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Dec 11, 2018 · A cold and Imfinzi immunotherapy in Lung Cancer

To answer how did i get out of bed, I lost my brother 1yr i was diagnosis to cancer. I knew it he didn't want me up there with him yet.. So i knew i had to do it 5 days a week, ( don't get me wrong by Wed I had to make myself go). I am done with everything right now, CT in 3 months. Meds, I'm not taking anything for now except for my attitude. In general I do have a positive attitude, and that's what keeps me going. Always try to look on the bright side and stay away from negative people if at all possible. LIFE IS A WONDERFUL GIFT. ❤❤

Dec 9, 2018 · A cold and Imfinzi immunotherapy in Lung Cancer

I just got done with 1yr of treatment's with Immunotherapy. My side effects were tired more than usual, basically that is it. Before that I had 42 radiations and chemos at the same time. I would take Immunotherapy over anything else. Also with mine I didn't lose my hair.