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Tue, Mar 31 12:57pm · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Can you tell what heart exercises you are taking?

Tue, Mar 31 12:52pm · Dofetilide (Tikosyn): adjusting dosage in Heart Rhythm Conditions

It depends also on which state you live. Some states have cheaper rates than others

Tue, Mar 31 12:47pm · Dofetilide (Tikosyn): adjusting dosage in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I was with fibrillation for more than a year. Tried electrocardioversion and a number of medicines but no result. Then in the nov of 2018 was suggested to try Tikosyn. Despite of the danger it poses I decided to take it. After first dose in hospital my pulse rate went at alarming hig but I was not feeling anything and when the nurse came to attend me I talked to her. After this the dose was reduced and metaprolol which I was taking Fira year was stopped. I am taking it now for more than a year and I am in sinus rhythm. No side effects. Hope it continues so.

Tue, Mar 31 12:37pm · Dofetilide (Tikosyn): adjusting dosage in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have Medicare part A and B and Anthem blue for part D but I am paying $90,00 per month (60 capsules) and it is generic Dofetilide not Tikosyn. Any one can suggest how to get it at cheaper rate?

Tue, Feb 18 9:39pm · Afib: What causes an episode? What if I don't notice? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hi, I too never had felt or noticed Afib. Had no symptoms at allOnly through medical exams it was discovered. Took all, metaprolol etc in the end what is working for last 1 year is Difetilide.

Wed, Feb 5 1:44pm · Heart Rhythm Conditions – Welcome to the group in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I am a 74 years old female. All along I had very healthy life. Being a professor at university I had hectic life style. Stating at six in morning going till late at night. I started feeling heart pulsating with higher rate around five years ago. But it did not trouble me. (I never had any other symptom ever. Neither at this time not even now which is acsurprise) Then I went for a routine yearly check up and my cardiologist got concerned with my ECG. He asked me to take a number of exams. . Then asked me to take some medicine and come back after two months.i came to USA and had my cataract surgery. I heard the doctor say that the surgery was successful and then I open my eyes in intensive care unit. They said my pulsewent to 200 and I had to be under observation. They gave me metaprolol and relived me after few hours witha warning that I should go to heart specialist as soon as possible. Next week I went to HS and he confirmed it was Afib. He put me on Eliquis and metaprolol and had cardiac procedure with electric shock after a month. For a day I was out of Afib but then it came back. For a year I took these medications. Then changed the HS. The new one after a month told my heart was getting affected so either I go for ablation ( which I did not want ) or take Tikosyn. This medicine will be given in a hospital, I will be admitted and supervised for three days but first dose it self can make my pulse rate out of control leading to death ( though they will not let it happen) I was puzelled. Why should I take a medicineto die. I said no. After rethinkingfor a month I told him I will go for it because I do not want to livewith the fear of stroke. I tool it and it brought me in sinus rhythm. It is since Nov 2018. I am out of Afib thanks to my HS at UCSF and Tikosyn (The generic name is dofetilide ) it costs me $100 .00 pm but it is keeping me out of Afib. I do not know why my other doctor did not try this?

Dec 10, 2018 · Music is Good Medicine | Dr. H. Bryan Neel & Pastor Paul Walker in Center for Humanities in Medicine

Music therapy is used for years in India. I am pleased that a number of clinics are using it. It is not a medicine but something that relieves one from stress, unpleasant emotions and gives inner peace which is difficult otherwise,

Dec 10, 2018 · Atrial fibrillation (AFib) and medication side effects in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hi I was diagnosed afib in Feb 2017 since then I went through a number of medicines including dilatarem, Eliquis etc. had my cardio version in Nov 2017 but it did not work. Now for almost a year I was taking Eliquis 5 mg and metoprolol ( first it was tartrate then metaprolol sucinate. I was lethargic and dull also had excessive hair loss. So the dose was reduced to 50 mg. But it did not help,much. Last month I was given Tikosyn ( dofelitide) first 0.5 mg then 0.25 mg in the hospital ( 3 days I was in hospital) it had immediate effect. After two dose I was in normal sinus rhythm and now after three weeks my ECG is normal. I was very much scared to go through this treatment as it can have a severe reaction and can be fatal. But I am pleased it is working with my fibrillation. Now I do not take metaprolol. Just Eliquis twice a day and Tikosyn twice a day. It is wonderful.