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12 hours ago · New Transplant Blog Posts in Transplants

Same with me on the mask, jokingly i mention to my wife maybe i should get a hat or t-shirt that says heart transplant maybe people will sit next to me again.

13 hours ago · New Transplant Blog Posts in Transplants

@rosemarya @glinda i had a heart transplant also at Mayo Phoenix and my team were all for me getting the Shingles shot . Interesting the different opinions even with different drs at Mayo.

2 days ago · AF occurence in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I didn't have afib but before transplant my issue was ventricular Tachacardia and yes it seemed to always be at night. Towards the end i was getting them so often right about midnight it would keep me awake. But like others said talk to your dr. I know mine was watching my magnesium levels and keeped them close to the high side. I know magnesium is real important for heart rhythm problems.

2 days ago · Diabates prophylaxis while on Prednisolone in Transplants

I too was on Prednisone for 6 months after transplant but they set my cutoff to 170 and i tested everyday but did not have to do insulin. I think it just depends on the person. They actually still list me as pre diabetic but i don't have to test anymore since it stays in the 80-110 range.

6 days ago · Seville oranges question about effect on immunosuppressants in Transplants

@contentandwell , JK i used yo live in New England also. And it was probably about 1976 one spring i never forget. It was a beautiful Jun day 80's sunshining just a perfect day. We woke up the next morning to probably about 6 inches of snow and bitter cold. That was when i lived in Rhode Island. It only lasted a few days but we used to have a saying in New England if you don't like the weather wait a minute it will change.

Wed, Oct 9 10:25am · Heart problems, unknown cause in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I wouldn't worry alot about the term Sinus Tachycardia anyone including me with a transplanted heart has that. It means you have a normal sinus rhythm and tachycardia means fast heart rate. Mine averages 100-110 resting and can normally go up to 140 when im like climbing the stairs. Before my transplant tho i had ventricular tachycardia which is very dangerous. My daughter went through a similar case as yours her heart rate at rest with a normal heart is around 100. She went to my dr that also treated me back when i had a bad heart and he couldn't find anything either. He feels she has a lot of anxiety and needs to find ways to relax. So a second opinion is an option but maybe its something not heart related. For a healthy young person like yourself your heart while exercising can easily go ip to 70-80% of your max and at 21 your max is 220-21 or 199. Now you would not want it to stay there very long but you got some room. The say while exercising you should shoot for 70-80% of you max. My only concern is when you say it was 170 while resting and it was a normal sinus rhythm. Very odd. One thing for me i know is when I'm a little dehydrated my heart rate avg goes up. Do you drink plenty of water? That would also help lower your heart rate. Let us know what you find out?

Wed, Oct 9 10:25am · Heart problems, unknown cause in Heart Rhythm Conditions

@jacob98898 yes i read that and chest pain is a funny thing. Being someone that has heart issues for a long time i used to confuse muscle strain and even acid reflux as chest pain. The funny thing that used to drive me crazy was which one was causing it. The heart and top of the stomach are both in the same spot. With me i finally used another symptom to help me know it was my pulse. When my heart went into an arrythmia i could tell by my pulse it got really fast to the point i could not feel it. But i think you would know a full blown arrythmya since you get very short of breath at the same time. But as others suggest get another opinion. I am not a doctor the things i mentioned is only what i felt. I hope you the best.

Sun, Sep 29 10:36pm · New Transplant Blog Posts in Transplants

Phoenix Mayo oked me getting the new Shingles and i also get the flu every year. I was told the new shingles is not a live virus.