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Oct 26, 2018 · Sensitive to tapering off of antidepressants in Depression & Anxiety

All all,

I have successfully weened off effoxer, with the doctors "unsupported" prescription. His words while handing me the prescription were "you are just going to get depressed again"

Whatever you do, do NOT try to do it cold turkey, I tried a couple times & ended up going back as the head zaps, racing heart rate, sweats & mood swings were too much.

I have been completely off them for the last couple weeks. I am heading into my 50's, going through menopause, periods are out of wack or is it "med-a-pause" lol.

But the weight is piling on!! I am eating with way more awareness & have been exercising regularly.

Has anyone experienced the weight gain after tapering off these med's & if so, has anyone found a way to streamline the weight gain. with this weight gain, I am starting to become a "debbie downer"
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.