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Oct 21, 2018 · Ablation Success in Heart Rhythm Conditions

@nightwalker18 The research I did showed that cryo-ablation was not as successful as RF ablation for PVI ablation. Please advise.

Oct 13, 2018 · Premature atrial contractions in Heart & Blood Health

@molly906 At 60 I had my first afib event, the cardiologist put me on diltiazem stayed out of afib for 3 years. Then started having atrial flutter was put on Eliquis and higher doses of diltiazem for 3 weeks then was electrically cardioverted and put on fecainide along with a lower dose of diltiazem and same dose of Eliquis. After 4 cardioversions in 3 months I had a PVI ablation, after the procedure I was symptom free for 12 days then had a pac took a couple of pips of diltiazem and they were gone. I will tell you my staus after my blanking period. PACs and afib are nothing compared to atrial flutter for me Hope that helps.