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3 days ago · New pain after back surgery in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I wonder if your sciatic nerve is irritated. I was a Psych nurse all my working life doing lots of lifting as it was in the days of NO hoists. We nurses ,whatever area we worked in will always do research on everything. I have been having back problems for about 8yrs now,I'm 65yrs old. From doing my own research and asking my RMT questions I have learned lots about my back. The sciatic nerve comes from the lower back around the hip area and down the groin. I was having trouble lifting either leg to walk without being in pain and feeling like I was lifting a heavy weight in each leg I was also waking with pain in my hip and down the outside of the leg I was sleeping on. This went on for 10 months until I had the nerves ablated at the pain clinic. This was 14mths ago,I have still had some pain but bearable until the last couple of weeks it seams the nerves have grown back so going back to get it redone next week. I wonder if you have irritated the sciatic nerve from either sitting too long or doing too much because you felt good following your surgery.

5 days ago · Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

I take CBD oil 1000mg 3 times.I am in BC,Canada so lots of 'pot shops' around. I have only taken Oxycodone following surgeries but only for a couple of days. I was trained Psychiatric nurse for all my working life so have seen what addiction does and I never wanted to go there. For many yrs I took Ibuprofen and Tylenol together but got worried about those when i stared with palpitations. I have been on Tramacet for many yrs after that but those made me short tempered. My husband of 39yrs is a saint for putting up with me. I managed to work till I was 58yrs old with lots of pain and stubbornness but after joint replacements to both thumbs it became difficult when a patient would become aggressive and needed to be dealt with quick ie injection,i couldn't draw things up fast enough.Then my back got so bad that I couldnt't sit to do charts on nights so early retirement was my only option. My advice to anyone is work as long as you can because retirement has made me worse as I now sit on the sofa scrolling through the TV pages and my back issues are sooooo much worse. The lady in the pot shop told me CBD doesn't work on pain for everyone but others have reported to her that they continue to take it as they feel better but can't put it into words. My 38yr son has started taking it ,he is a heavy Duty mechanic and hurt his neck and shoulder ,he now has the same pain I started with, My 46yr old daughter has had neck/shoulder pain for quiet a few yrs now and sits with a heat pad constantly when she is at home, My 48yr daughter has back issues so is in constant pain. So far only my 36yr old daughter is free of it.My gran always had a heat lamp sat at the back of the house which she used every night and my mum was crippled with pain from Osteoarthritis and well as chronic pain.SO, it looks like it's hereditary in my family but there isn't one Dr that wants to look into that I just feel they deal with the pain but not why or what's causing it really .I would say try CBD and for a few mths on a regualr basis to see if it really works, don't miss a dose.

Sat, Mar 9 9:17am · Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

YUP me too.Mine came on within 5 hrs of having my 4th/final baby.We lived in Hong Kong at the time as my husband was British Royal navy at the time. I was 29 at the time I am going to be 66 this yr so I have had it a long time. I saw a Rheumatologist many yrs ago at a private clinic as most of my pain was in my right shoulder /neck area only. I nearly lost it at the time as he said " I don't believe in Fibro in my opinion fibro is caused by something physical". Roll on yrs later and I was diagnosed after coming to live in Canada with a slightly torn rotator cuff that was missed in Hong Kong and England. I think with many yrs of not being able to lift my arm that and being careful of EVERY movement that the Dr might have been right .The surgeon here said it was too small to fix but just cleaned out my shoulder which gave me better ROM. I do have every sign/symptom of Fibro and about 8 yrs ago started with Osteoarthritis everywhere. So I have had chronic pain for more of my 66yrs on this planet than I haven't had pain.It makes me angry,I am not a jealous person of anything but I am jealous of pain free people. All my pain free friends have no idea that I have to subconsciously think before I make any movement. When I say no I can't go on a hike or I can't go skiing/sledding I think they must think I am just a moaning minnie,it makes me sad. I have just started on Gabapentin at night for the nerve pain from my spinal arthritis,it does help a bit.I stopped taking other pain meds because they made me so bad tempered I would snap my husbands head off every time he spoke. I didn't know what was wrong with me,I hated being like that and what a difference it made within a week of coming off them. I take CBD oil TID,not sure if it helps but I'm going to keep on with it. Hoping for a miracle.

Wed, Feb 27 11:13am · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

I hear you Tommy. I am British where there used to be a fantastic free health system ( NHS ). My husbna dand I are 65/66 yrs old and have live in Canada for the last 14 yrs.We are thinking of going back to England but I have many problems too,Chronic Pain from Fibromyagia, Arthrits etc .Due to all the Illigal immigrants and people going to UK to just use the NHS then go back to their own country especially women to have babies our NHS is in the toilet. At the moment I have a great teIam at the pain clinic here so I am so worried about going back as my 3 daughters who are still in UK tell me they can't even get an appointment with a GP without having to wait for weeks. I had to wait over a yr here to get into the pain clinic and I am very worried I would be without treatment for what could be a lot more than just 1 year. Does anyone on here have that experience and how to get around the wait if we go back.For instance can a Dr at the pain clinic contact a Dr at a pain clinic there to just pass on the info to get me in without a wait?

Wed, Feb 27 11:02am · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

I'm a 65yr old female who had always struggled even in my 20's with contacts whichever ones I tried but was never diagnosed with dry eye. When I was 49 I decided to get cateract surgery as opposed to laser due to that causing dry eye in some people who didn't have it before. Over the yrs that followed ( probably due to my age and having fibromyalgia) my eyes were constantly gritty. In my 50's I was diagnosed with Glaucoma by an eye surgeon here in Nanaimo,BC who told me I had really bad 'Dry Eyes'.After a long discussion about how long I had felt this awful condition which was worse when I had to do my 2 X 12 hr shifts on night as a nurse he Px me Restasis eye drops,It has changed my life. I have been using them now for about 9 yrs and have gone down from twice a day to once a day. I always carry around some OTC drops for those odd days when they might still feel a little dry of I get a bit of mascara in my eye. They are expensive but the eye Dr gives me a discount card when I see him once a yr which gives me 3 boxes at half price.

Mon, Feb 25 10:52am · DO i have tmj? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

would a night guard help that. My dentist asked me if I grind at night as my 'well looked after' teeth are getting lines from top to bottom which indicates stress on them. I was fitted for a night guard for the top only .I asked him if it would stop me waking up with a banging headache which he said most probably.I have only had it 4 days and so far so good.

Mon, Feb 25 10:48am · gabapentin and muscle pain in Chronic Pain

I cannot take it in the day either but luckily for me ( I think ) my pain is worse sitting as the nerves in my back get trapped .I just take 100mg around 6pm,I'm in bed for 9pm most nights as I suddenly become weary by then.

Mon, Feb 25 10:46am · gabapentin and muscle pain in Chronic Pain

It isn't addictive so is safer than Opiods. I can only take 100mg in the eve as it makes me drowsy.