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Thu, Aug 13 8:33pm · My Chronic Knee Pain After Replacement caused by Wrong Size Implant in Joint Replacements

How did you find out it was the wrong size implant? I see Dr. #14 on Monday to try and confirm that my knee was installed incorrectly. Its been 2 1/2 years, 2 other surgeries, lots of pain and lots of guesses.

Thu, Jun 25 6:39am · Scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

@damewocane @lynnwade54 – and here is more to the story

The doctor who is saying my leg is crooked is the Section Chief of Adult Reconstruction Surgery at Houston Methodist. His office called and told me to come in after I sent the metal allergy test results and the implant labels. They said in addition to the implant being crooked, I’m allergic to it. I told them that the original doctor said I had a titanium implant and the allergy test results were fine for the implant. The PA then said “we will double check with our device rep, but we are fairly certain your original surgeon was wrong”

I’ll find out more in 3 weeks when I go see him.

Mon, Jun 15 11:45am · Scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

I live in Texas – in between Dallas and Houston and have now been to 11 doctors. I have Orthopaedic centers in both cities doing diagnosis and confirmation. Both major centers only joint replacement. But the initial surgery was done by a major university surgeon, just not one in the major city

Mon, Jun 15 10:20am · Scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

I’ve posted on this forum off and on over the past two years or so. I wanted to give an update on what looks like a definitive answer as to the multitude of issues with the replacement that I have been facing.

Short synopsis is that at 53 I had a torn meniscus at the root from a running injury. That was almost immediately turned into I had arthritis bad enough that I needed a partial knee replacement.

The physicians office forgot to order the replacement parts the day of the surgery and on the day of the rescheduled surgery, I fell in the parking lot. I woke up from what should have been a partial knee replacement with a total knee replacement, a very swollen knee and swollen ankle.

Two months after the surgery, I still could not stand or walk without pain and my ROM was less than 110. I was diagnosed with arthofibrosis and had another surgery to remove scar tissue. Significant pain and PT later I was able to get my knee bending more, but still could not stand or walk.

Multiple other doctors and 18 months later, I was diagnosed with a broken foot and shredded tendon from the parking lot fall from the original surgery. A bone fragment in my foot from the fall shredded the tendon. However, I still can not stand or walk without significant pain. At 56 now, I went from running and cross-fit to being able to walk less than 5,000 steps a day.

More doctors, tests and appointments later, the doctors are thinking I have a stress reaction or stress fracture in my tibia. I then found a doctor who deals with periprothetic fractures. He took a bunch of X-rays with my knee in positions I never had before. He then told me what you never want to hear after this surgery…

My implant is crooked. It’s not loose. It’s cemented in good – but at the wrong angle. It was installed crooked to the tune of slightly more than 5 degrees. The forces on my tibia and ankle are too much. My pain will never go away until it comes out and by the way, your good side hip is now a mess because your standing on one leg.

I told the doctor I’m only 56 and what happens at 66 when the revision wears out. He told me to go home and think if I wanted the revision. I sent him a follow up question in the portal asking the same thing a week ago and haven’t heard back. But I think I know the answer – it can’t be done.

So for those of you who have been following this story along and are still struggling with the pain – you now know one way this story ends.

Sun, Feb 16 7:10am · Swelling and stiffness, 3 years after total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

For those searching for a reason for pain long after the replacement, here’s the short version of my story.

Two years, ten surgeons, 2 bone scans, 2 MRIs, an allergy test, a nerve conduction test, a muscle conduction test and more Xrays than I can count later — my pain in my knee and inability to stand or walk was caused by a broken bone in my foot that shredded the tendon.

The foot surgeon who found the bone fragment in my foot said the bone was probably broken the day of the knee surgery.

There is a reason you hurt. Don’t stop looking for it. Someone will help you

Dec 23, 2019 · Scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

I had an arthroscopic lysis of adhesions a year ago. My knee now easily bends to 125. However, the PT was brutal. A 10 hour a day routine for a month starting the day after surgery. I would be at the PT office 3x a week for 2 hour sessions where he would force my leg to move to the number the surgeon gave him. I learned how to cry silently as he pushed. PT then went to 8 hours, then 6. I was discharged at 3 hours of PT a day and told keep it up – don’t loose it. I now go to a rowing gym and row an hour 4 days a week and do an hour of stretching at home 4-5 times a week now.

Nov 28, 2019 · Foot neuropathy after total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

I have been unable to stand for more than 10 minutes or walk for more than 30 without pain since my replacement in March of 2018. I’m 55. I was recently diagnosed with an “extra bone in my foot” that was traumatized during the events of the surgery as well as the “alignment of my knee and ankle being a hare off”. Supposedly, the combination of these two things is causing my pain- so I’m now considering surgery #3 related to this knee. The surgery won’t fix the mailalignment – supposedly will eliminate a lot of the standing / walking pain to where custom orthotics can then realign the knee and ankle.

Just in case this helps anyone else….
The bone is called an assessory navicular. About 10% of the population have it. A foot xray and foot MRI bot show it. It caused pain in your inside of your ankle and along your posterior tibial tendon if severely traumatized.

Sep 29, 2019 · Foot neuropathy after total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

I’m a year and a half out from TKR and after a second surgery on it finally got flexion – but the inside of the knee and behind the knee still are bruised and painful. In addition, I have been unable to stand for more than 10 minutes or walk more than 30 for that year and a half. After the “not my problem” attitude from the original surgeon, I finally found a practice willing to take me. The knee surgeon in that practice referred me to a foot and ankle surgeon who diagnosed Tarsal Tunnel syndrome – a compression of the tibial nerve where it enters a narrow canal at the ankle. She prescribed more PT. The PT who has seen me since day one connected the dots between where I’ve been complaining about the knee and the new diagnosis on the ankle. He said my tibial nerve is probably compressed from either the continued swelling or actual knee replacement. That my complaints are all on the same nerve. I relayed his comments to the foot surgeon who then referred me to a neurologist for a EMG/NCS/NCV Test. If you have tingling / pain in your foot after TKR – ask for a referral and this test from your primary. It seems as though the knee surgeons won’t order it because they know they caused the issue.