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Sun, Feb 3 9:44pm · Recurrance of uterine cancer in the vaginal cuff in Gynecologic Cancers

I did not have radiation just surgery and 6 rounds of chemo

Dec 2, 2018 · Uterine Papillary serous carcinoma in Gynecologic Cancers

Most of what you are describing sounds more like radiation side effects or I was extremely lucky as had no bladder or bowel issues with Chemo whatsoever. It’s been a month out an no sign of hair returning yet. I meet the radiation oncologist tomorrow to discuss but have pretty much decided to forego radiation aa surgery removed it and the chemo was adjuvant and my lifestyle couldn’t deal with always having to know where the nearest bathroom is. And in my case it would have to be a bush somewhere as I’m usually out on my bike or hiking. I have also found that diffentent provinces or states in your case, have different protocols for treatment so if I lived 3 h ours away in Alberta, radiation is not the protocol but surgery and 6 adjuvant chemo therapy is the protocol there. Ive done due diligence and looked at OS and prognosis for recurrance etc and feel comfortable with just getting on with life. And if it recurs then I’ll deal with it then. No one has any guarantees regardless of treatment. Each and every one of us on this connect site has chosen a course of treatment that is right for them. I very much appreciate the candour with which people share their real life experiences.

Nov 24, 2018 · Uterine Papillary serous carcinoma in Gynecologic Cancers

What are the rad induced digestive changes? It’s these things I’m worried about…

Nov 17, 2018 · Uterine Papillary serous carcinoma in Gynecologic Cancers

Glad things are going well for you bluemeade7! It’s scary at first isn’t it? I found it desoncerting to be told we dont really know if this chemo works for you or not ….What chemo drugs did you have for 4 rounds? And did radiation involve whole abdomen? Will the incontinence and odd bowel stuff resolve and did you have radiation after surgery, and chemo? My 6th round definitely left me with neuropathy in my feet but nowhere else and only this round so I hope it goes away as its like walking with a plank of wood at the bottom of my legs…quite weird and no sensation to hot or cold. Amazing what they can do with surgery now leaving little marks instead of major scars..and super short recovery time..physically that is, mentally it does take a bit to come to terms with it all.

Nov 11, 2018 · Uterine Papillary serous carcinoma in Gynecologic Cancers

I had surgery end of May. Recovered nicely and was road bike riding in no time! I have stage 3c uterine papillary carcinoma. I just finished adjuvant chemotherapy taxel/ carboplatin and kept active through it all. Definitely had its moments though. I was a bit surprised to read on this site that you have to watch for symptoms as there is no test? I’m believing it won’t recur…I have to or I will drive myself into a stressed out mess thinking each sign I get means it’s back. There is talk of WART starting Jan1. But I’m not seeing any data that shows benefits outweigh risks. Is there anyone who can help with that? Is there anyone out there that didn’t have it recur? I’ve been told if it comes back it’s likely to the pelvic area. Mine was nowhere to be found except uterus and would have been stage 1 except it was found in 2 paraortic nodes but none of the other 14 and it had not leaked out of those nodes but the nodes make it 3c. How quickly does it come back if it recurs?

Nov 2, 2018 · Uterine Papillary serous carcinoma in Gynecologic Cancers

A very good option I would say!

Nov 2, 2018 · Uterine Papillary serous carcinoma in Gynecologic Cancers

Yes I live in British Columbia. They are suggesting WART and along the paa aortic lymph nodes, not brachytherapy. I just finished my last chemo and this may be the next step in January. Adjuvant , like the chemo. I will read the article thank you so much. Knowledge is powere I am finding out the hard way through this whole process of advocating for yourself…

Oct 25, 2018 · Uterine Papillary serous carcinoma in Gynecologic Cancers

Would have been stage 1 except 2 paaortic nodes were pos but nothing had leaked out of them. So stage 3c. As the radiation would be adjuvant and I just finished my round 6 of chemo I am undecided as cant find any data on benefit of it. Some provinces use it but others don't. I guess if the benefits were good then the protocol would be used everywhere. I need a few more answers before I decide. To do that as well. Everything roemoved had no signs of it. Including the pelvic washings. Just those 2 nodes . I don't rad about many survivors so it is discouraging but I remain positive.