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15 hours ago · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

That is a good point, Merry. Most information I have found isn't really showing treatment plans or a good prognosis.
I hadn't received info from Stanford so went on the site to check my appt info. It showed I had a 15 min appt! I almost lost my 💩 (Excuse me). I called and was assured my appt would be over an hour and they have all my records. I am going to get my folder and write down my questions now.
I sent that guy the link here so maybe he will check it out. He is in the UK. Kind of odd how he got diagnosed and the treatment plan. We have been discussing the health issues we have both had for some time before this diagnosis. M seems unrelated but a lot of parallels.
I will keep you updated assuming I don't have a damn heart attack. ❤️

17 hours ago · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

Was hoping that more people would post about their experiences with SCLC. I go to see Dr. Wakelee at Stanford tomorrow and am just about over one with nerves. I do have the first appt with an Oncologist here at Sutter Gould on Friday. I need to sit down and write out my questions and hope there is time allotted to address them. Someone, who friended me off the discussion boards and has been a great support, mentioned having a port for treatments. I hadn't thought about that. Does anyone have a port and, if so, where and is it painful? 😬😬

1 day ago · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

My doctors seem to be scrambling now! All if a sudden my OCP puts in an urgent referral to Stanford. The worthless Pulmonologist will put in a referral to Stanford. I to,d my PCP my ENT Doctor out there put on one last week! I messaged my PCP yesterday about the shoulder blade pain. He messaged me back today that he would prescribe Tramadol, which I have never taken. Drugs may be an issue fir me in any treatment. I already have a list of about 14 I cannot take. I also messaged him, that should I need to see a Pulmonologist, I am not going back to the one I have been seeing. He tells me I probably won't be needing a Pulmonologist but there is another one there. Honestly, every time I hear from him there is an underlying sense of doom. He has also referred me to his church and priest. That's nice but I really don't want to hear that now! Actually, on a better note, no pain, other then a twinge in my back. Still supposed to be limited in lifting since the biopsy but I got some laundry done, bed linens changed, dusted the house and did a little dog training. Still coughing all the time but glad I had some energy and ambition! And I am trying to expand my reading to something other then the bad news about this cancer. 👍

1 day ago · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

I believe they showed up on the CT but definitely on the PET

1 day ago · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

Thank you for sharing this and happy something is working for you! Some treatments seem to be working for the NSCLC but I have SCLC and hoping there is something for me. Very afraid of side effects. I have had GI issues for years and often have to use anti-nausea meds now! I have a very low tolerance for feeling ill like That. Oh my gosh! You are in India? Hiw did you see Dr. Wakelee?

2 days ago · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

Shalia, glad someone is familiar with Stanford and this doctor. After deciding I would probably seek an opinion at Stanford, I started researching doctors and she has a very good education and reviews. A friend suggest Dr. Padda, who had an opening. I guess I got lucky because they called back to say they could get me in to see Wakelee this week. I am glad you have done so well under her care. I am hoping there is some ray of home for me with the small cell LC, stage IV now, but nothing showed in the brain.

2 days ago · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

Near Stanford? Not sure. Will have to wait and see what treatment plan they suggest.

It has been a real circus over hear and my doctor knows I am not happy! I was supposed to see an Oncologist here, after I had to ask for a referral, last Friday but I was stuck in the ER. I have one this Friday and will keep it.

2 days ago · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

The ride to Stanford? Depending on traffic, weather, accidents and road construction coukd be 1 hr 45 mins to 3-4 hours coming and going! My daughter is in San Diego, minimum, in good traffic, 7 1/2 hours from here, has taken us 10+. Oh, just feel comfortable at home. She life's in a ranchette with dogs, horses, braying Donkies, goats. Any other time, I enjoy it. SIL is a mechanic and always working on something and people always in and out. I love them and the animals but, if I am not well, I just want oeace and quiet. If they decide I qualify for some treatment, what if that makes me sick? I would hate to be so far away and being our home vacant fir that long, however long that might be. Have a son diwn there too that suggested we rent a place down there, in San Diego! He did not offer to pay for that. Ear Doc gave me a script for Percocit, I have never taken. My stomach and pain meds do not get along well together.