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1 day ago · Extreme fatigue with MAC in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@frananthony I read about last year’s workshop on this site somewhere. It is sponsored by National Jewish Health and I have a website listed on my confirmation, if you’re interested in looking at it. http://www.njhealth.org/CME

1 day ago · Extreme fatigue with MAC in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I still can’t get my email to do what you are saying here. The only way that is seemingly working is to go to the group site and click on the bell, which brings up all the messages. I’m not the best at technology, but it used to work swimmingly….

1 day ago · Extreme fatigue with MAC in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I’ve heard this before @alleycatkate but I’m really struggling trying to find a way to lessen the pain in my foot (pretty much a constant 5). I certainly do NOT want to complicate my lung issues AT ALL! I’m doing physical therapy for my foot and my ability to walk improves, but the pain level will not abate yet. I guess I better not take any chances but find other ways to lessen foot pain through some other means……..I am going to the bronchiectasis workshop in Denver next weekend and I am excited to learn as much as I can about this illness.

4 days ago · Extreme fatigue with MAC in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Thanks for your response, however it didn’t show up on my email account….sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t, even though I am “following” the group.” My fatigue is unpredictable and I do get good sleep. It’s frustrating especially as I’m still working full time…..I know if I don’t get enough sleep, the next day is extremely challenging. Also, I have to make sure I eat regularly and keep a balanced diet to ward off fatigue. I need to find some kind of exercise that is more consistent and enjoyable. I broke my foot, and it is now in the rebuilding stage so it’s still sore-making exercise uncomfortable (unless I’m in a therapy pool, but I don’t have access right now due to my work hours). I’m hoping to get some access next month🤞Thanks again for thinking of me…..I will also try doing a hard off on my tablet and then restart. Perhaps that will help!

6 days ago · Extreme fatigue with MAC in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I seem to be having some trouble navigating the bronchiectasis site lately, but wanted to share that I have been diagnosed for about three years and have not had MAC or NTM infections. I have had a couple illnesses that I became more sick than most people and required short antibiotic interventions. However, fatigue has been an issue that has overridden my life since this illness has taken hold of my life. It just happens to wax and wane in whatever nature it feels like taking……I concentrate on keeping everything as regular as I can-eating, sleeping, exercising (very lightly or I get exhausted)…..and I try to keep doing my twice daily treatments as regular as possible…..I am grateful for my “new normal” and all of you as you give me so many wonderful ideas and support!

Sun, Sep 8 7:50pm · Losing weight due to MAC in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Ever since being diagnosed with bronchiectasis, keeping weight on is challenging. I have been very fortunate in not developing any long term infections to this point but my interest in eating comes and goes. I find myself forgetting to eat as their is occasionally no interest which I know is very bad for my overall health. @sueinmn has some wonderful ideas to help and I do try to force myself to eat, although keeping food with me has to be more of a priority. To get sick without some weight as a cushion is concerning.

Fri, Aug 30 8:47pm · Surgical screws in tibia in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I had a similar surgery as a teenager but it involved my hip, not the femur…..pins, bolts, plate, with the bolt extending out past the socket. This surgery also caused legs to be 1/2” in length necessitating a lift for my left shoe. Being very young, my pain was only bad when lying on my left side. I continued to do all my activities, although people probably thought I looked strange due to the restricted leg movement I had. Fast forward to 6 years ago, and I had a total hip replacement as that wore out. This gave my leg freedom I never felt before. Although movement continues to be restricted, the degree of restriction is much less. However, pain in the recovery process of both procedures was difficult although with hard work and time, the pain gradually subsided. I’m in my sixties now and everything seems more challenging now, so I try to take in the moments that I find pleasure and try to downplay the painful ones when I can. I’m sorry of your current struggle. Perhaps a second opinion couldn’t hurt.

Mon, Aug 26 8:51pm · Your Tips on How to Get Off to the Best Start with a New Specialist in Visiting Mayo Clinic

When there is “news the facility feels the doctor needs to give the patient-being me” I have found my test results never show up on the portals until after they have notified me. If results are normal, they are posted in a timely manner. I’m guessing it maybe most medical facilities policies……I have since concluded it means I’m getting bad news whenever my test results don’t show up after a few days…..although I do get a more thorough answer and it’s usually not as bad as I imagined……so really, in most cases, I don’t understand their premise for keeping the results from us. Our journeys are challenging…take care💞