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Fri, Mar 1 8:09am · Foot neuropathy after total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

My replacement was almost a year ago in March 2018. I have battled and apparently beaten back arthrofibrosis after a second surgery. My surgeon is now saying the remaining pain is neuropathy. Problem is the remaining pain is localized to the only the inside of my knee and primarily weight bearing. I have trouble standing for more than 10 mins or walking more than 30. Does this make sense to anyone with more experience with nerve damage than me?

Fri, Mar 1 8:04am · Upper limit of ROM after knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

My surgeon and PT said 135 is the absolute max. I fluctuate between 125 and 132. The 132 is passive (meaning pulled with a yoga strap).

Wed, Feb 20 5:13am · Cortisone shot after Knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Has anyone had a cortisone shot for tendon issues (MCL tear or tendinitis) after having a knee replacement? I’m trying to figure out how that works with a bunch of metal in your knee

Wed, Feb 6 11:01am · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

@contentandwell – my active ROM went from 105 to 120. Some days I can get to 125. I have some some tissue “overuse” issues that are limiting my standing and walking and causing pain and we are working through – but it’s not the AF.

I was advised that if it wasn’t for the AF pain- I should NOT have the lysis procedure. It was the pain they were focused on eliminating- not getting me more ROM. In my case they believed the scar tissue formed where it was causing pain and that needed to be removed

Wed, Feb 6 5:24am · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

@gutthookd @gatorgirl @dduke @exflyer

While I wouldn’t call it successful “long-term” relief from arthrofibrosis yet- I am now 10.5 weeks out from arthroscopic lysis of adhesions and still have the range of motion I left the surgery with and significant better function and dramatically less pain.

I have read my surgery report and a “significant” Amount of scar tissue was removed from both gutters, the superpatella pouch and some “notch” that was pulling down my kneecap. Basically, as near as I can tell – the new knee was encased in scar tissue and there was no way it was going to move on it’s own. I had the arthroscopic procedure 8 months after my TKR.

Mine normally shows up at about 6 weeks. I have an issue at one portal – but we have been able to minimize it so far.

This hasn’t been without a tremendous amount of effort in PT and I am doing 2 hours plus of active PT a day still. I only did the surgery because of the pain. If my ROM was limited but I had no pain – I would not have

This is my third round of battling arthrofibrosis in 3 different body parts. The knee is by far the worse pain wise. The abdominal one was far the scariest.

Anyway. -it can be successful. But you, your PT and your surgeon all need to be educated about it and on the same page about treatment.

Wed, Jan 30 6:40am · Using a knee wedge after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

@connie1559 – My Surgeon and PT emphasized no pillow under your knee. The last thing you get back is your extension and you can’t walk without pain if you don’t have your extension back. Wedge pillows with your foot on a roller and ice on top of that is one of the extension exercises – but you can’t rest your knee on the wedge. It’s for elevation over your heart and to reduce swelling only. They told me to Take some Benedryl to sleep.

Thu, Jan 24 5:14am · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

@contentandwell – after the orginunal TKR – my PT was about 1.5 -2 hours a day and was half strength and half stretching. That is a far cry from the one hour stretching 5 times a day that my PT after the lysis was for the first 2 weeks. With the lysis I then went to 6 hours (3 sessions a day) of mostly stretching with about 30 mins walking and 10 mins on an elliptical or bike. Yesterday – he moved me to 2 sessions (and reduced the work) – so I think I’m now down to 2 or 2.5 hours a day – which is more in line with my TKR. (I’m 8 weeks out from the lysis more). I go to see him 3x a week and his sessions are 2 hours. After the TKR my session with him were 2x a week for an hour.

The surgeon also told me I would be out of work for 2-3 weeks after the surgery. I was out 6 for this due to the PT level and how exhausted I felt. Even now – I’m only back at work 6 hours a day. That will last until I’m at 12 weeks.

I thought long and hard and did a ton of research before I had this done. My surgeon Is the football and soccer team surgeon for a major university in Texas. I use his recommended PT. I’m 54 and just couldn’t live the way I was. I promised both my surgeon and PT I would do exactly as they said and ONLY that. The forced stretching up until this week had me in tears until this week because it’s that different from the TKR. However – it’s working. I came out of the lysis surgery at 132 and can almost do that myself now. PT only gave me a little push yesterday.

Wed, Jan 23 5:33am · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

@blessangela2019 Don’t give up on finding a second opinion. I had the arthroscopic lysis of adhesions procedure done 8 weeks ago at 8.5 months. The PT routine afterwards is brutal – but seems to be working. My original surgeon offered it and my second opinion doc said no – revise. I went with original doc. I’m in Texas in a town of 100K people north of Houston.