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Sat, Jun 8 6:43am · What kind of mobility can I expect with an antibiotic spacer in my hip in Joint Replacements

The top photo is a picture of the spacer. Everytime I have an xray I ask then if I can photograph the image. Didn't post the whole of the last xray of my entire hips as it looked a bit too pornographic. Took a lovely outline of all my soft tissue but that shows the different lengths too. Screws again i presume is down to the surgeon. My L. hip (the good one) also has screws!

Fri, Jun 7 12:15pm · What kind of mobility can I expect with an antibiotic spacer in my hip in Joint Replacements

I'm so sorry. I've had it easy (and that's saying something!) I have everything crossed for you in the hope that number 6 is the definitive one. Good luck.

Fri, Jun 7 10:52am · What kind of mobility can I expect with an antibiotic spacer in my hip in Joint Replacements

Hi I promised an update when I saw my consultant. Unfortunatly my appt was cancelled until last Wednesday. I'm really pleased to report all is good. My CRP was only 4 ESR also low. Swabs taken at my last lot of surgery 5 weeks ago was negative so I haven't got to see him again for 3 months. At last, progress. Since the plate has been removed my walking has improved immensely, at last I can see an end to all of this. My surgeon was astounded I'd healed so well considering he has been into that hip 5 times in the last 2 years. I've posted a photo of the xray of the 2nd stage replacement last October and the broken metal work taken 5 weeks ago, the night before my surgery. You can clearly see the fracture the plate has caused. A picture will tell a story better than words sometimes.
I wanted to apologise to Brian as my last post read " My infection has returned (yet) since I've had my spacer." It should have read hasnt!!! I tried to find a way of editing it but couldn't do it! I've also posted an xray of my antibiotic cement spacer too.
Also Skidly I wanted to ask, how did that happen to your hip replacement? Are your bones made of swiss cheese? You must have been in agony. Was that last photo a Seroma? I have to say I thought it was an abscess. I really wish you well also and hope when you are sorted they will sort your leg length out too. Mine was almost 2 inches shorter but now I'm the proud owner of matching pins again. Just wished they looked like Marilyn Monroes😂.
Good luck everyone. It really is therapeutic and hopefully helpful to others to post. We've all been through too much.

Wed, Jun 5 11:26am · What kind of mobility can I expect with an antibiotic spacer in my hip in Joint Replacements

My infection has returned (yet) since I've had my spacer. So far I'm in the 85%. The infections were before the 2 stage. 85% is good odds be positive Brian and good luck hopefully it will be the same for you.
Lin x

Sat, Jun 1 12:27am · What kind of mobility can I expect with an antibiotic spacer in my hip in Joint Replacements

Hi Briank. My name is Lin. I'm so sorry you are going through this too. I have had a staph infection on my hip replacement and underwent a 2 stage replacement. I can feel your frustration at having antibiotics only for the infection to return because the same happened to me.
My understanding of this type of infection is this can occur any time around the time of original surgery, or after dental work ie root canals or even other types of surgery. If bacteria gets in, the hardware is susceptible. Once bacteria gets onto the bio plates of the device no amount of antibiotics will cure this, only infection in the surrounding tissue will be treated. Once the antibiotics are stopped the bio plates will re-infect the bodies tissue. This is why they have to remove the prosthesis.
My surgeon wanted to do the 2 stage method with a hope he could eradicate the infection completly before he implanted the new one. I had read about the one stage but he wouldn't consider this feeling the 2 stage was gold standard.
I think mobility after is according to your surgeons preference. I was lucky I could 50% weight bear but it was a couple of months before I could climb stairs.following help from my physio.
I'm a year in (5/6/18) but now feeling very well, my blood work is good and I'm hopeful this will be the end. I hope you find the answers you want and wish you well.

Mon, May 27 10:25am · Hip Spacer is a Nightmare in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Of course I say things are slow with the NHS as there are alot of cut backs these day, but it is free so I shouldn't complain. The treatment I have had has been exemplary and I am very grateful. My work were very good they have paid me whilst I couldn't work and let me back to do a less arduous job when I wanted to come back so again I was lucky. I'm so sorry you have these worries.
The research I did beforehand said if I remember correctly that 85% of cases are successful. Most people only need one. Of course that means 15% have more surgery. I'm keeping everything crossed that I'm in the 85%. Only time will tell.
Lin x

Mon, May 27 1:42am · Hip Spacer is a Nightmare in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hi gncellist my name is Lin I'm from the UK. I had my first R. THR in Feb 2017 for osteoarthritis. My L. was replaced in Sept of the same year. No problems.
A few weeks before it was replaced I noticed a lump over the site of the R. replacement but everyone dismissed it.
At my 6 week appt for the L. I got it checked by my consultant , who didn't dismiss it! It turned out to be an abscess containing staph Caprae. I underwent excision and debridement of wound followed by 6 weeks oral antibiotics. 2 weeks later I had flu like symptoms the infection was back as it was on the bio plates of the prosthesis. Things dont happen quick here in the UK! I went to surgery in June and had my hip removed and my spacer fitted and a picc line for 7 weeks of IV antibiotics. The spacer is an instrument of torture, nobody warned me how bad it was going to be but you do get used to it. The clunking ,clicking and noise is normal as is the pain and discomfort. In hospital I used to get them to lift and rotate my leg to get it to clunk into a more comfortable position. it worked for me! I was allowed to 50% weight bear.
I too lost most of last year so I can feel your pain, but it's necessary if you want to get well, dont dwell on it, use that energy and turn it into positive energy to get better. My hip was replaced end of October 2019, 4 1/2 months later.
Unfortunately I had to have a plate and wires to secure a non healing fracture from the removal, which has caused me some bother and I returned to theatre 4 weeks ago to have it removed. I'm pleased to say already I'm walking better than I have walked in years. Hang in on there! (these are the words of my Consultant, I dont know how many times he has said this!!!! but he's right. I feel I'm almost, if not there now). I had swabs at my last OP which I know are clear. Unfortunatly my post OP appt with him was postponed and am now due for that next week. I feel I'm lucky, I had no problems with any drugs. It has been the hardest 2 1/2 years of my life but I survived it. Good luck and stay strong. Lin

Sun, May 12 5:40am · What kind of mobility can I expect with an antibiotic spacer in my hip in Joint Replacements

Hi All thought I had posted an update to my current issues, but cant find it so will do again.

After my hip was replaced last October my surgeon had to fit a plate and wires to fix a non healing fracture, caused by a very difficult removal of my hip last June.

Just before I went on holiday end of March I had a very violent movement, like I'd been shot in my leg whilst bending forward. As I could walk I deemed my holiday was much needed and therefore more important!!! Unfortunatly a week into my holiday I suddenly got extreme pain and was unable to weight bear. This settled but then became an intermittent problem. Xray on return to the UK showed that I had snapped the wires securing the plate which was now moving around causing problems with my sciatic nerve.

The wires had snapped and the plate had smashed my femur on rebound after breaking, resulting in a periprosthetic fracture. So I returned to theatre my 7th OP in 2 1/2 years, 5 in 2 years on that hip! The plate and wires removed and the # repaired with tape.

I'm pleased to say that after 48 hours I was walking better that I've walked in years with very little pain, I also feel taller!!!!! Cultures were taken at the op and I havn't heard yet about the prolonged culture but at 48 hours were negative. Hopefully it is all finally behind me. Clips out tomorrow and seeing consultant on Wednesday. Wish me luck as we all know you get very apprehensive beforehand.