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Oct 14, 2018 · Avoiding discontinuation syndrome during removal of Venlafaxine XR in Depression & Anxiety

Hi Everyone,

AFAIS, Venflafaxine immediate-release tablets are not available in Canada. That would have been my plan A to use to taper off slowly Plan B was to open the generic Sandoz Venlafaxine capsules; they don’t advise: but I did.

There are no beads! Shocker. There are mini-tablets packed in the gelatin capsule. The 150mg capsule contains 3 three 50mg tablets. The 75mg capsule cobtains two smaller 37.5mg tablets and the 37.5mg capsule contains just one of these.

My Question is this: DOES ANYONE HERE HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH THESE MINITABS? It stands to reason that in between the doctor’s suggested drop from 112mg to 75mg you could plunk a 100mg in by taking 1 50mg minitab out of the 150mg capsule. It doesnt seem like a big deal

But WHAT ABOUT CUTTING THE MINITABLETS IN HALF OR QAURTERS, OR MIXING A 50MG MINITAB WITH A 37.5MG MINITAB IN THE SAME CAPSULE? Safe? Does the extended release still work? I think the sustained release works because the venlafaxine is embedded in a non-soluble matrix and its not due to some coating. Please share you ideas, opinions or experience on tapering with mini-tablets from generic venlafaxine XR