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Fri, Oct 18 9:59am · Uterine Papillary serous carcinoma in Gynecologic Cancers

No brachytherapy for me.

Wed, Oct 16 9:26am · Uterine Papillary serous carcinoma in Gynecologic Cancers

Thinking of you as well as we seem to be on the same 3 month check up schedule! mine is today and like yourself I’m great until about the week before then the old “ what if” kicks in but i’m good at distracting myself! just finished a cycling trip int the Pyrenees in france & spain. very conscious of my diet while away . sticking to plant based. use reichi mushrooms too. Blood results look good from what i see as i can check online. CA125 holding steady … your post made me smile just knowing you are out there thinking of us =}

Tue, Jul 30 9:12pm · Uterine Papillary serous carcinoma in Gynecologic Cancers

The checkups ate oh so stressful! Experience is the same I go into panic mode. My CA 125 went from 8 to 10 but doc assured me he’s not worried. ok i’ll go with that!! next check up is October so breathe easy and enjoy!!

Sun, Jul 21 9:26am · Uterine Papillary serous carcinoma in Gynecologic Cancers

What brand of supplement mushrooms do you use?

Fri, Jul 19 8:43am · Uterine Papillary serous carcinoma in Gynecologic Cancers

By ’standard’ I simply meant that one of my oncologists kept repeating “that’s our protocol” that’s what we do for everybody but I felt they needed to know more about me and my lifestyle. They couldn’t answer why the cancer center where I had surgery recommended 6 chemo and they don't do radiation. I Indicated that if that was their protocol then I was trusting they weren’t sending all their patients home to die so why would my new place recommend it?thats when the only answer they could give me was “because that’s what we do.” It sounds like you had excellent care and I myself am very thankful but did feel like a number and not a person a lot of the time. I diligently did my own research and sought out a naturopathic oncologist as well for his input. I am going to try the mushrooms and I know to avoid sugar as ours is a glucose driven cancer. I’m happy to have found this sister hood as well. I too keep learning everything I can but it does get a bit overwhelming. My sore armpits seem to come and go and then my brain goes to dark places but happily I just get outside and distract myself in the garden or a game of mahjong with friends . I have read that others get that sometimes too . This chemo takes a long time to really clear effects and apparently late ones that haven’t occurred yet can happen. I am hoping all my weird little twinges and things are just that but it is disconcerting. However, life is good right now so I focus on that =)

Thu, Jul 18 8:34am · Uterine Papillary serous carcinoma in Gynecologic Cancers

Thank you. I was treated in canada so no you dont have to have been treated at Mayo. Insight timer and Tai Chi have made a world of difference for my healing. I try hard to continue my plant based diet but do have a 100 ml of red wine for the resveratol..I live in British Columbia and am very grateful for this group as well as I stumbled upon it at just the right time in this process. (Although it was never a group I was seeking to be a member of =) as none of us were!!!!)Everywhere has different treatment protocols so it was a bit frustrating. I wanted the one that was right for me not just”the standard” one size fits all as we are all different. Not sure I got that but I’m remaining optimistic. I still cycle 40k daily or walk 75 min and hike when the snow is off the mountains. I am also retired from teaching but occasionally help them out. i wish I knew a way to get some $$$$ to go to our type of cancer research. I ‘d be good at organizing a fundraiser so if you have any ideas they are most welcome !! What do you have for breakfast? I struggle with that meal. Also I take grape seed extract and turmeric daily as well as berberine, quercitin and resveratol plus B6 B12..who knows if it helps but it was recommended by the integrative health doc who kept my kidneys and liver functioning during chemo with astralagus. the oncologist was on board with this. My oncologist lowered Paclitaxel dose and said its unlikely any neuropathy will happen with that but alas I have it quite badly but still walk and exercise through it. I just ignore the pain and follow my mantra “just keep moving” INsight timer is a wonderful resource and has kept me from being negative . You mentioned you take about 40 supplements? Are they related to the UPSC ?

Wed, Jul 17 9:54pm · Uterine Papillary serous carcinoma in Gynecologic Cancers

We sound like twins! I too am a a teacher but took my treatments in the summer and into the fall. Proactive is the ONLY way to get things done. Now my question is what should I be aware of. In terms of signs it may be recurring? I truly believe i will NOT let that happen as best I can but just in case…sometimes I have sore armpits but not for long and not everyday.. So much of what happens I think is late effects from the chemo.. I never had neuropathy until after the 6th treatment and then it got worse 3 months after I was done! But i keep on moving no matter what…try to maintain a smiling face aalthough very hard some days and I just keep on believing I can not let it beat me..Wish I new more about it and also how to starve it. I read Jane McCllellands book.

Thu, Jul 11 10:57pm · Uterine Papillary serous carcinoma in Gynecologic Cancers

I still have tingling feet a year out!!