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Wed, Sep 25 6:50pm · Zoledronic Acid: I need feed back for this drug please in Breast Cancer

The first time I had the Zoledronic acid I felt like I had the flu and was very tired. I slept all night and stayed in bed the next day, then I was fine. The next two times I had no reaction at all, maybe just a little tired. That was my experience. Good luck! 😀

Mon, Jul 22 3:57pm · Anastrozole...has anyone had an increase in glucose or cholesterol in Breast Cancer

I am on anastrozole, after about 8 months on it my LDL went up 50 points. I since have modified my diet to more plant based and it went back down. I am continuing on the plant based diet and we will see in December if it went down more. A good book on plant based foods for people with breast cancer is, “How Not To Die” by Michael Gregor, MD., FACLM. I also find if I cut way down on salt and pretty much eliminate dairy types of food, I get less aches and pain in my joints. Although I feel I am lucky because my side effects are not bad. Good luck to all!

Mon, Jul 1 9:35pm · Tamoxifen 10mg vs 20mg in Breast Cancer

Thanks for your response, I really appreciate everyone's information. I referred the question to my onocologist, currently is out of the office – so maybe mid July for that response. But any of additional info would be great! Best to you, I have been on a AI for @ a year and a half and doing well. Concentrating hard on switching to a plant based diet and of course exercise!

Fri, Jun 28 10:40pm · Tamoxifen 10mg vs 20mg in Breast Cancer

I am not sure I believe it has only 1% difference – could a Mayo Onocologist please make a comment.

Fri, May 10 4:55pm · Stage 2 breast cancer: What treatments decisions did you have to make? in Breast Cancer

Proton beam therapy is the most technically advanced method to deliver radiation treatments to cancerous tumors available today. The unique advantages of proton therapy lead to potential fewer harmful side effects, more direct impact on the tumor and increased tumor control.

Fri, May 10 11:31am · Stage 2 breast cancer: What treatments decisions did you have to make? in Breast Cancer

The class was held on April 2, 2019 from noon to 1:00pm. It was on a pink sheet from the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center. The headline was BEYOND the Diagnosis: Empowered to Live Well. April 2, 2019. Diet and Cancer: Does It Matter What I Eat? Learn Evidence-based recommendations for focusing on plant-based nutrition. John Shon, MD, Hermatology/Oncology, Mayo Clinic Rochester. Noon to 1:00pm. Cancer Educatin Center, Gonda Building, Lobby Level. This was the brochure, maybe if you call again with all this info they could find it. Also Dr, Shin gave us his e-mail (Shin.John@mayo.edu) maybe you could e-mail him and ask if he is going to give his presentation again. Hope this helps.

Thu, May 9 6:34pm · Stage 2 breast cancer: What treatments decisions did you have to make? in Breast Cancer

P.S. I had a lumpectomy, with proton beam therapy. It took 3 sessions in one week. I had no burning or no other side effects. I am now on Anastrozole. I have been on Anastrozole for just over a year.

Thu, May 9 6:21pm · Stage 2 breast cancer: What treatments decisions did you have to make? in Breast Cancer

I am concerned that my breast cancer could come back. I am trying to do everything I can that will help ensure that will not happen. One thing that I think my be extremely helpful is diet. If any of you get the chance and are at a Mayo Clinic Rochester (Cancer Education Center – Gonda Building) go to the seminar given by John Shin, MD, Hematology/Onocology, Mayo Clinic Rochester. The name of the class is “Diet and Cancer: Does it Matter What I Eat?”. The class is exceptional and has incredible research on how diet can make a huge difference. Independently, I purchase the book “How Not To Die” by Michael Gregor, MD, FACLM. This talks specifically about breast cancer and diet along with other diseases. It outlines foods, spices, etc that helps stop Cancer. This gives us another tool to help combat reoccurrence. Hope this helps along with the other decisions you need to make.