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Oct 19, 2018 · Agent Orange and Neurological Disorders in Brain & Nervous System

jjames, Sir; Sincerely appreciate your post Dated: Oct 16, 2016.. However, with patience, I fail to understand our Congress, our VA in-reference to the abuses our honorably discharged Vietnam, and Vietnam ERA Veterans are left to suffer with ! Personally I have had 2 types of Cancer removed, two AORTA Aneurysms, one "Widow maker" plus 8 different stents crammed into my heart. I have stabbing pains in right knee, causing me instability (use walker).. Left Kidney surgically corrected from blockages.. Left side of body remains numb.. I have Sleep Apnea, and I have to use CPAP, and 24/7 oxygen .. Several emails to State representatives, Have received maybe 3 responses.. the rest have not replied, except to request Contributions and Voter Support !! … I have requested (FOIA) 5 times reference to flight departures .. one response to redirect me to "Archives" still waiting on 4 remaining responses !! I have been denied claims.. even though I prove to VA that in 1971, I was on 2 Ships which are listed on VA "Exposed Ships List, 1971 ".. Some of above surgeries are listed by VA as caused by exposure !! Now, I am on appeals, Still waiting (3 Years) .. I feel with ALL this Crap, I am developing PTSD.. Definitely STRESS.. I don't know why we are treated the way we are… its almost (if Not) Unconstitutional, inhumane treatment.. I understand many politicians dodged the 60's draft.. I do Not blame them.. I was afraid too.. but why the continued suffering, abandonment issues.. Congress (per the Constitution) is who can declare War !! Congress can change the continued abuse and denials of benefits to our Veterans !! Why the Continued abuse, is it Shame, is it Guilt ? Respectfully, Mike