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Sun, May 5 8:19am · Femur Component of Knee Replacement Loose in Joint Replacements

I had the allergy testing done in August. I’m not allergic to bone cement.

Sun, May 5 8:17am · Pain following a Right Total Knee Replacement in Joint Replacements

@gardeningranny – did you have the revision? I was told Thursday that the femur part is loose. I have had the replacement for 13.5 months and if I choose to have the replacement it will be my 3rd surgery in 2 years

Sat, May 4 7:30am · Femur Component of Knee Replacement Loose in Joint Replacements

I am 13.5 months out from the replacement surgery. 2 months ago he was adamant I had nerve damage and wanted to start me with a pain management doctor. I’m only 55. My GP said don’t do that. He kept telling me that he couldn’t tell if it was loose until I was at the one year mark. I’ve had 2 xrays and a bone scan prior to a year. The bone scan showed increases uptake – but he still wouldn’t tell me it was loose. I insisted on another appointment at over the year mark. That was two days ago and he took more xrays and during that appointment he finally told me it’s loose.

Fri, May 3 8:01pm · Femur Component of Knee Replacement Loose in Joint Replacements

My knee replacement is barely a year old. I have had pain that has limited my standing to 10 minutes and walking to 30 for 10 months. At first, I was told I had excess scar tissue and had a second surgery to remove that. However the same standing and pain persisted. Then I was told I had nerve damage. Now I’m being told that the femur component is not secured to the bone behind my knee and there is a gap where bone cement should be. Has anyone else had a loose femur component? My understanding is it’s mostly the tibia component that becomes loose.

What does a revision to a loose femur component entail?

Also – how would bone cement behind your knee just not be there?

Fri, Mar 1 8:09am · Foot neuropathy after total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

My replacement was almost a year ago in March 2018. I have battled and apparently beaten back arthrofibrosis after a second surgery. My surgeon is now saying the remaining pain is neuropathy. Problem is the remaining pain is localized to the only the inside of my knee and primarily weight bearing. I have trouble standing for more than 10 mins or walking more than 30. Does this make sense to anyone with more experience with nerve damage than me?

Fri, Mar 1 8:04am · Upper limit of ROM after knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

My surgeon and PT said 135 is the absolute max. I fluctuate between 125 and 132. The 132 is passive (meaning pulled with a yoga strap).

Wed, Feb 20 5:13am · Cortisone shot after Knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Has anyone had a cortisone shot for tendon issues (MCL tear or tendinitis) after having a knee replacement? I’m trying to figure out how that works with a bunch of metal in your knee

Wed, Feb 6 11:01am · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

@contentandwell – my active ROM went from 105 to 120. Some days I can get to 125. I have some some tissue “overuse” issues that are limiting my standing and walking and causing pain and we are working through – but it’s not the AF.

I was advised that if it wasn’t for the AF pain- I should NOT have the lysis procedure. It was the pain they were focused on eliminating- not getting me more ROM. In my case they believed the scar tissue formed where it was causing pain and that needed to be removed