does anyone with AFIB NOT take blood thinners? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

The link implanted in my chest(outpatient procedure) has a monitor right By the bed and it monitors 24 seven. I was told sometimes you can have a fib and not be aware of it. So this monitors me. If I’m away from home I have a device I carry in my purse, looks like a small small cell phone, and it is to be held to your chest if you think you’re in a fib and it monitors you then. I have had it for a month and no signs yet. The device alerts doctors as well.

Sat, Feb 23 12:00pm · Heart Rhythm Conditions – Welcome to the group in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I had A fib and an ablation . After 6 months, and issues with blood thinners, and no afib, I am off blood thinners and have a link implanted in my chest to monitor the a fib. Working well!

Sat, Feb 23 11:56am · Afib ablation in Heart Rhythm Conditions

You will be able to do anything. Since my ablation I have had no problems with afib. It has been seven months, I’ve been able to go off the meds, and have a link implanted in my chest to monitor the a fib. Don’t be afraid, it’s a really good thing